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South Hadley High School Reviews

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This school has helped me get into my dream college and it has helped many other students flourish! Many of the teachers are very nice and helpful as well!
I like how you can create a very close bond with teachers, for example I had a couple teachers for 2-3 years of my high-school education. The staff is always there to help and encourage the students. If you speak up and ask for help they are always willing to help/ accommodate something.
I enjoyed my time at South Hadley High, as I loved the teachers and staff who were, for the most part, very welcoming. I hope that soon, the curriculum will change to be more inclusive to people who are not Christian, white, and straight.
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I had a pretty average experience at South Hadley High School. Although I had great teachers, a lot of classes and teachers got cut due to our budget which wasn't good for the students. I don't think the discipline students receive is enough because people would get away with a lot of things. As for freedoms in high school, we had a lot of freedom in my freshman year, but after freshmen year, a lot of students throughout the school started to fool around a lot which took a lot of our freedoms and traditions away.
I think that they have pretty good academics and good sports teams. They overall are a very good school but all schools have something they can improve on. I would say that need to improve on listening to students more and making the changes they want to see such as certain classes offered and more fun activities during the school year.
South Hadley High School is a small student body compared to nearby school districts. The staff takes an interest in all students and encourages students to work to their fullest potential. In action to excellent academics, the high school offers many extracurricular activities including sports teams, clubs and hobbies.
The teachers and staff are committed to each student's success. Accommodations are made for struggling students and their anti-bullying policy is effective. The friendships I have made here are the types that will last a lifetime. The education I have gotten at South Hadley High School has provided me with a solid foundation to not only get accepted to college, but successfully complete my 4-year degree.

The one thing I would like to see my high school implement is a way for students to evaluate teachers and give them feedback on their teaching methods - what works and what does not work.

Thank you for considering me for this scholarship.
Sam Haviland
This school has provided a challenging academic course load with academic rigor. It prepares students well for college and for vocational track with the addition of a culinary program.
It was a fun learning experience with great teachers. The teachers do a good job of connecting with the student and develop good relationships. The school is on the smaller end, but easy to navigate and get to class.
The academics at South Hadley High School are great. The sports are also very good and the music department has many wonderful options.
This high school offers very rigorous classes. It also keeps a safe environment for all students and is very inclusive. The teachers are understanding, kind, and dedicated to their jobs.
The administration was horrible, the students as well. Students will always either be bullied, do the bullying, or both, but when the vice principal follows students through the halls, or english teachers make students cry, when teachers who care about their students are fired...there is something wrong with the way things are run.
South Hadley High School was very dedicated to their academics, but did not thrive in their student support.
Overall good. You get out what you put in which is the way I think it should be. I felt prepared for college and I felt like I had the support I needed to get where I am now.
South Hadley is a big clique. There is a clear division between athletics and band or theater students. There is still bullying. Parents can call the school asking for changes and changes are never made. Students pay for parking and the superintendent holds events and makes it so that all students may not have a parking spot and forces students to go home or park illegally and get a ticket. Administration does not make situations better, they make it worse. I was not challenged in my courses. Students are often roaming the halls or playing on their phones. Teachers are often not in school, or on long leaves which makes learning difficult.
Great school system. Teachers and faculty are wonderful to be around. South Hadley has great sports teams and the school systems become very involved with the community.
My son had a wonderful experience at SHHS, from Teacher's, faculty & their athletics. So glad we chose South Hadley.
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SHHS isn't like what people say about it. Its just like any other school but since it is somewhat small it is easier to talk to people and to get to know the people in your classes.
The teachers are extremely nice! They love what they do and care about us all individually! It's small and kept well maintained. It a safe environment for everyone!
The teachers are great and are always engaging with students, even outside of class. The staff at south Hadley high school definitely make this establish unique!
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