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While the learning environment in honors and AP classes are generally good, regular classes are much harder to focus in. The social environment is somewhat hostile and isolated and it can be hard to make new friends, but I enjoyed making new friends in my classes. Students lack school spirit, but sports events are still well-attended.
The school does very well academically and has a pretty diverse range of clubs, sports, and activities. Although the campus is not as especially new as the other high schools is my district and there aren't as many unifying activities and events, most of the teachers are not only good teachers but that are passionate about their subjects.
A fun environment but many teachers who don't teach in a way that is retainable at all. Good school spirit
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Basically, all teachers and parents staff are kind and caring for children. Everyone study hard and paying attention what they want to do in the future.
grateful that this is what I get to call my highschool. they provided everything needed for what I hope turns into a bright future. they care about each and every one of their students deeply
I like the variety of classes they have, as well as the teachers. The extracurricular activities are run well.
Nice staff campus is clean location is wonderful close to the beach. sport team is nice love the wrestling team.
Grass is green. parking is good. Kids are nice.
South High School provides many academic opportunities, including a variety of classes and chances to succeed in class. I would like to see the school push students to engage more in community involvement.
I transferred here my Junior year from another high school in the area. I wasn't sure how South would compare, but I was pleasantly surprised at how smooth the transition was. The classes were fairly easy, and I was able to succeed in all of them.
You can really create a tight bond with most of the teachers so you always have someone to go to. The teachers want you to succeed and will help to their best ability for that to happen. The student body does its best to involve everyone in everything and make sure they are having fun and getting to do what they want to.
I really enjoy south high. I find it to be down to earth and “homey” in a way. I find the people and the teachers all really supportive.
Although half of the students strive for perfect grades, many struggle with mental health problems or bullying. Most problems are poorly approached whether admin is involved or not.
I like the campus along with the teachers. Theirs also fun class games. Something I would change is spartan semminar where twice a week you can choose a class to visit for “extra” help but theirs not a class for just doing homework which would be better
The teachers are caring, especially the AP and Honors teachers. Administration is very helpful and upbeat, what’s not to love?! Sports have great camaraderie and spirit, and it’s located in a beautiful area to boot.
my four years at south was quite an experience :) I enjoyed my time there with my peers and friends. the class and learning environment was also enjoyable as well. Some courses were rigorous but made it more challenging and helped me prepare for college
There’s a lot of different classes & clubs open to everyone. Most of the teachers are hardworking and push students to succeed in and out of class. Their Honors/AP programs are good, too.
South High School is an amazing school. As an alum, I experienced many aspects of South High. At first, I was not very involved and only in regular classes. I transitioned to honors and AP courses which are very rigorous but the staff is excellent and truly prepare you for college!
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South High is an amazing school in the South Bay. The teachers and staff have the best interest for their students. They focus on college readiness and push their students to be the best they can be.
your average american public school, nothing special. but also theres a lot of behind the scenes problems that no one talks about.
The academics at South High School are very competitive. For those who are academically strong, this school is a good fit. Many teachers provide extra teaching during lunch, after school, and a time we call Spartan Seminar. Spartan Seminar is a fairly new addition to South High School that allows students to sign up for extra help in any class for 30 minutes on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I have found this to be really beneficial when I am behind in work or need more practice. I would say the one thing South High School lacks is diversity. A teacher recently shared that prospective students turn down South High School, despite its incredible academics, due to the lack of diversity. Students of color need more support, and I think it is starting to improve, which is why I gave the school four stars overall.
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