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I had a very tough time coming from Discovery Middle School to South High. I had lost all my friends from Carl Ben in sixth grade. I had a hard time making friends and keeping friends. I got made fun of a lot for who I hung out with. For the past two years now, of my sophomore and senior year I realize that you can't keep thinking about what other people think about you or how others see you. You have to live your own life and be yourself.
South High is a great school to go to. It has a lot of diversity, small class sizes and one on one with teachers who really want to help. South may not be the greatest but it's not the worst. A few things that South can change is just little things, like putting more effort and care into extracurricular programs instead of sports.
I enjoy going to school at South and the many opportunities it offers. All the opportunities are sometimes overwhelming at times with all the clubs and variety of classes that there is not enough time for everything you would like to do. The teachers actually want to succeed and be successful in school and life. However, most of the athletic programs are not that great and most coaches only care about a select few players. The classes offered include a wide variety from many different electives to AP to duel credit, there’s something for everybody.
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South is a pretty good school to attend overall, the staff is focused on helping students succeed in whatever they plan on doing after high school and I've learned a lot academically as well as about my future, in in the past year. Like with any school, however, there are some things I think could really be improved upon. There are lots of great teachers but some seem to only be focused on the very top students or the kids who don't care at all/create issues. If you're a normal kid with a good GPA and no attitude problems, you'll often feel a little neglected. With that, some materials that we have I think are a bit outdated and I could learn a lot more if we dived into topics further and did more activities rather than learning from textbooks.
I like the amazing teachers and administration. They all are what make coming to school better. I with though that safety was treated as a higher concern. Not only is anyone able to just walk in but most can go back to a classroom without anyone batting an eye. Also although their are a few rules put in place for safety they are poorly inforced.
My experience with South High School has been very good so far. The teachers and staff all help to make students learning a priority. Although I wish teachers could take constructive criticism. Some teachers do not see if their teaching is doing the best for their students. The administration is very good.
The ceiling leaks. They haven't fixed it in 10 years. The heating and cooling leave some rooms 30degrees while others are 80. There was nothing in place to help students with mental illness or who experienced a traumatic event. The safety net for kids who fall behind has huge gaps in it, and causes a higher increase in stress than in grades. Some of the teachers cared about their students. They did a really good job and help as much as they can. Unfortunately, some teachers are there to read a PowerPoint and get paid. There is no system for giving them feedback. There is no system for giving the administration feedback. The nurse goes home before the second to last period every day and doesn't come to work on fridays because that's what she's scheduled for. The counseling center is filled with academic advisors. No counselors. The food is adequate, as long as you have no allergies, intolerances, religious restrictions, etc. Also if you don't mind the occasional month old milk carton.
I love that when I go to school I get to see a bunch of different ethnicities among the students. It is really amazing to be able to meet new people and be apart of different sports that allow you to meet new people and learn about other people’s background. Something I would love to see a change in is the food that is provided. Healthy eating is important but when it gets to the point where the food is mush, kids would rather starve, and doesn’t even taste like it should and, that’s when there should be a change. I believe we can still be healthy and enjoy eating the food we purchase at school.
South High School has been a great experience for me for the last 4 years, I've learned a lot, made great friends, and have been exposed to many experiences and opportunities I wouldn't have gotten elsewhere.
South High is such a diverse school with so many different opportunities compared to other schools in the nearby area. With our diverse population of 29% compared to surrounding schools with only up to 10%. The amount of clubs is amazing and getting involved is so much fun! The teachers are kind and welcoming, yet also know how to teach really well while making the time fly by.
South High School is the most diverse school in the Fargo- Moorhead area. It has the highest population of non-white students which provides a mix of cultures and ethnicities. The diversity really adds to the uniqueness of South High School. FSH also offers several art, music and athletic classes which allows students to express themselves. Even though the school is labelled as the 'ghetto' school in town, overall I believe that it provides a healthy community that allows students to be unique and happy. Fargo South High School really focuses on getting students involved in activities, which has really helped me get to know my peers in my 300+ class. Several of my peers would rate their high school experience as less than satisfactory but they aren't taking advantage of all the FSH has to offer. It is a really great school and it has provided me with an excellent education.
A lot of times other schools in Fargo give south high a bad reputation but it’s not true at all. Fargo South is a community of good people and good Teachers who all have one goal: graduation.
I like some of the teachers, they know how to make school fun and the lunch is okay. I can't eat it but it doesn't look horrible. I'd eat it if I had to. The other teachers need learning on how to connect with students and could use some help but the good teachers really brighten the place up!
Was not here for a very long time only 6 months but the teacher are very nice n help full and were very willing to take the time after class to help you learn the material you do not understand.
I liked what South offered for classes and their staff members. The counseling center has helped me majorly throughout my years at South. I think South is a good school and I liked it here.
I would like to be treated more like an adult. Sometimes teachers act as though I am still in elementary school, and they waste my time with busy work, that is something that I am not a big fan of
I love going to school at South because it is a very welcoming and diverse place. I always feel as if I can achieve my goals though the constant encouragement of our teachers and I have never felt as if my school lacked the resources to help me do my best. Additionally, it is very interesting to be able to walk down the hallways and hear people communicating in multiple languages. One of my favorite things about South this year is my new relationship with my English teacher, Mrs. Lewis. She is super devoted to her students and holds office hours before and after school. She researched and helped me understand my SAT essay score when I was confused about it, even though it was not directly related to her class. I have also had a really great discussion with her about colleges and it made me feel better to get a professional opinion about my goals.
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For starters, the clubs and activities offered at South High School really emphasizes the school's diversity the students have apart from each other. There are many opportunities to partake in such as sports, music, theater, foreign language clubs, writing, cooking, and much more. In fact, South is one of three schools within the country that offers a music composition class, where you're able to write your very own pieces of music and put them all together into one final ensemble to perform in a concert environment. One thing I'd like to see with South happens to be food. As of now, I'm currently bringing my own food to school instead of eating there, primarily having to do with the quality of the food itself, as well as the variety and choice. It's one thing they could extend to work on, adding separate choices for meals, while at the same time increase the freshness of the vittles being prepared.
I would like to see more help for the students that are struggling in class. I would also like to see more dual credit courses offered. The school was nice because it was one story with no stairs which is nice for commuting from class to class.
I really like the diversity at South High School, and how many activities are offered and how much it prepares you for life after high school. I wish that we could have more people at our school and that school safety would be improved.
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