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Southeast is a very academic school. There will be times when it seems like there is an overwhelming amount of work, and you just need to speak to the teachers about what is going on. The teachers are fun to be around and easy to get along with. One thing I would like to see change is seeing more people support the sports and music programs.
Southeast High School was a great experience where I was able to grow and be ready for the next step in our education. I got to know many people, and made more friends than I thought I would. The school isn't the most diverse out there, but they did a good job at preparing us for the future.
My experience at Southeast High School was very unexpected and adventurous. Throughout my 4 years I managed to experience meeting new people and learn more about the things I was interested in. My most favorite memory from high school would
be the the football games I attended with my
friends. My senior year was cut off shortly and it was unexpected, we weren’t able to finish our last two months due to covid-19 even though we didn’t have the opportunity to enjoy our last moments all that mattered was that we were able to make every moment worth it.
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Southeast High school is a good school, full of great opportunities you just have to look for. There is many good things I have joined, clubs wise like Stuco, Key club, Bpa, etc. although the change that I would like to see is more involvement, many people don’t really get involve.
Academics wise, there could be some more improvement. Expand more opportunities for clubs and to open new clubs. But teachers are great and finding new friends is always so easy.
What I like about Southeast is that they actually push you to do something. The teachers are great. I wouldn't change anything.
My experience as a freshman at Southeast highschool was alright, this is because I was expecting a little bit more from my first year in high school. I was expecting more fun in it and probably much more work, but instead, it felt like another year in middle school which is alright too. I do really enjoy the school and the people that are in it, such as the students, teachers, and administration. Everyone in the school is nice and hardworking, most of us went to Southeast with the intention to learn more and to have a better education. Everyone is kind to one another and helps one another in need which is what I like about Southeast because you don’t see that very much in other schools, its welcoming and peaceful. The only change I would make would be the building, it’s old and kind of boring but other than that I would change a thing. My overall experience in Southeast High school was lovely.
Southeast is a great school. The staff are great and always try to help. If a student is struggling teachers will offer to help. It's a smaller school compared to other schools in the district. Since it is a smaller school everyone knows everyone. In southeast sports are known. They help you connect with people. You have a great support system. Southeast has clubs going from Anime to Art. This helps with meeting new people.
Southeast was safe and bullying was not a problem. The administration was political and didn't do what was in the best interest of the students all the time.
My overall experience throughout the four years of being a student at Southeast High school was very good considering it is an Oklahoma City Public School and our current funding towards our school aren't the best.
Southeast is an exceptional school. There's never any problems there. The staff is amazing. They welcome everyone with open arms.
I didn't have to experience any fights and discrimination. The school is very diverse along with having many different clubs outside of school for other things so fit whoever you are. They make sure to prepare you for life outside of high school, they also make sure that they give you plenty of connections to other businesses and colleges that you may like to work for or attend. The teachers seem to be very knowledgeable on the subjects they are teaching. The current government teacher is very informative on current events and ties it into her lessons along with taking class time to discuss or debate about the situations.
Since my freshmen year I have loved how diverse it is, no one is left out because of their race or ethnicity. The next thing I love about this amazing school is how welcoming it is. When you get to a new school it can be overwhelming and scary. Southeast makes you feel like you’re at home, a genuine feeling.However, it can also improve in many other aspects like getting better resources. I would like to see change the lack of resources we have available to us. Although we have some, we don’t always get the best ones. Sometimes we get ten year old books passed down to us, due to lack of money. Technology is another resource that we do not have enough of. It’s important to have efficient technology since most of the time that’s how we communicate or even do work. Technology has become one of biggest roles of America and when schools do not have that technology it makes it difficult to learn and catch up to more advanced schools.
Southeast is a good high school to go to because they teach you until you understand the concept. The staff their is nice and the cafeteria food in pretty good. I have been their for three months and I already love it there.
My experience at Southeast High school is great. It’s had its moments where things weren’t too great but overall, my time being there was memorable. I made lots of new friends and still kept in touch with my old middle school friends. I love that Southeast has many clubs to join and teachers encourage you to try and do your best in everything you do. The pep rally’s are always a great time. I like that we have lots of school spirit and I love how my school helps people in need or our students with food/clothing.
I liked Southeast because it helped me be more open to people. I use to be a very shy person and school helped me change that.
I love that southeast is so accepting of the different groups of students. Everyone is beyond nice. The staff is exceptional.
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There isn't anything that I would change about Southeast. It has helped and shaped me into a better person, I grew into a matured person. Through this school, I met wonderful people and got real close to some people. What I like most about Southeast is that there isn't problems like other schools have. There isn't fights or anything like that, the students here all care about their future and they focus on that.
It's every enjoyable experience in southeast the staff is very very helpful and there ton of things to do I can't speak for many of them my self but I have friends that are part of these things and love it I myself am part of the jrotc drill team. And have had a great time we've been on trips out of state won comptions it is a lot of work but so worth it in the end.
I wish they didn't focus so much on sports and would give a little more to the band. I don't feel like they push us enough sometimes and don't take us seriously enough when it comes to certain things.
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