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South Pasadena Senior High School Reviews

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In Senior South Pasadena High school, there were better educations and academics in this school. Also, there were many good friends in Senior South Pasadena High school.
Very good community of students with dedicated teachers. The athletic scene is prominent as well as the academic. There are many clubs to get involved in such as TASSEL, LINK, Skills USA, etc...The student body are kind, friendly, and active, however there can be more diversity in ideology and ethnicity. South Pasadena High School prepares you for higher education and has many opportunities to explore trade skills. Although there are a few counselors, they try their best to connect with students and to get them on the road to success.
South Pasadena was my first school in California. Due to a diverse and friendly environment, I adapted to the state's culture and overall school's expectations with ease.
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Math teachers are eh for the most part. The rest of the departments are good. Lower level English teachers, especially those that do not teach Honors/AP courses, are mediocre. The same goes for science teachers.
I liked the community, however, the school is overly competitive and leaves a lot of pressure on the students.
The admins are horrible, especially Ms. Wichman - yells at students for asking her questions or coming into her office, refuses to do work, does absolutely nothing to help you, would rather have every student at the school on the same exact path, etc. Certain teachers are amazing, especially AP teachers, but regular/honors teachers have questionable ethics and teaching abilities - aka over half of the kids in the class have absolutely no idea what is being taught or the class goes so slow you might as well take a nap. The school district is so underfunded, programs and classes are cut all the time - Honors Chemistry and Academic Decathalon just this year. Don't come here if you like STEM, every program in STEM is completely underfunded and all the money goes to football and the play/musicals/humanities. Many students here are very liberal and will turn on anyone who is conservative or remotely not as liberal as they are.
South Pasadena High School is the only public high school in the small city of South Pasadena, yet is an excellent school. Many teachers are supportive or try hard to be that way. My experiences with my school counselor have been very positive, and I've received a lot of help and guidance from her. Students are generally competitive and hard-working, and this often makes many students feel pushed to work harder towards success. Since it is a public school, students frequently experience course scheduling conflicts and not everyone ends up loving their school counselors. However, the school itself is known to be a great place, with staff who are constantly looking to make the school a better place. The student population is quite diverse and there is a student-run garden, a good enough cafeteria, a good library, and a variety of clubs and organizations to be involved in or to create. I'm happy that I was able to learn and grow in this place.
Poor emphasis on the arts and athletics, but an overall great learning environment for any academically inclined student.
Great education in a super safe, quaint neighborhood! Student body lacked diversity and was very clique-y. Other than that, great campus and school.
I am now a very different person than the one that came into South Pasadena High School in freshman year. The faculty members and students have pushed me to be the better version of myself that I didn't know I was capable of. Due to the supporting staff and the rigorous courses, I feel prepared for college.
South Pasadena Senior High School has great teachers, sport teams, and classes that they offer. The school really prepares you for AP tests and for college. Highly recommend attending.
The academic level is very high achieving. The math department offers classes that prepares you to perform at the college level. There are many academic classes as well as clubs and electives to choose from to learn a variety of different skill sets. However, there is not a large presence of school spirit on campus besides color day and high school sports does not have a great emphasis.
The four years I spent at South Pasadena High School was generally pretty great. The campus is large and clean, almost all of the teachers care deeply about their students, and the students are welcoming and kind. If I could give the school four and a half stars, I would. The reason why it isn't a full five stars, however, is because nothing is perfect. There are improvements that could be made, specifically with the school bathrooms. The restrooms leave a lot to be desired in terms of cleanliness. One other thing that needs improvement is the school lunches. They are pretty mediocre, but I'm not completely sure how much of that is the school's fault. Other than that, South Pasadena High School is nearly perfect.
I had a good high school experience, most of my teachers were very qualified. There were some that were rather unreasonable. Something I'd like to see changed is the amount of busy work some classes give. I would rather have less more meaningful work than just a lot of busy work.
We have a gorgeous campus! It is outdoors, and there are lots of plants. They look beautiful in the springtime!
The teachers are also incredibly nice, and their classes are fascinating! It is rare to have a teacher who does not want you to do well, and most of them offer tutoring outside of class. Latinx students have reported that they are not very supported here though. A new Latinx club is trying to change that, but the environment is still there.
Socially, most of us have known each other since kindergarten, and new kids often spend years alone. It is a rich school with some snooty people, but most are friendly. It is not dangerous, and I do not know of a bullying problem.
There is a strong emphasis on academics, especially STEM, but this makes many students stressed. I know several people who have been turned away from the counselors, and some of them were harming themselves. The mental health department is the school's weakest point, in my opinion.
The school has a very competitive nature. It is all about numbers and grades, it becomes your worth and label. It is honestly suffocating, even the counselors only care to push you to take AP classes and such despite your personal capabilities.
South Pasadena is a High School full of diversity and college ready students. Courses present college level difficulty and teachers care about students.
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I moved to South Pasadena High School when I was a freshman. My counselor, Mrs. Ishimaru, made the transition to my new school extremely easy. My stress and anxiety about not being able to make new friends quickly disappeared. However, the school made it difficult for me to balance academics, mental health, and other things that consumed my high school experience. I had a few teachers that were supportive of not only my performance in their specific classes, but also my overall mindset about school. On the other hand, several of my teachers had no regard for my learning experience, and would embody this idea that test scores are the only thing that define one's intelligence. Although several aspects of South Pasadena's academic system has failed me in the past four years, I have also experienced significant self growth.
South Pasadena High School has such a welcoming, comforting, and inclusive community. There are wonderful teachers whose passion really shows through the way that they teach and treat their students, and I have made so many good friends that I know I will cherish in the years to come.
I believe that South Pasadena HS provided me with the opportunity to explore my interests to their fullest potential. My relationships with a few English teachers have also been a factor in me choosing English Lit as my projected college major.
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