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South Rock Creek Public School Reviews

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Absolutely love this school. The teachers are so caring. The entire community is so involved. They really push the kids to be their best and achieve everything they are capable of. My child loves it here.
They recently added a school nurse. Bullying is outright ignored. Personal safety is an issue when kids are hit during the day and then bullied if they tell anyone. There are no programs available despite the majority of the community if overweight or has a program with obesity. There are no storm shelters in place. Reaction time for any emergency services would be delayed considering it's location is rural.
This school is only geared towards sports, any other activities are nonexistent.
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There are only a handful of teachers that give any consideration to students that fall outside the standards. They care only about accomplishing their tasks and not about the students. Teaching staff will not communicate with parents upon any issues. There seems to be a very click-ish atmosphere in this school. This is presented throughout with the students grading, the way the teachers conduct themselves with parents and with each other. It is an overall poor reflection upon the school as a whole. It diminishes the academic standard for several children that the teaching staff deem not worthy.
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