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I loved my high school experience. I was in the Health Professions Academy, I had the most amazing teachers there who really taught me a lot about the medical field. I learned terms, anatomy, skills, etc. I had the most amazing piano teacher ever, shoutout to Mr. Avila, he taught me everything I needed to become a very talented pianist. I would absolutely send my future children to Socorro High School. Most of the students were really welcoming and nice, I especially loved that since I had to transfer because I did not live in the area. The amount of school spirit the students have is amazing. The student section was the most amazing and most memorable part of my high school journey. I am really going to miss it when I graduate. Plus, they're remodeling the entire school! I can not wait to see the finished product of my beloved school.
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It might not be the ideal, or the perfect school, but it is perfect to be humble and learn from your past mstakes.
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The HPA program at Socorro was one of the best experience I have had when it comes to my academic career. It taught me to be dependable and a more experienced leader. the Faculty and staff where always looking out for the best interest of the students and connect with them on a personal level.
Socorro High School offered various opportunities to us students for enjoyable 4 years. In my time, we had a caring principle that encouraged us to give our best and to never give up.
In all honesty I would not have picked any other school although yes it does have its down side I love this school and the people who surround it.
What I liked about Socorro high school i show much diversity is found there, not only with its students but with the different endorsements that are there as well. I myself am in the Health Professions Academy--HPA-- which helps guide students to their desired career in the medical field. Other endorsements consist of fire technology, cosmetology, culinary arts, and early college. One thing I would be able to change is the amount of opportunity for less fortunate students and allow for them to get more help so they could soon one day get their desired job in life.
I have been in Socorro High School since my sophomore year, there is multiple things I like from this school. One of them is how Caring and Respectful teachers, and students are respecting Hispanic culture. I am myself Mexican American and I have felt understood and supported by my School to become better each and everyday. I also like the library, which is one of the largest I have ever seen, and the Book club. I think what makes our High School so special is Racism can be found through our country, but here where you come from doesn’t affect how far you can go. However, if I could change something I would create more clubs, have more access to information and tutors since being a new kid was really hard. I believe if I had someone to help me understand how High School worked it would have been a little bit better. Despite saying this I am proud of being a Socorro bulldog and would totally recommend this school.
I think my time at this high school was amazing, because the educators that guided us where so aware about us on everything, they really wanted to best for all of us and ill never forget their dedication to keep us above water all four years.
I enjoyed my high school experience very much here. It is a school that is very cultural and something interesting is always going on.
Everything was great the Teachers the students everything. I am happy with being there and I feel that I learned enough there to get by in my life. The only thing that was bad was sports since we weren't really good at anything except baseball and soccer.
This is a very welcoming and successful community. I made many friends and was able to meet many amazing people. All the teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand. You will never feel alone on this campus.
It has treated me well. I have been attending this school all four years and I loved my experiences.
Pretty average high school. Made a lot of good memories and got a good education out of it. I was really helped with college admission and college readiness. It was a great environment and I didn't have any major problems.
I really like how to teach in Socorro High School because the teachers always search for a new form to do it, some days are in a fun form and other days are in a formal form. The unique thing what I really like to change in school is the time to lunch.
Socorro Highschool was like a home to me throughout my four years my experience at Socorro was amazing I got to build new friendships and memories. Going to Socorro showed me that it doesn't mater who has more or who has less we are all the same. Being at Socorro helped me value where I am from many times are school was called the "ghetto" the "poor" but no one really saw how everyone got along and stood up for each other. my best memories where in HPA and HOSA competition as well as on the softball field going to playoffs and making history. Socorro was one of the best things to ever happen to me .
i like how the teachers care about you. Something that i would like to have the school change is safety towards the kids.
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My experience at this school for the past 3 years has been great! I was maintaining my grades B's and above as well as to balance my athletic life. I was apart of the Cross Country/Track team for a little over a year now. This school lacks money for a better school with newer foundations.I would like for math teachers to be more well-prepared and using more online tools .
Socorro High School is a friendly high school that also has an Early College Program. Socorro High School has Health Professions Academy, Fire Tech, and many more career choices to pick from. There are the fine arts such as Band, Orchestra, and Mariachi.
I love Socorro High school . Socorro is a place that the people are humble and you always feel welcomed and not like an outcast.
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