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South Meck had a large diversity of people. This allowed me to become friends with a wide range of people with different ideas. I would like to see change within the classroom setup as well as the overall campus.
After four years at South Mecklenburg High School, I can confidently say that it has prepared me for college life. South is a very diverse school with people from all over the world and it being an open campus allows the students to feel more like a community and gives us a little freedom outside the classrooms.
South Mecklenburg wasn't my school of choice. My mother required me to attend because my homeschool is substandard. I was very upset at first, but truthfully, the past few years has allowed me to grow in ways I've never imagined. South Meck is extremely diverse, and it allowed me to experience people extremely different than me. With that being said, some of the experiences stretched me and hurt. Diversity brings challenges some good and some bad. If I could see South Mecklenburg change in any way, it would be to see the teachers and administrators embrace all races as equals and not set standards based on one race of people or financial demographic.
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South mecklenburg high school is a very diverse school where people from everywhere meet and make new friends it’s like you’ve a new family. The teachers are good at what they do, they make sure that you are satisfied with the work or assignments.
Overall it’s a a very good school.
South Mecklenburg is a dysfunctional school and CMS overall is kind of off they don’t allow us to learn the important things in life instead we are learning things that won’t help our future. South Meck will need some improvement on the way the school is ran.
South Mecklenburg high school is an average high school that provides a relatively good education. The school has a mix of qualified and uninterested teachers, but overall your education is what you choose to make it. There are many opportunities to take higher level classes and build a good GPA, but there is very little guidance from the staff. You get no personal relationship with your advisor and it is very easy to feel lost in the process. The administration is also very disorganized and does not take into account the needs of the student or teachers. Many of the buildings need to be renovated, especially the facilities.
South Mecklenburg Highschool is an extremely diverse school. Being in the Language Magnet Program, I have been exposed to many ethnicities and cultures from all around the world. South Meck allows many opportunities for its students to actively engage in the world, expand their interactions, and to open their mind to different perspectives. It also provides a variety of career building activities that are beneficial for students who are interested in being more involved in their communities.

Yet, many of my fellow peers are not aware of these opportunities. Informing students on where to find the activities going on beyond campus and reaching out to students who necessarily do not have the resources to find these activities is something South Meck can improve on.
Overall, we have had a great experience at South Meck. My daughter is a senior. The school has many honors and AP classes to choose from. The college and career center,as well as, her counselor have been very helpful with my daughter’s college acceptances.
South Meck is a very good high school. Lots of teachers care about your well being and they even care about your education. South Meck also has some great electives to take like Culinary and apparel. Lot's of High Schools do not have these programs but South Meck does. They give the students a lot of say at the school to which is nice.
I have had a wonderful high school experience at south Mecklenburg High School. South is so large and diverse, that there are so many opportunities to experience and to help you succeed. Whether it be a sport, club tutoring or any teacher these opportunities have made my high school experience exactly what I hope it can be for everyone else.
I like that it's a large diverse environment. But I don't like how we haven't taken care of the sewage systems, or the overcrowding, or the late bell policies that they've implemented.
I'm not going to sit here and talk down on South Meck because i attend the school and i enjoy going there sometimes. South Meck is a very diverse school and if we aren't good for anything else we make sure we all feel equal and no matter what we stand for eachother. South Mecklenburg can be many things but one thing i know we should work on is how the community and other schools see us. South Meck has been on the news multiple times for "riots", a student shot himself in the leg, students having drugs on campus, teachers being racists, teachers having sexual relations with students, and etc. We also have roaches, carbon dioxide leaks, mold, & etc.
It is a very good and diverse school. The teachers are quite good and care about the students and their success. The school is very diverse as well. The newer buildings are quite clean and their facilities and batherooms are very good, but there are also some older buildings that are less than ideal. One problem is that the bathrooms are often filled with people vaping or juuling.
South Meck is the most diverse high school in the Charlotte area. It is a huge school where you will meet types of people from all over the world. There are clubs for everything and no matter your interests. You are guaranteed to find something to do at South.
South Mecklenburg is a very diverse school but the facilities are very outdated. The makeup of students is mostly low income which doesn’t bring a lot of money into the school. Being in the marching band is a struggle with low funds and a bad teacher
We are happy with South Meck high school. We are in German immersion at Waddell Language and the language program continues at South Meck.
South Meck is a school that can help you find yourself as an individual. And learn who you are. There are all types of people in this school. This school is among the most diverse in the county. I believe the diversity allows you to interact with others that will prepare you for the real world.
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Dr Furr is amazing! She keeps this large school on track and always gives students the ability to express themselves and react in a responsible way to current events. She allows us the opportunity to grow as responsible members of society.
I am currently completing my senior year of high school at South Mecklenburg High School as a magnet student and these four years have been a roller coaster. "South Meck" as the students like to call it, is a very large and diverse school with a plethora of different clubs that help it's students find their niche and interests while being involved in the school community. I for one have found great joy in getting involved in certain clubs such as Outward Bound, Tech Club, and Interact club. Along with the large number of clubs that help students fit in, there is also a large staff and administration that has been at the forefront of these programs. They are truly the backbone of this school and without them South Meck would not have the welcoming and supporting environment it has now.
It is a large school with many students, and overall any school will have its ups and downs. South Meck is a good school.
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