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South Jordan Middle School Reviews

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The vast majority of teachers love to teach their classes, because that is what they went to school for many years to do. But the minority of my teachers, I can tell that the dont want to be their and are not interested in teaching and improving students lives.
They has also been many times where i have not felt that I was in a good learning enviroment, rasict, and sexist language and actions occur on a daily basis that make me not want to be there.
South Jordan Middle school is a very good school for students to gain a good education and be prepared for high school. South Jordan Middle has very good honors teachers and fabulous programs such as Honors Society, Dream Team, MESA, and many more. One thing that I wish to change is some of the ninth grade teachers. Some of the teachers don't prepare you for high school very much and you don't learn important skills such as essay writing. In addition, there are some students who bully others and while South Jordan Middle tries to stop this, usually it continues. Overall my experience with South Jordan Middle has been good.
I really like South Jordan Middle School. Great school I would recommend it to anyone. I would not like anything to change at the school because it's already a really great doesn't need anything else.
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The faculty and administrators are top notch. They all really care about the students. I feel my student is safe there.
I would not want to go back to this school again because i did not have a good experience with learning, that's why i transferred schools. I would not recommend going to this school.
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