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Snow Canyon Middle School Reviews

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What I love about Snow Canyon Middle School is that there is a lot of opportunity to become involved at the school. From Student Council to NJHS to Color Guard there is lots of clubs that you can be a part of. There is also opportunity to be in rigorous honors classes and to stretch yourself academically. However, there is swearing every time you go into the hallways. Though teachers try to stop it, it may just be an inevitable part of middle school. I also feel they could enlarge their Fine Arts program, which they are working on and expanding a little more every year, but I would like to see more. Other than that, Snow Canyon is a great school!
I hated this school when I was there. The teachers were fine, but the students were horrible to anyone who wasn't LDS. I was bullied for being openly gay and also speaking my mind politically. There's a teacher who proudly displays a confederate flag. The building leaks when it rains and also hasn't been renovated in god knows how long. The councilors did nothing to help me when I went to them and the assistant principle were bullies.
I do not like this school at all. The teachers are rude and like to make fun of students, the people who go here bully others, the school is so cheap that they haven't remodeled it since it was built over thirty years ago. No one enjoys this school and I can't wait to leave. Some one tried to attack me during lunch once and there were no teachers who would help they just stood there.
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its just like most cafeteria food. It's the same pretty much every week and it's not anything special either. I think the biggest concern is the fact that it's not very healthy and most kids don't realize it either.
I think this school has an amazing staff. The facility itself isn't it too bad of shape either!
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