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I like that SSCA is a friendly Christian environment. At SSCA, we use Micah 6:8 as our school’s motto. As such, it has become the subject of many papers that I have written for school assignments. The verse encourages us to “love mercy, walk humbly, and to do justly”. To do justly, means you must do what is morally right and treat everyone fairly. Without SSCA, I would have not known what Micah 6:8 truly meant. The school motivated me to learn what it truly means to do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God. SSCA has great expectations for its students and encourages us to follow the mandate of Micah 6:8.The lessons that we learn help us to become better people which prompts us to help others.
Our son started in Kindergarten and we have only had great experiences thus far. He is challenged academically and loves the enrichment programs that are offered throughout the year. We like the environment and the relationships the kids have with each other throughout the school, from Pre-school through High school. We like the fact that our son can continue the relationships he has built with these friends throughout his school career at SSCA. The teachers and staff are kind and do a good job reinforcing Christian values with our kids. The community is accepting and there is a feeling of “we are a family” atmosphere.
My daughter attends Pre-K at SSCA and we have had a wonderful experience! She has grown so much in the time she has been in class with Mrs. R. and attending AfterCare. The staff is wonderful and is truly a Christ-centered school. We are so happy she is part of
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We have had a great experience at South Shore Christian Academy! My son has been there since first grade and is currently in the sixth grade, he is doing well and learning so much. We also have a daughter who started in Pre-K and is now in K, the preschool experience was better than what I found at other daycare facilities. They have very caring teachers, and are very welcoming.
We looked at other schools, but after our first meeting at SSCA we knew this was the right place for both of our children.
South Shore Christian has been a great place for my kids to grow in their high school years. I had 2 boys starting in 9th and 11th grade. They fit in immediately. The teachers, staff and overall feel of the school was very warm and welcoming. One of my sons found his place in the sports program. He grew a lot in his skill, maturity, and overall performance as a student.
Our kids love SSCA! It's the total package- Christ-centered, challenging & competitive academics, loving teachers and staff, positive and encouraging atmosphere/school culture...yes, it's a financial sacrifice but honestly, we feel that it's worth every penny!
We have 5 kids, and we've had someone at SSCA for over 20 years now. It's a special place where our children have been truly loved and known. We've been very satisfied with the academic preparation, and our kids have gone into the world prepared not only academically, but with confidence, insight and independence.
I can only speak about the elementary level because my children are in those grades. We were previously at another private school and are very happy that we switched. The teachers/staff are extremely dedicated, receptive to the needs of your student, work very hard to provide rigorous curriculum, and follow through with giving more support or challenge when appropriate. Students are helped to develop organizational skills, and work with many different learning tools to help new concepts "stick." The amount of communication about classes/school events has been excellent. We have found other families to be very kind and welcoming, and, like us, are working parents with the demands of everyday life. I think that they provide a decent number of activities (other than sports) for their size, especially when compared with the other nearby elementary schools, and their music and art programs are better than many. A diverse, joyful community where I see children happy and engaged.
SSCA is a welcoming community that becomes family. Students are full of joy and curiosity and faculty and staff foster growth and care. A transformative school that leads students to live lives for Christ!
My two sons are challenged to do great things here! But they are also known and cared about. The teachers are incredible. Best decision we made!
I love the community feeling at SSCA. The teachers are great and genuinely care how the students are doing. I like the small classes and the opportunity for all to be involved with sports.
Love feeling close and connected to everyone there. It was like having a second family. I was apart of many different groups and I felt as if there were so many opportunities for people to be involved in the school.
This school is a community. There's love everywhere you look: with your peers, your teachers, and even the administration. The academics push you to be the best you can before heading off to college, and the support you receive when getting ready to go off to college is exceptional. All around great school.
I loved my experience at SSCA! The teachers there really care about their students, and this is the main draw of the school. As a college preparatory school, the academics at SSCA are rigorous, but also manageable for a high school student. Sports at the school fluctuate, as it is a small school, but we are typically competitive. The clubs at the school when I was there were limited, but definitely interesting for a variety of people. Again, it's a small school, which limits the amount of clubs it can handle. Diveristy wise, the school has always had a significant presence (6 of the 16 in my graduating class were minorites), and currently they are at 55% minority. Diversity in teachers and staff could increase, but that is also improving. At SSCA, you become family, whether you're there for just a year or from Preschool on. The school building is older, but it is also historic, and they're working on updating it as they can as well.
There are many factors that play into why this is such a great school. One of the main reasons for this being such an amazing school is because of the people in it. Our school is small but we're the closest thing there is to family. The teachers constant care and support for the students was something I've witnessed throughout the years, and the love they have for God has definitely helped me on my journey in seeking the Lord.
I loved the community and social experience. It is a school small enough to know everyone no matter which grade they are in. It also is a school where you can focus on academics and still be an athlete.
SSCA has great academics. The school keeps students at the correct level, but accommodates more advanced students very well. Most of the teachers are very helpful in aiding students in the subjects they struggle with. The majority of the classes taken are beneficial ones that will prepare students for college and beyond. SSCA also has great sports programs and qualified coaches. The sports at the school definitely prepare young athletes to play at a higher level.
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We had a choice of a paid private academy through an employer and took a chance on this school by guided faith.

We have been so pleased and look forward to enhancing our children as well as our community with the leadership offered in this education system.
I have been thoroughly impressed with the dedication to my children from a multi ethnic background both in and out of the classroom.

Strong spiritual leadership in shaping Christian character.

Strong athletics and extracurricular activities under school supervision and local church sponsored youth groups.

Well balances academics and service to others.
There are a few policies set in place to prevent bullying and harassment, protect personal safety, and keep students healthy. However, these policies are not always enforced. The authorities pick and choose when to enforce the rules of the school's honor code. I find that hypocritical and unfair. There is no point in having a "no bullying" policy, but allow a student to be bulled simply because a teacher dislikes them.
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