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I spent my high school experience and this school and let me tell you that it changed my life in a good way. If you’re looking for a school that is accepting and comfortable, this is it. You focus on the things you want. My dream was to become a teacher and this school helped me do that through its clubs, the amazing teachers and the student body. Everyone has their place. No one feels left out and if you do, don’t worry, you’ll find it. I have no regret going here and I hope everyone can give it the chance.
Academically the school it's good, we are advanced more than other schools and colleges look at us more than others. However even thought the school just implemented sports. They are unprepared for the responsibility of having a lot of sport right away.
The educational opportunities are great and the councilors are dedicated to your education. Whether it's LGBT, mental problems, disabilities, race, religion or something as simple as music preferences everyone's cool with it all and everyone's accepted. The teachers are very dedicated and filled with character and the students are all very unique in their own ways. It's not big like other high schools but this gives it a comfortable environment because you're around lots of people you know and recognize. The buses go all over the valley. Although, it's not a school for those more interested in sports but there is volleyball competitions with the sister schools and you can join a local school team. There's also not much competing in music but there's still a chance you can and any instrument is acceptable for the music class. The art class is good and there's many that like art. The academics can be a bit challenging but it's nothing excessive to the point of overdoing it.
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Throughout the beginning of my life, I have spent a majority of my days in school. As I progressed through the grade levels, my maturity grew and along with that my knowledge grew. In my high school, World Scholars, I changed the most here, from my career focus to my academic abilities. Months after I began my freshman year in high school I decided to focus all my efforts to becoming a Veterinarian. So I looked for another high school to attend, perpiculary Med-High since every where in the Rio Grande Valley it is advertised as a perfect pre-med educational institution. So I went to my counselor and explained my situation.
When I first heard about South Texas Business Education & Technology Academy, I was astonished hearing about their career focused classes such as business, education and technology. Each individual is given the opportunity to select an one of the three tracks: business, education or technology which they will taken specific classes regarding their tracks, For that instance, I'm in the business track and I have taken classes such as accounting, business management and international business.
I love that at BETA everyone knows each other and we are all one big family. Not only are most of the students close, the teachers and staff know each student by name and vice versa. Because of this it makes it seem more home like, being that it is a small school. Along with being treated so well, the education provided to me was amazing and the fact that teachers and students can sit and talk about assignments allowed me to feel good about my grades.
South Texas BETA is a great learning environment with dedicated faculty and staff. The curriculum is challenging and is great for those looking to truly prepare for education at a university. The school has up to date resources and teaching tools, allowing for an excellent quality of education for all of its students.
This school has helped me grow so much as a person and teachers here very helpful with everything. I can honestly say that I’m so glad I went to BETA all four years.
My experience at this school has been great. Its an amazing school compared to the last school that I went to which was Mcallen Memorial. There are plenty of things to do here that will help you further your academic career and interests in looking for a future career. At this school there are certain fields that you can go into and gain cte credits for which are education, technology, and business. Each of these have different classes that vary in different kinds of careers in that field, I would recommend this school to anyone that is looking to get a in person experience of what they think interests them.
The academic atmosphere of this school is exemplary. Throughout my high school experience, I have been exposed to various opportunities which have furthered my education extraordinarily. This school has offered me a level of higher learning I know I would not experience anywhere else. It is through this school that I have learned valuable skills, not only academically but socially. The attitude and drive of the teachers as well as the students really shines through. I am proud to say my high school experience was an enjoyable one, all thanks to the administration, staff and students of South Texas Business Education & Technology Academy.
South Texas Business Education Technology Academy is the school i don't regret taking. I chose this school because my home school I did not like their academics. So when I came here that was the first thing I notice. And since i was a little behind they did not rush me they gave me opportunities to learn the subject and to pass the class. And also as i was attending the school they give us the option to take the next level of our learning abilities by offering dual enrollment, and they provide everything to transportation, books, and time to eat food. And right now as i am trying to apply for college the counselors will make time to sit with you and help you apply for college applications, FAFSA, and many other applications you need to apply for college. This school really cares about your academics, but also offer great memories to create your high school experience.
BETA gets you ready for college but now with the new principal the rules changed. The school got unfair
good memories were made there all the four years. there was some diversity and great over all acceptance by the teachers and peers. the preparation in all my classes were in the search to prepare the students for collage and what awaits for me
I love the diversity and how the academics and clubs all prepare us for our future careees and successes.
South Texas business education technology offers students a wide variety of courses that prepares them for their future career. The staff contribute most of their time to insure students are well prepared for college. BETA is truly a school with excellent academic performance.
In my final year I've become more aware not only as a scholar but as individual. BETA has helped me develop as someone who I've always strived to become.
BETA has exceptional teachers and for the most part polite students. This school offers amazing opportunities for students.
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South Texas Beta has helped me be better prepared for the future, from the teachers who care endlessly to the three career tracks provided. The business track has helped me be more aware of worldwide issues as well as giving me initiative to maybe one day start my own business. Along side of of the three track students also have the opportunity to undertake the IB program, and I can easily say that program has taught me how to work hard and manage my time correctly. The one thing I would change though is the help the counselors give the seniors, maybe a little more help will give students more opportunities for college.
I love the energy and how easy it is to make connections with one another at the school. It is pretty tight knit. I enjoy our block scheduling and career focused education classes. There are many educational opportunities that really put the academically focused school over the top. There are opportunities for Dual Enrollment with both STC and UTRGV, as well as AP and IB Diploma programs. There are a variation of clubs and organizations that are open for anyone to join, and even though we are an academically focused campus, we still have sports like Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer, 7 on 7, and PowderPuff. However the thing that really brings the school down is the administration, and how unorganized they are. Students, parents, staff, security and admin are never on the same page with rules, events or policies. Also, despite being close to many businesses and restaurants, we still have closed campus and are forced to either eat school lunch or bring lunch from home.
I love BETA (South Texas Business, Education and Technology Academy due to its great learning experience as it offers classes that aim for careers in the fields of business, education, and technology. The teachers and administration are spectacular as they are educationally and personally involved with their students lives, showing how much they care for their students' futures. The BETA community may be small, but everyone is close and friendly to each other as we are a big family. BETA also provides the International Baccalaureate program which helps students gain leadership skills and reflect on their education and how it affects the world. Being a part of BETA has been wonderful, and I can't wait for the next two years to come.
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