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I’m a senior there and it’s good to be there. All the teachers are good about helping anyone with anything and helping them understand why it’s important to take certain classes, they will help them later on. What I would like to see changed would probably be the classes are arranged, maybe have them from most important to least or something like that.
There are a lot of fights, the students aren't very disciplined and the school is very unclean. There are really good teachers there but there are also some trash teacher who don't even know how to give a reasonable test. Like I had a test that took three classes to finish because it was so long and hard.
Absolutely love South Rowan!! Wouldn't trade my four years here for anything!! Love the school spirit and the closeness of the community.
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Each year has had some major change. The main one would be schedule changes and the experimenting to see what works for students and what does not.
I would like to see less fighting. I have been pleased with my athletic experience, even though we had a losing record up until my senior year.
When I first started my journey throughout high school, I was enrolled at Gray Stone Day School, however, at the beginning of my tenth grade year, I switched to South Rowan High School. The environment here is very stress free and all of the teachers work with you to make sure you are on the right track to graduate high school and be successful in life.
I attended south Rowan high school in 2016. As an international student, I was very scared to talk to anybody. I couldn't speak English very well and the teachers were very helpful. By the time I graduated from there I was able to start a conversation and I was very grateful.
My sisters have all gone there and enjoyed south. They are starting to really change things to make the next years more improved academically and athletically!! I’m supper excited to attend
I like the freedom they allow us to have. They aren’t extremely strict in the dress code which is amazing and they always try to make school fun
What I like about South Rowan is that we are a very technically advanced school. Although we are in a very rural part of North Carolina, we are still ahead of our time with our laptops. One thing I would change is have more diversity.
South Rowan High is such a positive and energetic place. This is a school where I would refer to others not just because of the great teachers, but how everyone looks out for each other. No student left behind!
I had a great experience at South Rowan. I feel I had every opportunity to succeed in my high school career in both academics and sports.
I would like to see not so much politics when it comes to sports. Players should be chosen from their ability and not whether their parents can participate in the Booster Club and/or donate money to the programs.
I am a senior at south. South is a very small and quiet school but we unite a community. Our rival is Carson and we always show up to support our Raiders. We have an amazing communications program and lots of vocational classes such as health sciences and masonry. I am currently earning my Certified Nursing Assistant or CNA.
I like South Rowan because it's becoming a very diverse school. It's very inclusive. The school is also making a big effort to be safer which makes the students, like myself, feel safer.
South Rowan is a overall good school. The teachers are awesome. The schedule is flexible meaning most students have breaks in between their classes so they have a period of rest & then they have to go to their next class. That’s if they have a break or a learning lab. Learning labs are classes that you go to for completing work. If by the end of the quarter you are passing all your classes, you earn your way out a learning lab & get it replaced with a break meaning you don’t have class for a whole hour or 30 minutes. Juniors & Seniors can earn their way into a learning lab if they are failing classes. So I think this new thing they are trying is pretty good.
As a senior of South Rowan High school I am proud to say that I am ready to attend college in the fall. South has great teachers with hardworking students.
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Awesome teachers that have my best interest at heart and have helped me grow into a strong, open minded, caring person. My wish is that South continues to improve and offers more AP classes!
South Rowan is a small school with a low student body rate and a poor athletic program. The social aspects of the school weren't the best, there was little to no school spirit and seeing the same faces everyday got a little routine and boring. Academically, on the other hand, it is wonderful! Teachers do their best to make sure students learn and understand the materials needed. They also give up a lot of their personal time to help students any way they can, including preparing them for college.
South Rowan High School is a good school mostly. They have a wonderful staff and do amazing events. They could work on using announcements again because students never know anymore what's going on. Hire some teachers because in some classes there are no teachers just substitutes all the time and it gets confusing. If they worked on those things it could be a better school and also made disciplinary actions.
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