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Sojourner Truth Independent Study Reviews

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Sojourner truth independent study is a public school that offers a second chance for individuals that want to pursue a higher education but with a different learning environment. Honestly, I never knew about this public school until I was trying to find another school to fit in with. It wasn’t a new feeling, but it felt weird. It’s a new school, new people. However, the staff was welcoming and accepting of students that messed up or wanted to study/learn by themselves. The school is limited in resources, which is understandable. I feel the school needs more recognition and respect because the school excels with what it has and it can propel to further success if the school got a positive reputation rather than a negative one. Thank you for giving me this opportunity for applying to this scholarship.
Great school environment and the teachers were like family. We learned material easily with the help of the teachers. The school would also provide breakfast or lunch for the students out their own pocket which made us feel more like family.
I started this high school in this year of 2016, so far i like it a lot. Its a very good informative school. they give you a lot of attention when it comes to applying a college or resumes or anything with jobs and college. The staff helps out a lot and if you want an internship, they will look it for you. They are very informative with college and talk about it a lot.
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We only have a basketball, soccer, and cheerleading team. The basketball team gets more support financially and there aren't very many people on the cheerleading team.
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