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South Park Senior High School Reviews

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I liked the teachers and how they really cared about you and formed relationships with you. I would like to see some of the school specific policies change.
The teachers all care about your future and are willing to help you so long as you are willing to learn.
The opportunities for technology and manufacturing students are great - however, more funding should go towards band and theater programs to support the arts.
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I liked the majority of my experience there were times that certain teachers and administrators were incompetent, the admin also hates spending money on anything.
South Park Senior High School is a very good place to receive an education from. South Park offers a wide variety of classes within their curriculum making it significantly easy to learn about what you love. There are many school clubs to become involved in, like I myself have, although I do wish we could participate and experience more within these clubs. The diversity is not the best here, as there are only a couple of each minority. Overall, South Park educationally excels.
Good experience with small classes and knowledgeable, helpful teachers. Only downside was the smaller amount of classes offered.
As an alumnus of South Park, I can undoubtedly look back and conclude that I was prepared for my post-secondary education. A great number of honors level and advanced placement classes are offered to challenge students to go beyond the general requirements. I also felt that my time management skills were strengthened through my involvement in several clubs and sports teams, of which there are many. Lastly, my relationships with my teachers helped me to feel comfortable in my surroundings. I always felt that I had a confidant or someone to go to for help. I could not have asked for a better high school experience.
South Park Senior High School is a good school to learn all about yourself and your interests. The facilities are great and many after-school activities to choose from.
South Park High School provided a balanced and stable environment for me to develop as a young adult. It allowed me to spread my wings in an environment that fostered hard work. Most teachers really cared about their job and the class size was just right.
South Park is a very nice School and has a lot of opportunities and the teachers and faculty help with every student as much as they possible can
I like the atmosphere about the school. It doesn't look run down and out of shape like some other schools I've seen. It has a sort of modern look to it which I like. I don't like that some of the teachers don't have degrees for the subject that they're teaching. I don't even know why that's legal. Overall, it's a nice school though and it's really easy to become accustomed to it.
South Park is a really nice school and the teachers are great. They are always there to help you if needed. There is a lot of school spirit which makes it fun and the sports teams are great.
It doesnt offer all the classes i wanted. the counselors arent always their for our needs. My parents care and our at all my events but not all parents are like this in our school
The teachers i like work well with me. They work with me when i need extr help. They are nice and their classes engage the students in the lessons
great variety....even offer sewing and cooking to boys
all activities seem to be managed very well. my son has participated in swimming and volleyball in high school as well as interact and national honor society. he joined bots because of his engineering interests.
I have liked all my son's teachers in every grade. Never a problem.....he has perfect attendance and was always liked by all,
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great administration...very concerned for all students
we moved here without a child and when I became pregnant we were told we are in the best school district in the surrounding are...I would never move. My child is a junior now and has perfect attendance and he likes his teachers and they like him.......great partnership for a student.
The academics at South Park High School are good, however there are ways that could improve the system greatly. One way is to increase staffing. Several subjects, including art, music, health, family and consumer sciences, and foreign languages have experienced cuts in recent years to the staff number. This staffing cut resulted in a loss of programs and courses. Another flaw is that there is no director of curriculum to monitor the schools curriculum. This is a serious issue, especially involving a case where both Spanish teachers retired the same year. The new teachers were unaware of what students had previously learned and what they had yet to learn. If a single currciulum were in place, education outcomes would be improved. More courses could also be offered, such as AP, honors, and elective courses. There are roughly 20 honors courses and 8 AP courses. Workload for these classes is much greater than other classes. English classes especially require a great deal of work. A promotion for the fine arts, such as music and art, could also be save programs that are not as popular.
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