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Somerset Academy Canyons High School Reviews

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The academics are excellent and wide-ranged, preparing students for college. There are business and medical programs, preparing those who wish to study those fields.
From day one when I started 6th grade and now through 11th, I am impressed with how this school handles its academics and students. I feel the teachers motivate me to excel, I can reach out to them anytime with questions or concerns, and overall, the school is a safe environment. It is also a small school with less students compared to a public school that have 3000 students or more.
Overall the school is pretty good. The history and elective department are stellar, while the math, science and reading department are underwhelming. Some teachers are nice and helpful while others are not.
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What o liked about Somerset was the times I had with my friends. Sometimes I would have problems with the teachers, but that happens at every school.
It was a good school but still a lot to work on. There are a select few teachers that are amazing and they do put in the extra mile to ensure their students succeed but those are the only teachers. The school has an issue with teachers coming and leave, like in 11th grade I had three different teachers in a single year. I also think the administration could be less strict with the students and the school is in desperate need of new guidance counselors. But in the end, I did receive a decent education and the select few teachers did help me become the person I am today and they taught me to have confidence in myself. Without those few teachers, there would be no school.
Most of the staff including administration and teachers value the education of each student. The high school is fairly small compared to other high schools that contain a population of 3000. In my class of 2020, there were only 172 students which allowed for teachers to provide more time and effort to each student. There were "strict" rules but it was with the intention of putting the students' education as top priority.
The staff and administration are such loving, caring people. Without the motivation and support from the elders here, I would have not passed.
My overall experience was average it was that poor school or a great school. I made a lot of friends but some kids was really attention seeking and the administration was terrible
Somerset academy high school is an excellent choice for college readiness. The school has pushed me very hard because I have came from the deep bottom where school was really all I had the teachers have pushed me to be my greatest when dealing with grades and what I want to be successful in. The things I might change is dress code because I feel as if every student should be able express their feeling through clothes that they might wear and like.
I have been apart of the Somerset family for a long time, starting in its middle school since 6th grade and now going to continue and finish there in 12th grade. I have experienced the best and the worst. Some things I would like to point out are some of the great teachers working there. They are well prepared in teaching students and know how to deal with the class properly, making them highly respected people in the school. However, there are things they should improve on such as listening to students' opinions. As every high school has bad teachers, listening to students about such teachers should be a key factor to better the school and the student's education. Administration simply ignores the students, even with proof, of the bad teachings from teachers and ultimately it becomes too late to remove these teachers, making students go through a school year full of bad education. All in all, schools' over time will improve.
The staff and teachers are usually decent but what makes this school sub-par is the administration. The administration at Somerset Academy Canyons High School dont really listen to anyone from the students to the teachers themselves. They also dont inform anyone when school event are until the day before, (causes a lot of miscommunication for everyone). The administration dont treat the students as people and dont show any signs of respect but want that respect in return. The only punishment they seem to know for even the smallest act is a multiple day suspension.
As a student who has been at Somerset since the day it opened, I have seen this school grow from the ground up (literally). I believe Somerset has given me opportunities that I wouldn’t be able to get at local public schools in my area. My graduating class about 180 students, which is probably a quarter of a public schools. Being that my class is smaller, my relationships with my teachers, faculty, and administration is very close. Some things that I wish would change would be more school spirit and class involvement. I believe we lack this because “we’re not like other schools”. To change this mentality I wish administration to be more open to the idea of having more school events and having a community not only within the school outside as well.
Somerset is a school that provides great academic opportunities in a small environment. While some people say that it is better to be in a large environment to have a "high school experience", it is nice to be at a school where administration knows you at a personal level. The medical academy is amazing, helping students discover their passion for medicine and ensuring they will be prepared to enter the medical field. My only complaint about the school would be that administration can turn a blind eye to certain issues and focus on things that are not as important, such as uniform.
I love the teachers for the history department, such as Mr. Piazza, and the learning experience alike. I don’t care for the amount of AICE classes and hope to get more interesting ones that people are intrigued to take. Currently there is one class that is interesting, which is AICE Travel and Tourism. I love the business academy, that is run by one of the greatest teachers there, Mr. Symonds.
Overall the school gave me a really good experience. The amount of advanced, Aice and AP classes you can take is really high, besides all the councelors always encouraging and guiding students to get the AICE diploma and the Bright Futures scholarship. They offer a lot of extracurricular oportunities, like teams and clubs, I did Cross Country and Track, and I couldn't say more about the team or coaches rather tham it is pure dedication. Even though I was not personally involved, I heard that their business and medical program also offered many other oportunities for the students. If I could say change something about it, I would get more councelors for the students, I remember watching students lacking information and needing help sometimes because the councelor they where talking to didn't help them as much because they where already busy with other responsabilities. But overall, the teachers and the staff take education very seriously.
This school has the best teachers out there. The amount of Aice and AP classes provides a great opportunity for the students and a wide variety of course selection. This school is very academically-driven and aims to help every student.
The people over there are extremely friendly, very diverse; caring teachers and very spacious. The people there are very social and encouraging. The athletes over there are incredible. Teachers are the best.
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Somerset is a great school although it is relatively new. There are some kinks that should be worked out, as with any new thing, such as communication between staff and students, and for the staff to have a better understanding of the students. Because the school is so small and not necessarily government run, they have the potential to make high school, a period of time that is not enjoyed by many, so much better than it would be at a regular public school, but time and time again that opportunity is passed up by administration. Other than that, most of the student body is respectful and determined to perform well and most teachers put their best foot forward in teaching.
Somerset Canyons is the greatest charter school that I have ever seen and have been to because it has great teachers that teach very well, a variety of classes to choose, has many programs such as IB, AICE, AP, and Dual enrollment offered to the students who attend there. I have already achieved many certifications in the business and medical programs and have passed several AICE and AP exams . I’m glad SAC offers these classes because this really helps me with college, this is why I rate this school 5/5.
My experience here varied. it went from me not liking the school at all to me loving it. The food isn’t great but it used to be. A lot of factors have changed within the past few years. i am a senior and from the few years being there, there has been lows and highs. for example our school spirit is higher then ever now. The amount of school activity im general had gone up. Discipline has gone down. We wear uniforms and now there are less infractions from it. School attendance has gone up also. Our school started as a low but made a huge uphill. I am happy to be ending my high school experience with this school.
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