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Southeastern Louisiana University Laboratory School Reviews

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The things that I liked about Southeastern is how easy of a transition they made it for me when I was an freshmen. They cared about your first time experience being a college student. Also the people are friendly and it was easy to make friends. The things that I would like to see more at Southeastern would be activities. There does not seem to much going on at campuses which many go home because of those reasons. I believe that if there is more campuses activities through out the week students would not be so under pressure of school work. Other that those mild things it is a good school to attend.
My time at Southeastern has been amazing so far. The community provides a friendly atmosphere. The organizations on and off campus get so involved and interact with students a lot. Southeastern builds a community and offers you valuable knowledge. It even helps you get your career started as soon as possible!
The school is very good learning place, has a lot of club to join and things to do to be very active in school
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SLU is home away from home. It is not too big nor too small. You can easily make friends. Most students don’t have classes on Fridays. I like it.
I love the school energy and how welcoming they are. Everyone is so helpful and polite. I look forward to attending Southeastern in the next following 2 years. SELU22 here I come!
I do not go to to a "laboratory school", for some reason there was not Southeastern Louisiana University, it is located in Hammond. Fix this please.
I love Southeastern's pride in their teaching department. Southeastern works with their student to a distinct level. It's almost like the teachers are your stern parents.
Its a very family friendly atmosphere. Falculty and staff focus on the students needs and success as much as they can. There are also many things for students to be involved in.
Supplies everything you need to be successful such as food plans, great professors, and late night/early morning computer labs.
This campus has taught me how to become an efficient member of society while also providing a safe environment to grow and have an amazing time in. I love this school. It has also allowed me to purse so my dream of nursing.
It has lots of opportunities. You get the opportunity of going to University and knowing much about University life. You get mentorship from University Undergraduate level professors and seniors.
I absolutely LOVE Southeastern Louisiana University Laboratory School! It is an amazing school with teachers and staff that truly care about the success of their students. I am a part of their College of Education as a SPED 1-5 major. This is one of the top education programs in the country. It is great at preparing students like me for the real world. It is designed to have a certain number of real-world ready courses each semester to ensure that the students know what they are getting into and can have as much experience as possible. On top of having a great program, they have a number of organizations that are offered. I have been able to get more involved than I ever thought I could through Southeastern's many organizations!
Its is a very close net atmosphere. The campus is not too big or small. The food is great. There are several dorms to choose from. They have a diverse choice of fields and classes. They have alot of on campus activities as well.
Southeastern Lousisiana University is a home away from home. They make you feel safe whether you live on campus or not. You get the assurance that you are going to get what you give and the people you meet are like no other. The different clubs and on campus activities are amazing because there is something for everyone out there. I would so recommend this school to everyone that I can because it’s literally the best.
I would like to see more information on how to get involved, and more on site parking for students, the teachers really want you to learn and understand the subject as well as see you succeed.
It’s beautiful here. Just like any other school in my opinion. I don’t think southeastern is the school for everyone, I believe it has to be certain people to come here.
I love this school and the fact that its in a small quiet town and there is always something happening on campus as far as student activities. There are a lot of ways to get involved!
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The teachers are great, and the lab school really gives Southeastern's student teachers an opportunity to interact in a real learning environment right on campus!
Southeastern Louisiana University is a great platform for students trying to pursue any degree. SELU is mostly popular for Nursing and Computer science, regardless other majors are good too. Teachers are very open to questions and are very helpful. There are various organizations that a student can get involved in and expand the horizon of their knowledge. I would say, SELU as an educational institution is a great opportunity to explore more. It is a great experience in studying in selu and learn to be independent. I really appreciate it. Students have good resource to research and necessary tools are made available.
I haven't really come across any issues with southeastern. They provide everything I need. The teachers are wonderful and willing to work with you. My classes are also enjoyable. I have made many new friends. Southeastern has really changed me and I've only been here a semester.
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