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This school is actually trash and the teachers too. The rules are stupid, for example you can’t hug anyone or touch anyone. They always send emails for the dumbest reasons for example, I forgot to pay some cents to the cafeteria. My parents pays thousands of dollars for the school and they are complaining over a FEW cents? We don’t have dress downs anymore, the field sucks, the gym sucks, and there isn’t enough room for people to practice sports. They want everything to be Godly so we can’t even have some fun music to play especially at proms or homecomings. Teachers are unfair and the whole administration is unfair.
I really enjoyed the relationships with the teachers at SCS. I keep coming back to the school even after I graduated because of the strong relationships with the teachers.
I have been here since first grade and it is by far not only a school but a home. It has taught me many valuable lessons for life. I love the fact that at SCS we can rely on our teachers for any advice. One of the teachers that I have relied on has been Mr.Winant. I have known him since 9th grade and he has been a big help with schoolwork and any problems I needed help with. He is a one of my role models because he teaches me Marine Biology and it has become one of my favorite classes. He has influenced me to learn more about oceanic animals and how we can help save them before they become extinct. Overall I love that I can call this place Home.
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What I like about this school is that it is very diverse and we are all about showing each other the love of God in all that we do.
The environment is so good and you can always talk to a teacher one on one if you're having personal issues or school related questions and they will always listen no matter what.
SCS used to be a really good school, but over the past few years it's been going down the drain. I have a feeling in 10 years or less, the school will be closed down for good if the administration is still keeping their strict rules. Some of the teachers don't use their power as they're supposed. For example, some teachers just hand out detentions for very unusual reasons or some for just the fun of it. If the administration let the kids have more freedom and more dress downs and less strict rules, I feel like the school would get more students to apply for the school.
I love going to my school. I have made some of my greatest friends in this uplifting supportive community. The teachers treat the students as their own children and they care about how well we do academically.
Overall, I have had a great experience at Smithtown Christian School. The staff is very involved in every students life they care for all of us and really want to see each and everyone of us succeed. Although we may have limited funding in certain departments this school has taught me to persevere through those disadvantages and still come out in success, and never letting those “limitations” actually limit me. Smithtown Christian School has taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to.
It's a great school. The atmosphere is safe and fun. The teachers are kind and caring. A couple of problems I had were that their academics are low compared to other schools, and I feel like there aren't very many opportunities for college planning.
This is an extremely UNPROFESSIONAL, UNETHICAL, and MONEY-HUNGRY HYPOCRITICAL school. From the various perspectives of MANY students, parents and teachers, this school has gone down the drain. Ever since they had replaced and changed the administration in 2014, there has been nothing but negative to say. They have fired some of the most spiritually impactful staff, held pay checks for months from workers and will NOT hesitate to expel/suspend students. Love and grace is not something they reflect. Do not let the christian name in their title fool you. Anyone who has said the school is great most-likely graduated before 2014. If you love your child you would not even consider sending him/her to a school like this.
Smithtown Christian School is the top tier of private schools, not just on Long Island but across the United States. Through this school students can build an education that is surrounded by a Biblical Worldview without avoiding topics that are relevant to today's culture and society. This school equips students to go into the world and be examples of Christ's love towards one another!

I would recommend this amazing school to anyone interested in private education through all grade levels!
Great environment to work, pleasant staff and faculty. Welcoming, loving and supportive. Having come from a public school, the kids are a pure joy, still kids but a passion for God and a desire to change the world. I am excited to go to work everyday and see what they bring to the table. : )
Smithtown Christian School is a wonderful place that is a God-centered welcoming environment. The academics are exceptional and the spiritual atmosphere is extremely encouraging. The teachers are phenomenal and the students are kind and caring. Anyone who is looking for a Christian school on Long Island will not be disappointed by SCS!
Smithtown Christian School is an amazing environment to have your children learn in. There is something just so special about knowing that your kids are learning in an environment where they are surrounded by teachers and faculty who will not only teach them with excellence but also pray for them and give them godly counsel when they need it. I highly recommend this school! Incredible environment and loving teachers, faculty, and students!
My family has been and continues to be very blessed at Smithtown Christian School.
The academics is very good, Christian faith is strongly supported, and the Administration, Faculty, and Staff are extremely dedicated.
As a parent of a Middle Schooler and a recent Graduate Valedictorian, I highly recommend Smithtown Christian School for preparedness not only for college, but for life in the world with a strong Christian foundation.
Very friendly! Well informed. Always looking to grow and develop the curriculum. Good class sizes. Great Christian environment. Service learning in every grade level.
The faculty and staff at SCS are fully committed to students and teaching well and do an amazing job. I am amazed at the relationships developed between students and teachers and how that impacts learning and the overall school picture. This is an amazing place to work and learn!
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SCS is a place where students are taught to make a difference in the world for Christ. At SCS, students are encouraged to grow into lifelong learners and to strive for excellence in all they do. There is a strong support system for struggling students, and those who are academically gifted are challenged to achieve to their very best abilities. The teachers at this school truly care about their students and about reaching each and every one of them. They are teaching at SCS because they love this school and its students. The administration are also extremely committed to the school and to its student body and the families who send their children here. They work to constantly improve the school's programs and to keep expanding the impact SCS has in the surrounding community. SCS is a place where not only are students challenged and assisted to learn and grow academically, but also to grow in their walk with God and in positive and uplifting relationships with their peers.
We love SCS and the impact it's had on our daughters spiritually and academically. The uncompromising Christian values create a loving and safe enviornment. The teachers use their Christian world-view to help shape the students while providing them with a solid education and prepping them for the future. While the extracurriculars and sports are somewhat limited, the relatively small school size gives students a chance to participate in what is offered without the competition they'd face in a larger school. And, SCS offers unique ministry related extracurricular activities like the drama team and missions trips which are incredibaly valuable for future Christian leaders. We are excited about the new STEM initiative and our girls have especially enjoyed the J-Term activites held in the middle of the year. Having our girls go to SCS is one of the best things we've done for our family.
After student teaching at SCS from 2010-2013, I knew I wanted to be a part of this incredible team. I am eternally grateful that God provided the open door for me to join. I am now entering my third year teaching at SCS. I worked at two other Christian schools previously and there is NO other school quite like SCS. SCS emphasizes Christian character alongside high educational values. It is an honor to be a part of this team.