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This was a typical small town school filled with mostly charming educators. Maybe not the best quality teaching or programs, but a small enough student body that it was manageable. I would have liked to see more of a focus on diversity and bullying. I was never bullied, but as an adult i have come to the realization that there was a lot of bullying in my high school
Soldotna Highschool is a good school with plenty of opportunities inside and out of school. Amazing classes including honors and AP classes. Also has great sports programs for after school including hockey, baseball, softball and football.
I enjoyed my high school experience so far at Soldotna High School. There are only a few teachers in our school that the majority of the students don't care for.
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The main reason I enjoyed Soldotna High School was the ability for me to work full time and have the ability to be more independent by connecting with the teachers for work that I could do before it was assigned. They cater to athletes who have hectic schedules by giving them work and more time to complete the assignments.
My teachers were very hands on and wanted to help you succeed. The administration want to make it a happy environment where the kids will want to learn. One of the very few areas the school was lacking in was discipline. There were a few occasions where further discipline would have benefitted the kids in trouble. However, the school has given me the opportunity to grow as a student and person, and helped me get a jumpstart on my college education.
My overall experience at Soldotna High School overall was pretty great. I started going to Soldotna in August and on my first day everyone was surprisingly really nice and helped me get to my right classes. Although, due to the lack of observation from the teachers many students have been doing drugs at school. Whether it be vaping in class/the bathroom or smoking weed on school property. It is very disappointing to me that the teachers at the school don't pay enough attention or just choose not to say anything.
My experience at Soldotna High School was nothing special and I know there are other schools out there that are much better. It had some good aspects like the sports teams that I was able to be apart of and there was also a select few teachers that I have grown close with and have really helped me throughout my high school career. Though, I think the school could make many changes. As I am apart of the Student Council, I get a better look at what is going on throughout the school. I have grown to realize that our administration does not take the time to review the problems we have presented to them in order to help the school. This creates many difficulties as we are just trying to help make our school better. Another problem I have noticed from seeing the point of view of a normal student and being a member of student council is that the student council sees themselves as superior. This intimidates the rest of the student body when it comes to making a difference in the school.
Soldotna High School does not have good administration. Girls are made to be objects that distract boys. The vice principal dismisses a girls need for education, and only cares for boys education.
Definitely not the high school I wished for. The teachers here are awesome and I've definitely learned a lot. However, the students here are definitely ostracizing. There exists a ridiculous hierarchy within these small-minded people. Thank god I'm graduating in three weeks.
I've enjoyed this last year at Soldotna High School. I came here as a new student in the fall of 2017. I have formed many relationships with teachers and students. Mr Walton has not only taught me writing skills, but also life skills. He teaches you about things that a textbook could never demonstrate. Most of the teachers in this school are really excellent teachers. I feel as though I got a good education here, and I feel more than prepared to start college this fall. I do think that the school could work on communication between the teachers and students. I feel safe when I come to school, and while we live in a dangerous world, I think that our school would be prepared for the worst. Overall this school is wonderful.
The teachers care about each an every student and encourage you to push yourself to be the best you can be!!
Some of the teachers are very helpful in getting you to understand the content they are teaching, but others make it more of an independent class load. This type of environment can go either way for an individual student, but I guess it works for me. The downside to this school is the students who attend. They can be quite cruel.
I liked the teachers I had and the sports were very good due to traveling and being able to have experiences on the team with other people. Overall though, the school isn't a very nice place to be due the atmosphere which feels stressed and very unhappy. I don't like how we go to school with frowns and that there's not a lot to do at the school such as assemblies and such. I wish we had more school spirit and I also wish more creative electives were offered. I feel like creativity isn't very celebrated at Soldotna High School. I also wish they were more willing to help involve the students in the community and service.
As a fairly new student to Soldotna, I haven't experienced the school for long. However, in this short time, the teachers, faculty, and students have made a lasting impact on my life and education. I am disappointed I will only be able to spend two years here (I moved to the school at the start of my junior year) but am ecstatic to hear about other students' experiences. I would love to see more student involvement and enthusiasm. While the moral is much better than at other schools, this aspect could always need improvement. I would also like to see teachers help students develop study skills they will need in college. Students write papers the night before the due date, cram study right before a test, and most barely know how to properly take notes. In order for success in college, it is vital that we have these skills. Overall, Soldotna High School is an upstanding school, and I personally consider it to be one of the best in our district, and perhaps in our state.
SoHi was a good school for me academically, extracurricularly, and sports-wise. I had a good, well rounded academic experience. The teachers were phenomenal, I never had any problems with them.
I think Soldotna High School is awesome. It has great teachers, it's centrally located, and everyone is super friendly. I loved my time here and am sad to be going, leaving all my wonderful friends.
I am senior at Soldotna high school, We are apart of the Kenai Peninsula Borough school District, in Alaska. Our diversity is huge being most of my classmates have came from all over the united states. Our school year begins in August and is completed around the 24th of May. The football (sports) season is fast and can be very brutal with weather changes. We have often played during the snow fall. The view with the mountains, (our surrounding) are spectacular. We are constantly changing clothes for the weather. We are limited to activities during the winter season, therefore most of the activities are held in doors, for our safety. Recently our resources have been limited due to all the budget cuts. Over the past few years a few of the teachers have retired, or have move on. Either way I have done my time an I am looking forwards to my next chapter in life, college.
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Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
Soldotna is a cold and tiny town that has little opportunity.
I love that Soldotna Highschool is so into sports. Our football team is known because we have not lost a game since 2012 which is 5 years. Our sports teams are very dedicated.
One of our teachers was awarded #1 Educator of 2016 in Alaska. We have one of the best special education programs in the state. We offer several AP and honors courses. We have some very good teachers. It is in a fairly small town, without much crime.
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