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South Delta High School is a very good school. All of the teachers are very supportive of the students education. I'm a senior now because of the help from all my teachers. The school has taught me to show integrity. There is a lot of diversity throughout the school. Everybody is treated the same there is no favoritism. To sum it all up, South Delta High School has been helping me a lot throughout my life.
South Delta is a good school, but with the principle we have now...he make it hard for us. He always seems to try to keep us from being successful. Other than that the teachers teach good. But our school average is a "C"....not good.
Our Health and Safety policies at the South Delta High School is very effective and informative. The school nurses take good care of us. They give us what we need and provide us with very essential information that we need to know. Our school staff make sure this is a safe environment in order for us to learn effectively.
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At South Delta High School, There are many activities such as Band, choir, FFA, Track & Field, football, softball, baseball and basketball. These activities here at our school are very active and competitive, but mostly fun.
My overall experience at this school is great. Yes, I have some days that are hard but I push past it and keep going forward. This school teaches me how to be responsible for my own. This school also prepare me for the world. What makes this school so unique is that they care about our education. They want us to be successful in life one day. If I had a chance to come to this school again I would because this school taught me many quality lessons that were and will always be helpful to me and other students as well.
The teachers at the South Delta High School care about the education of the students. They want to prepare the students for the real world to teach them to be responsible. The teachers are getting them ready for college.
I enjoyed my years at this school.
just be yourself and people will like you for you.
Its have a great points
I love the teachers. They are so encouraging.
Not really have anything good to eat.
The staff at my school is very effective and they take action.. <3
I have earned a Associate's in Science - Business Administration degree from Everest University Online. I am also going for my bachelor's degree also. I was very prepare for college after graduating from high school because I want to see my goals and dreams come true. I was excited and on track for the real world and all the challenges that I would face in achieving my career future.
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