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Imagine sitting in the bathroom not knowing what to do as your monthly female cycle has started. It’s gone through your pants and you don’t have access to your phone with no other students in sight. Panic sets in. Just then a teacher comes in and without question goes above and beyond to figure out a change of clothes and helps you avoid complete embarrassment with your other classmates. Many of our teachers would go above and beyond for our students and I’m glad to call Smithville High School my school!
I graduated Smithville this year (2019) and my freshman and sophomore years had excellent teachers and staff, but I watched them all disappear one by one over the last couple of years. It's really disappointing to see this district unable to keep such incredible teachers while still boasting to be one of the best districts in the state. I feel my education in Smithville prepared me for college, but I think the faculty and student culture needs some serious improvement.
There are a few awesome teachers, even though some of the best ones left to go to other schools. Diversity is non existent. Free thought and individuality are discouraged. Sports take priority over everything else, even academics. Most of my friends who have started college say that even though they got good grades here, they weren't prepared for college and struggle. If I had kids I wouldn't want them to go there, but maybe things will get better
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I think that it's a pretty tame school, but there isn't a lot of diversity and the school counselors don't help anyone. I think the administrators are disconnected from the students and their wants. But I do think that the teachers are overall really good and know a lot about what they teach.
I was prepared for college with the courses that I took. At the time I was there just a few years ago, improvement in the science department was needed. Many colleges courses that I took in high school allowed me to skip some the college mandatory courses. I played softball my freshman year, but felt shunned by other teammates because I didn’t belong to a competitive club team prior to making the team. I had a good experience being involved in theater performance.
My experience is pretty good. I don't really see anything wrong with Smithville. The academics are great and I feel prepared for college. The only thing is I don't think our counselors prepared us though. I had to do it by myself. They don't help us with scholarships and college decisions. It's a small school so that shouldn't be hard. It's also a primarily a white school.
The school spirit is so advanced! Everyone really enjoys the school, and everyone says we are like no other. Our sports teams are really advanced and we are all so supportive of each other! There are some problems, but over all it's a great school.
At Smithville High School, I have always felt included in every sport, every school function, and the community. Moving here early in my life, I didn't expect to be included in the assemblies and the workings of establishing new friendships as well as I did. The school, and the community, treated me like I never moved her, but someone who has been here their whole life. We have had many improvements and have recently expanded our school, and that has been a fun and indulging activity that students get to participate in, which is planning and preparing for the new, and improved, upcoming school year. Some things that Smithville tends to gain in the next couple of years, is being more active in the community projects and extra community service. Cleaning up our highways, helping out at our downtown Senior Home, or even continuing traditions of our downtown barbecues, could be a big project to get out school more active and more involved with our- and others- communities.
I liked the teachers and the overall community atmosphere. The student body is fairly close because of the small town feel of the community. Wish there was a wider variety of classes offered.
I would like to see a change in the dress code because women couldn't even wear athletic shorts without being told to change. For tall women with long legs their dress code makes it limited to what we can wear.
For a fairly small and growing school, Smithville did a good job overall in academics and facilities. Of course, there were many things that could be improved, such as teacher organization or student discipline.
Smithville High School wasn't a bad experience by no means. I gave it a 3/5 stars for many different reasons. Pros: its a small town (I personally enjoy it more), the teachers cared about their work, and I felt safe. Cons: minimal diversity, a small variety of AP and dual credit courses, and it didn't do the best to prepare me for college. I wouldn't change the high school I went to. It wasn't a top notch school, but it taught me a lot and I enjoyed my 4 years, and I'm a proud warrior.
I moved to Smithville because of the academics.
Although there they may not be as much diversity here as other schools, all students are included and the student council and the teachers do a great job at creating a culture that's always upbeat, from pep rallies in the morning to other fun events throughout the day.
Athletics are some of the best in the KC metro area and band, robotics, and theater always have the resources they need to be successful, among other extracurricular activities.
Most parents are always looking to help students succeed and always have great attendance numbers at athletic and activity events. They go above and beyond to help us get the resources we need.
All teachers are very caring and very committed to their job. They are available outside of class and are looking to helping students in need.
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There are so many different clubs from art club to science club. All of the clubs are great and there is good support for those clubs. Most of the members do a good job at being at all the meetings for that club. There are a few clubs that we could add on if we wanted to.
This school is just like the town, small and friendly. Pretty much everyone would talk to each other or know of everyone in the same class. Everyone was always willing to help someone out. My favorite experiences were homecoming and football games. The whole town would get together for the homecoming parade then the football game. Everyone was involved and it was everyone's favorite. I would choose this school again if I could do it over because all the teachers were very helpful and most everyone was friendly. The school itself is much of a community just like the real community. The students would try their best to make things fun, even learning. I don't have any regrets going to Smithville High School.
The teachers in this school are very knowledgeable with what they teach and very good at communicating with students. Most teachers really do care for the student and not just about their grades. The teachers are as helpful as they can be to each student who is struggling to see them succeed. Every teacher does their best to teach the students everything they can so they can understand and get to where they need to be.
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