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The teachers care about how you are doing and want to help you get better. The small town community feel is really great and it’s nice to know everyone. The problem with a small school is that there aren’t’ as many classes to choose from.
I would like to see better teachers here. A lot of the teachers weren't qualified to teach that field they mainly wanted to have a coaching job that came with it.
I really liked the small class sizes and the availability of teachers and staff to help students. Ms. Reagan is amazing, as well as the secretaries and counselors.
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Though South Summit is in a small town that obviously enjoys their sporting events, the school district does their best to provide an amazing learning environment.
Honestly, I loved being in a smaller school and it was pretty fun to know pretty much everybody. However, this can be really annoying at times because then everyone knows who you are and what’s going on in your life. I wish there wasn’t as much drama between everybody. Another thing I didn’t like was how our teachers taught. Some of the teachers were great and I learned a lot, but there were many that didn’t teach that well and I struggled in their classes because of that. I also wish our teachers cared just a little bit more about us students and helped more to prepare us for tests and college. Another thing that I would like to have had was a heads up about scholarships and which ones were available at the beginning of the year so I wouldn’t have to stress at the very end of the year to try and get as many as I could while everybody else was going for the same ones.
I felt like every single teacher and administrator genuinely cared for every student and did everything and more to spread information regarding scholarships, college credits, etc. to ensure successful futures for the students!!
I truly enjoyed my opportunity to attend South Summit High School. My Father attended there and I really enjoyed interacting with some of the teachers who taught him. The school is staffed by many locals who have lived in the area for most of their lives. I enjoyed being a part of that family. Another aspect of the school that I really liked were the sporting programs. I feel that sports develop many positive characteristics in young teens. This was my experience. I was able to participate in varsity basketball, but not after a working hard to earn it. I tried out for the team my freshman and sophomore year but I was cut. I was initially devastated, but these feelings turned into motivation. I worked hard over the summer and made the team Junior year. As a senior I started varsity. I attribute many of the hardworking habits I have to the culture of the school. A change I would like to see in the school is the dissolving of hostile social groups.
Our school has great school spirit. Our school does as much as they can to get us the amazing education we get. We have great teacher and students. Us as a student body we try to get out to every sport and school function to be involved and support every sport and club. We love to support our school! We have amazing school pride!
the teachers at south summit high school are good teachers they are willing to help students. They give great advice for college readiness.
South Summit High School is an amazing school for only having 400 students enrolled, and having a limited budget. The teachers are amazing and with smaller class sizes it is much easier to connect with teachers and other students. I enjoy attending every day!
I had a great experience at South Summit High School. I participated in sports, on the yearbook committe and was manager of the drill team and volleyball team. I think my high school was a great school to attended. We have a small student body so people know each other and we also have opportunities to participate in many sports and activities.
The environment in the school is very unwelcoming. It is hard to feel like you belong here. Sports is such a big thing in this school that they are given more attention than academics. Our school doesn't hire teachers that know how to teach students, they hire teachers that know how to coach sports and they make them teach as well.
I loved going to south summit. The school is small but it was nice to be able to know your teachers so well to be able to get more one on one help. I also knew they cared about me so it made it much more enjoyable. All in all i loved going to high school here.
South Summit was a really good school, lots of help available to those that seek it out, many opportunities but too you need to look for them and be proactive in getting them. It's a small school, but there are resources available if you want them.
I love the fact that it is such a small school that you have the opportunities to participate in multiple things at a time. I have heard from many of my teachers who have attended bigger schools that it is not optional to be in all drama, tapestry/choir, band, and be on the swim team. I was involved with all of these at the same time, and I cannot imagine going through high school without participating in these extracurricular activities. I would, however, like to see some improvement with something. The class scheduling system, for example, (ten classes total: five a day and ten on Friday) makes it a little more complicated to accomplish many of the classroom tasks that need to be completed each semester. It would be nice to return to a block scheduling system where each Friday would switch off which five classes we would be attending.
South Summit is a great school if you are interested in sports. However, if you would like to focus more on the academic side of it, you won't always have lots of support since most students and many teachers are more focused on sports.
I love how small it is. I like how the teachers knew your name. The only thing I would like to see change would be how they handle the kids at the high school games.
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I feel like for as small the school is they offer a large variety of different classes and activities. They hold academics very highly and try to help struggling students as much as possible. Their sports programs are super awesome getting 3rd to 1st in almost every sport.
this school is very safe
This school is great with extracurricular activities and a lot of people are involved.
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