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Southcrest Christian School Reviews

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Horrible school with sub-par education and an environment and administration that encourages bullying.
Horrible school. Please find a different school that will keep your kids safe from bullying. Southcrest needs to train its staff, and need some leadership in their administration.
This school barely teaches anything and allows bullying to run rampant. This is obviously an administration problem that goes to the top. I am sure several teachers there are good but have no leadership. I hope they church and school realize the horrible ministry this is for children.
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Southcrest Christian School is a great place to be. You learn a lot. The teachers are always there to help. Everyone is extremely sweet and accepting. I would not change a thing.
The teachers are wonderful! They are relational and really care about their students.
Everyone is very friendly and accommodating!
This school provides a wide array of options for students from computer classes, fine arts and athletics. They do not have football.
This is a very safe school. All doors are locked and everyone has to be buzzed in by a receptionist who can see them on camera. They follow safety protocols and are actively teaching students about bullying and how to stop it. They also are not afraid to expel someone who is not willing to follow the rules.
My child had teachers who loved her, made friends that will be lifelong and had some very unique experiences. This has been a great school for us.
I feel my child is very prepared for college and has had a very balanced education. She will be attending a major university in the fall.
Southcrest Christian School does a great job getting students ready for college and has some special classes available for SAT and ACT preparation.
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