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The school culture at this place is really positive, and there's a lot of visual and performing arts programs that are vigorous with the overwhelming support of parents.
South Hills High School is a very good school! As a senior in high school in the middle of a pandemic, you really feel like everyone you go to school with from teachers to students is a family. South Hills has done an amazing job making sure we receive schooling through all of this and have provided an amazing amount of resources for us. The school culture at South Hills is like no other. We have the best rallies and sports games. The Administration is amazing and they really do care about their students. Everything our school does is for the students and it really shows. We have the best parents who stand behind their students and make sure they have everything they need to succeed. I do wish there were more clubs on our campus.
As a junior transfer student, this school has provided teachers that care about learning. They create opportunities for all students to receive the help one may need or desire. There are many events for all students and faculty to form professional relationships. However, one thing that can be improved is the library. It's in a small classroom, so there can only be a set number of people in the environment space.
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Great school culture and had many teachers that really helped with my learning and development! There is a strong sense of community within the school. Beautiful campus. Unfortunately, had many teachers who didn't have the same passion as others.
South Hills High School is a great school to be apart of. From the school activities, to teachers, to coaches, to resources, to sports and classmates, everything here makes you feel at home. South Hills does a good job on making school event memorable while giving students the necessary education.
South Hills has many extra curricular chances for students who want to be all-rounded. There are lots of resources that students can use in their everyday studies that will help them prepare for any type of tests.
South Hills high school had its ups and downs. I felt connected because of the band but overall the school environment did not feel too comfortable. I was lucky enough to get a teacher that prepared me for the real life. The events hosted at the school are very fun to attend as well.
I transferred and had no trouble making good friends and meeting amazing teachers. Very caring staff.
I like how everyone in the school is very open-minded, you're able to express yourself. South Hills gives you opportunities to be able to express yourself with the programs of art, dance, band, etc. You're truly able to be yourself in this school without the fear of being judged.
It was a well-rounded experience. I enjoyed the clean campus and how there were so many clubs and sports available.
South Hills has a multitude of different clubs and programs to get involved in to put yourself out there. I took yearbook and it was the best decision I've ever made. It allowed to me express my creativity while writing the memories down for everyone to reminisce on in the future.
I love South Hills. When you're fresh out of middle school all you worry about is the next step in life, highschool! I was so nervous when I first started high school but South Hills made everything so easy. Everyone is very welcoming and it's always a good time. I think we have a lot of school spirit and that's my favorite part about South Hills. We are like no other school. The staff is also very helpful. No one is pushed to the side and students are always top priority. Most students hate coming to school but i'm always excited to come!
A very friendly environment and everyone minds their own business. Extremely competitive though, not many resources to advance amongst advanced students unless you can afford outside SAT classes.
I felt very included in South Hills. The school spirit there is off the charts. I love all of my teachers and have made so many friends there. The staff is all so friendly. There is rarely any drama, so it is a safe environment. You can really tell that the school cares about the students. The new student union is a really cool addition to the school because it gives a place for the students to hang out.
This school has a lot of spirit. At sports events, the student body is so loud and excited to be there. It is a lot of fun to be in that atmosphere!
the teachers are amazing and so are all the students. an amazing positive environment full of people who truly care about student success.
What I liked about south hills is that the rally’s and functions are good also they are very good at having fun and involving everyone and they have light up the night which is fun
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Not a good school at all. They would do anything just to help you graduate even if been absent for half of the school year and pretty much failing all core classes, they do this just so their rating won't go down. I know all of this because my nephew went there. District should focus more on students rather than the rating they get. Besides all of that a lot of drugs, alcohol and sex goes on there, sad to say but is common to the students.
I attend South Hills High School of the Covina Valley Unified School District. I am most satisfied with how my counselors readied me for college. However, I wish they pushed me harder to take AP classes. I was also upset when they had to give up school psychologist, I really think students need a professional person they can go to when they need somebody. Overall, I really enjoyed being part of this school district. It provided seniors with an SAT this year, which is really helpful for those who don't have the money for it.
I am a new student attending South Hills as a junior. The layout of the campus has been very convenient and helpful in identifying my certain classes. The teachers provide a safe and encouraging environment or the students, preparing everyone for the future. In addition, the school provides great tasting food filled with nutritional value
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