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South Vermillion High School Reviews

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Teachers are biased and don’t care about education. Your coaches are the teachers, and athletes have it easier. You can get bullied and no one will care unless you have the right name or connections. The only sport anyone cares about is football. I learned nothing in chemistry here.
I enjoyed my time at South Vermillion. I dont think that anything needs to change. Im a senior at South Vermillion and have been through two different princples.
Most teachers care about the students. They try to get the students ready for their futures, whatever that may be. Parents are involved with the staff and administration to better the educational system in this rural area. Although, education should be most important, sports is quite a huge deal in this area. Hopefully the school will keep, or maybe increase, its 3A star rating. The area is mostly rural and the busing needs to be improved. Some students have a long ride to and from school each day. Also some buses are very full.
Food at the school is not appetizing. Most days the protein is chicken with different sauces. The prices for these lunches are on the rise. A lot of the students are on reduced or free lunch from the state. Hopefully, the school system will be given more money to do more for the students.
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There have been changes made in the school administration that I hope are for the better. I don't feel the students are challenged enough and when they get to college are definitely not ready. As with many other schools, there is to much emphasis put on sports and not enough on academics.
South Vermillion High School was a fun and energetic environment. The work load was light and there were many extracurricular activities that one could join in. My main problem with South Vermillion was the lack of preparedness I felt for college. Most classes at South Vermillion you could get a high grade with vey little studying, so I had poor study habits that were a detriment to me at Purdue University. I graduated in 2016.
I do not like the dress code, or the rule about no phones in class. The rule about listening to music during class bugs me because I work more efficiently when I'm listening to my music.
South Vermillion is an excellent small school. With it being a small school you really connect with the teachers. Athletics isn't amour strong point but academics sure is. I would like to see South Vermillion's athletic program grow to be an outstanding program.
I love how small the school is. The students have a lot of school spirit which makes the time here more fun. I enjoy the teachers and staff.
South Vermillion is a small school in a small town. There are just over 500 students that attend. This small number makes it easy to be familiar with mostly everybody at the school.
I've gone to south vermillion my whole life. It's a great small town school where you have the opportunity to truly get to know and grow close to people.
This school could not be any more safe.
Our school does not have very many clubs. We have great support for our teams.
South Vermillion has a super friendly staff.
Visitors have to sign in and cameras are located through out the building. The doors are locked at all time and visitors have to be bussed in by the front office. Students are safe at SV.
This school doesn't have very many clubs for students to participate in. If we did I feel that more students would be involved in after school activities and just all around school functions.
South Vermillion has been a great experience. I've been involved in my class and with athletics. I've been able to experience being a class officer all four years. This high school is unique from others. During homecoming week we have spirt days where we get to dress up. We also have activities for the students to participate in. One of my favorite activities is powderpuff and the bonfire. Powderpuff is when girls get to play two hand touch football. It's really fun.
Most teachers at South Vermillion High School put in a lot of effort to teach their students. In the classroom they use technology to further educated the students. Students who are struggling can very easily get extra because the teachers care to make sure we are getting well educated and they make sure we are learning at the pace they are teaching.
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Our school has plenty of sports, clubs, and musical groups. Every fall, our theatre department puts on a play and a musical in the spring. Our band and choir perform frequently and there is some sporting event almost every night. Our school does a great job with balancing everything.
What I really enjoy about my high school is our fall homecoming week.
At South Vermillion High School, technology has advanced since I have been a freshman with getting every student an Ipad. All the teachers use the technology we have by giving assignments on our Ipads. Learning what all can be done on an Ipad has advanced my technology skills.
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