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Sonora is a great high school in terms of student and teacher friendliness, high academic level, and a great variety of courses! I've really enjoyed my time learning there, as well as, getting to know the number of students who have helped me along!
So far, my experience at Sonora High School has been amazing and memorable. The teachers and staff are all very friendly, helpful, and supportive of their students. Although it lacks diversity, it is still very welcoming of all shapes, sizes, and colors. I would definitely recommend my school to any and everyone if they want your child to succeed because of the preparation for college they instill through the students using challenging AP/IB classes, a profound IB Program, and wonderful teachers.
Sonora High School is such an amazing school! I have always wanted to attend this high school and it did indeed meet my expectations. Everyone here is very kind and friendly. Teachers and staff are very helpful and understanding. Sporting events are so much fun and everyone feels at home.
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My experience at Sonora was amazing. The environment is frequently and welcoming. The staff already are helpful and friendly. The teachers are excellent at their jobs. They care for their students education and are always willing to help out their students in an way. If there had to be change in Sonora it would have to be more sitting areas for the students to sit at during break and lunch.
Sonora High School was an amazing highschool, one of the best in the district. They have many different clubs, activities and orginizations that not all other schools offer.
I had a wonderful high school experience here after transferring from another school district. I had some of the greatest, most caring teachers who actually wanted me to succeed. Many students were friendly and made me feel at home. On top of that, the school has a ton of school spirit which gives off an overall positive vibe. I loved this school and I wish I could go back.
Sonora is very unique and unlike other high schools. Sonora's faculty is amazing, they are known to make personal connections and help students one on one. I would love to see 2 changes. Although some teachers are amazing personally, they are not the best at teaching. I would really like to see teachers who can help students get ready for college (normal classes not IB courses). Another is the facility. The facility is very old. But they started by renovating the theater and building a brand new gym. But they definitely need to renovate the rest of the school. I am overall so glad I chose Sonora for my High School.
Sonora High school, an incredibly social and involved school that continues daily to achieve greatness for the students, especially the amazing and talented teachers.
The school had an amazing staff who made me feel welcome. They are always continuing to improve the school and creating new programs. The fact that the school is indoors was the cherry on top for me.
All of the faculty and staff members were productive and happily involved with the student's education. I had many great teachers that I've learn valuable life lessons from and will never forget.
Im going to be honest. Throughout my time in high school It has been nothing but a great experience with my education however a travesty with social encounters. As any time in high school would be. However the great part that it was an indoor school. Hot outside no problem stay inside where its cool and not to crazy hot. The students where really well grounded and super supportive here and there. the student activities where amazingly fun. Shockingly however there was very little funding for better dance experiences and for students to really get involved with raising money such as car wash ext. That was my one regret not being able to be more involved in the school. Helping it grow rather than stay short and give some of a lacky experience for the most memorable times in high school.
The main focus are grades rather than sports. Teachers still took sporting events into consideration when they thought about assignment deadlines and the majority of teachers would stay in their class after school or at break and lunch for extra help. However, I’ve attended the school for three years and I’m still unaware of some of the staff and program at Sonora that may aid me with college and such.
Although an experience at Sonora is like an ordinary experience, there are changes that can be made to make the school better.
I love the faculty and staff, especially the teachers. They are all helpful and donate their free Time to assist us in what ever we need help with.
Sonora creates a family due to the physical structure of the school. The principal is very much involved and will do anything to improve student life. The teachers push students to their limits because they see the potential in them.
Sonora High School was good when it came to academics, having both IB and AP classes available, which help prepare for college; however, regular classes do not do that so much. Some teachers were very helpful and dedicated to their students.
Sonora has a fairly diverse student body and lots of programs that other schools do not have such as Medical Careers, IB classes, and FFA. Overall it is a good high school and a student can easily succeed here if they push themselves.
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This is a great school. I have been blessed with great teacher. They actually care about the students. My counselor is always available and he is thoughtful and offers great advice. Dr. Bailey is an awesome principal.
At Sonora High School, I was active in sports while also staying on top of my honors and AP classes. Most of my teachers were very accommodating when I needed to miss class to attend a meet (I was in Cross Country and Track). However, this school seems to lack a large number of teachers that seem to be invested in helping their students succeed in their regular classes. Overall, I found that most of my AP and honors teachers tried to help us do well, however, some of the teachers I had for regular classes seemed not to care as much about our success.
I really enjoyed being a part of sports at Sonora. I made lots of friends and memories as a member of the Cross Country team and the Track and Field team. However, Sonora ASB seems to only care about two or three sports in particular during the year. All in all, if you are interested in sports, I recommend joining a team, but don't expect school support if you aren't in basketball or football.
Sonora Highschool not only wants the best for their students but makes sure they achieve and receive the best while at school. They want us to be prepared for what life after high school has in store for us. They will stop at nothing to make sure we are safe and college ready.
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