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South Carolina Governor's School for Science & Mathematics Reviews

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I truly really enjoy SCGSSM. The experience of living in a residential high school, seeing your peers all the time is unique on its own. The academics are rigorous and have pushed me farther than I have ever known I could be pushed. SCGSSM has definitely also provided me with lots of resources and opportunities I am ever so thankful for.
The Governor's School is challenging and vigorous, but the school prepares you for college. Students will experience grades they have never seen before, but there is always a support system behind the students when they get discouraged. It will be one of the best and worst times of the student's life.
GSSM is a school for those that want to be challenged academically. You will learn how to be a college student in a very supportive environment. My favorite thing is all the trips the school sponsors. We go to Scarowinds, ropes courses, malls, beaches, and much more. I would not change anything about GSSM because it is excellent as is. You will grow a lot emotionally and mentally and come out a better person.
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Fantastic school! The school is run like a well oiled machine. Our daughter thrives there and will graduate in 2020.
You won't find anything else like the Governor's School here in South Carolina. The opportunities you are given here are incredible: a totally paid-for summer research internship, travel abroad, a great sports program, and many chances to be involved. The faculty is dedicated and the academics challenge you, but the community is beyond supportive. There is an amazing college counseling staff as well. While you do have to pay for some extra fees like the meal plan, tuition and room/board are free and absolutely worth it. I have loved my time in Hartsville and the Governor's School.
My son graduated in 2019 and my daughter will be attending beginning fall of 2019-
I cannot say enough good things about the experience and education at this school- it is ideal for the child who is getting all As without effort in even the most rigorous academic program your current school offers - teaches the high achiever how to learn versus compete ! No ranking makes this a wonderful opportunity to create a better learner versus better test taker.
SC Governor's School for Science and Math was an exceptional school for the teachers and in-depth content that students learned as well as the experience to live away from home and live in a college atmosphere 2 years sooner. However, communication between the school and administration as well as between the school and parents is lacking.
The academics are amazing, and I love the community. There are issues, however, with pressure from faculty and administration on the students. There are lots of issues with mental health. There is also far too much emphasis on athletics which in a normal high school would be fine, but this is a school that is suppose to be centered around academics not sports.
The academic rigor at SCGSSM is high. This can be a shock for straight A students arriving from their home HS's. The application of the grading system can vary widely among teachers, even for the same subject. Be prepared to work hard and endure long hours of study.

My college counselor provided excellent guidance throughout my search. SCGSSM has opened doors for me that otherwise would have remained unknown. The administration works hard to provide a safe and nurturing environment.
When people ask me what I thought about attending GSSM, I always tell them that it was the best and worst part of my life. Leaving home two years early is difficult and the academics are no joke. For the first few months, everything was a challenge. However, I can honestly say that the people I met there and the experiences I was able to have helped me become who I am today. I made life long friends and could not be more prepared for college along with the next stages of my life. Yes the experience was a struggle, but a worth while one that has hopefully set me up for success.
Teachers are very knowledgeable and care for the students. Administration cares more about public perception than the well being of the students.
I am currently a student at GSSM. It is definitely one of the hardest schools in the state and offers many opportunities for people to grow and find their inner selves.
Advanced Courses (Modern Physics, Vertebrate Biology, Differential Equations, etc.)
Lots of friends and support: Living with 200 closes friends makes socializing a lot easier for the introverted students.
College Counselors: The three counselors we have work very hard to make sure the juniors and seniors are prepared for applications.

The disparity between teachers: Some teachers that offer the same class will give completely different rigor standards. One teacher might be very easy and the other one might drive you insane.
Food: Prisoners most likely get better food than students. Always serving rice and boiled vegetables, nothing really sustainable.
Administration: The individuals that run this school do a poor job at appropriating funds and ideas. Recently, an article came out describing how the president of the school destroyed a meeting's transcript because it criticized his performance.
I really like the rigorous course load. It really pushed me to excel it my schoolwork. It I could see any change, I would say better communication between the faculty and student body.
I like the teachers. They care about you and they want to help you do well. The food really needs improved.
If you are going to high school to be prepared for college, this is a great school. This School does heavily push application to and attendance of in state schools because honestly, it is the more affordable option. The people here are amazing and most res life staff are good. If you applying to the school for the widespread belief that it is going to get you into a better school, i would stay at a home highschool. Your grades will be better.
The South Carolina Governor's School for Science and Mathematics is a wonderful and adventurous place. As a student, you will find yourself immersed in new and baffling experiences that are life changing.
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My experience at the governors school was overall amazing, while it was full of ups and downs. The academics and teaching at GSSM is utterly fantastic, but the administration is a little lack luster. I do not regret it in the least.
This is a great school for anyone who is looking for a challenge and really wants to learn. I would recommend applying to the school no matter how confident you are about your education. I never thought I would get in or do well when if I even got in, but I was accepted, feel accepted and i love it.
My life would not have been the same if I hadn't applied for GSSM. It is an amazing school that can provide you with so many opportunities, should you choose to take them on. That being said, it is not perfect. The reality is that it is hard to get through classes because they really do push you to your limits, sometimes on purpose and others because you simply don't click with a professor's teaching style. It is immensely difficult for a public high school, but there is a reason you get accepted, and that is because the school believes in your ability to truly make something out of your time there. I had both my highest and lowest moments at this school. Even though I genuinely thought it was best to leave sometimes, I would not trade those experiences for anything in the world. GSSM teaches a lot more than just academics, with the added benefit that you have a community of peers and teachers that are there to catch you and help you should you fall.
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