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South Shelby teachers have a very close bond with their students making it feel like a second home. You know you can always go talk to a teacher no matter who it is. In addition to the at home feel we have great math, English, and history teacher. However, are science department is lacking a little bit but that is common for rural schools.
South Shelby is a great high school. The faculty care about you and will do everything to make sure you receive a great education.
I love that South Shelby has a great student to teacher ratio. All of the teachers, and staff care about the students that go to South Shelby, and want them to succeed in whatever they plan to do. The teachers are there for students whether its with academics, or even personal problems that a student might be struggling with at home. Everyone feels welcome.
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Small school teacher verses student ratio. Principal is the best cares about everyone gets involved in students lives. We have a Loving community that supports each other.
I loved my time attending South Shelby High School! 10/10 would recommend. Really great staff who really do care about their students!
The math at South Shelby Highschool is incredible and so is the English. The science department could improve though. And the teacher are very understanding and friendly.
We have numerous opportunities to get involved and the student body is very welcoming to newcomers in organizations
South Shelby is unique in that everyone can find somewhere to fit in. We have so many organizations and opportunities to get involved! But what makes us truly is South Shelby's school pride. Every club gets recognized, not just the athletic ones, and our staff is so incredible with working with organizations to make sure students are staying responsible while remaining involved.
At South Shelby High School we honestly have the best staff in the whole world. Students know they can approach any teacher or staff member with any problems or issues they may be having. I believe all of our teachers go above and beyond for our school and for all of us. They are consistent in how they grade and how they run their class, and our school is incredibly accommodating.
I loved the aspect of the small school and just the welcoming aspect that it had.
Overall this school prepared me to go into the real world and to do well right out of high school.
Locked doors at all times, visitors must ring bell and be on video.
Mostly have what other schools have. FFA, FCCLA, FBLA, Key Club, etc.
It's the only school in our town, so no choice on whether you want to go here or not. Most kids have known each other since kindergarten.
About 90% of the teachers spend all day on their phones. None seem to really care what's going on, and most have no idea how to teach.
I really enjoy how everyone is so close. It's just the perfect size school where you know everybody and your able to get along with others.
The schools faculty is very helpful and cares about the students, many of them would carry you off the field if you are injured and help let the whole school know that you will be ok!
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There are some new teachers and some that's been there for many years. There is some teachers where you take notes all the time and then there's some where you listen. They explain concepts very well and seem to care about the students even the ones that get on their nerves. The principle cares about the students as if they were his and with sports has total faith in them.
At South Shelby we aren't very diverse as in sexual orientation or race because of the community that we live it. Despite this our school's peers are very willing to be challenged every day in the classroom and on the field. Students also are very involved in the numerous organizations from The National FFA Organization which is the largest organization in the school having about 130 members, to The Flock, which is our student fan section for sports, which was being re-vamped this year. South Shelby is also is accepting on new students and tries to stay away from peer pressure which can be a challenge in a small community.
There are many great and amazing teachers at South Shelby that have been taught there for a very long time but, there are a few teachers who deserve to be fired for their very poor quality of teaching. One of these teachers, thankfully, resigned this year but there are still a few teachers out there who the school board needs to check on (which they don't by the way).
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