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South Fork is like a family to me. The school provides a safe environment. helps you with any situation you have. The teacher and staff are wonderful.
The school is your typical high school. I do wish their was more emphasis on the arts and listened to its students more.
I love how the sports team I have recently join are so welcome and enjoyable to be apart of. A few things I would change would be better food and maybe add classes for just for seniors that gets us ready for college, because honestly I do not feel like I am prepared to enter the college world in fall 2020. Also the food needs to be better because most of the time that’s there only kids meals which sucks
Therefore there needs to be more food provide and the food should be better quality.
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As part of the International Baccalaureate Program at South Fork High School, I couldn't have hoped for a better public school education. I have to admit that the curriculum is very difficult and definitely threw me for a loop in my Junior year but I know that I am all the better for it. The administration and staff are fantastic, although the teachers can be hit or miss at times. . I had to knock it down a star because of the rough patch in Junior year made the overall experience a little bitter, but overall the school is a wonderful place, that I am glad that I attended.
What I like about South Fork High School is the cultural diversity. There are many students from different places. I learned many different cultures thoughout my high school years.
I'm currently a senior at south fork High school, the things I like about the school are the clubs, school culture, and administration. I really would like to see the resources of the school increase as far as preparation for college ( need to know) and scholarships that are available. also, more electives such as home economics, trades like HVAC, apprentice work, other skills for students. Administration does an excellent job with our schedules, if there's a mixup the correction is made quickly. Overall South Fork is an incredible School that you have to love, we support our bulldogs in everything, We have the best ROTC program and majors, The Drama team is on point with the plays and shows they put on for the students and staff. I'm a Bulldog and Proud of it!
South Fork High School is an excellent school. Academically, Martin County is one of the best rated counties to live in. The school offers an array of programs and extracurricular activities. The International Baccalaureate Program is a prestigious accomplishment. It is not commonly offered and South Fork is one of the few schools to have it in the area. The school is one of three in the country to have its own golf course. It is maintained by the Agricultural Program at South Fork. It also allows for a place to host cross country districts and regionals which is a tradition at South Fork. Overall, there are a vast amount of choices for students at South Fork High School. I'm proud to earn my diploma there and to be a bulldog!
I like the friends I have made and many of the teachers are very good! Alot of my favorite people are teachers at this school, I'd like to see them change a bit though in their discipline area. Many kids will get detention and after school detention for being late but those who bully kids they do nothing about. I have has rumors spread about myself and they did nothing and a kid I knew who was being physically bullied they did nothing.
The atmosphere of the school is very nice. The teachers are very welcoming and the custodial staff is very nice and friendly.
I really enjoyed participating in the IB program over the course of my 4 years at South Fork High School. It was able to supply the rigor that I was looking for in high school classes, and also created a second family for me.
My experience at South Fork Highschool was pretty decent. I am a part of the choir at South Fork and we are one of the best in the state but, the school district neglects our building's needs for safety. The academics are satisfactory because we have the opportunity to dual enroll with the state college IRSC plus we also have AP classes that can also go towards your associates degree while still being in highschool.
many memories were made freshman year even through the hard stuff , I’m getting there , the classes have been hard but it’s also gotten better and I have met great teachers that have helped me to achieve to the best of my best abilities and now that I am a senior, I am so happy to say I have made it
Caring teachers and staff. Good lunch, great programs, excellent after school activities. Various clubs to join, ran by experienced teachers. Knowledge guidance counselors who help support your future.
The IB Program was very beneficial to understanding the academic rigor within college courses. It was there where I learned how to properly write an essay, and get all my responsibilities together in order to become a well-rounded college student.
I like how the administration team like to implement "We are South Fork" but I feel like we could improve the school so it could feel more like a community. Also this school offers a variety of classes to students to get their AA's like medical, drafting, and auto. They do the best they can.
I wanna go to south fork to get into vet tech program but i'm worried i may not be accepted in because i have been suspended before no serious and referrals i'
m going to change in 8th but can people help me motivate me please my Instagram is zava_juice_ .
My student has been enrolled at South Fork for the past 2 years. It has been a good experience, but we did prefer his previous high school. That school was in a smaller, farming town. Things were simpler and more personal. There was a warmer feel with the staff. It was built around neighborhoods and many students walked to school.
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Overall, I had a decent time at South Fork and am now wrapping up my 4 years there. I had good teachers and administration who, for the most part, I believe really do care about us students. I wish they focused more on academics than sports, though. The biggest issue I had there which made my experience less of a good one is the treatment of the art department. The department isn't given much funding and the building that it's located in is pretty disgusting. I hope that they will someday give the department as much attention as they do the sports.
Smallest school in the county, IB program. Out in the middle of nowhere. Student maintained golf course.
I am currently a high school senior at South Fork high school, overall I feel like the options and quality of the education is lacking. Decent teachers who actually knew their subjects were in fact few and far between and did not help in a learnin decent teachers who actually knew their subjects were in fact few and far between This did not help in the learning process, and overall this did not help in the learning process, and overall hurt its rating.
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