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I like that I have the opportunity to participate in all activities. I would like to see more class options.
At our school we have some college courses (or AP classes) that are for seniors. Seniors can do college math or a college English course. Otherwise we have agriculture classes, FACS classes, and different art courses. The workload can be a lot if you are taking advanced classes.
At my school they follow strict nutrition rules that were enabled by the president. We often have assemblies that talk about how bullying isn't the right thing to do, and there is never much bullying here. We also have a system where you have to press a button and someone in our office has to unlock the door to let you into our school.
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Our school has great teachers. We are 3A so everyone knows everyone here and there is a general care for everyone you see walking down the hall way. Our teachers are placed in the right area that they have knowledge in and are always willing to come in early the day of the test and preview what we will be testing over.
Our school offers several high-level courses that students need to qualify for the Kansas Board of Regents Scholar Status. They also offer various dual-credit classes that are provided through partnerships with several local colleges with credit that is easily transferable.
Our teachers are all heavily involved in the community, with a majority of them being coaches of sports or other activities. They all strongly support their students in anything they do, and encourage personal excellence. I wouldn't trade any of my teachers.
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