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Very academic place and a great school. Great teachers, offer tons of AP classes and meet diverse friends.
What I like about skyline is that They haves a lot of programs for students to join. Some thing that I will like them to change or for them to do is to give the kids that are in the magnet program a laptop.
Skyline High School has amazing clusters and very great magnet program. The students are like any other students, but the behavior is very poor. Students don’t listen to teachers no matter what methods the teachers and administrators take. Yet, what I do like about Skyline is my cluster, culinary arts. The program trains us to become great chefs and our work is food. We get to eat what we make and we learn from our mistakes. Skyline is good school, but could do better.
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There are many activities, sports, and clubs. People are really nice, maybe a little competitive. School events are mostly student led. The thing that can change is probably spend less money on football.
Skyline High School was a very diverse and overly crowded school. Although it had its flaws of over crowdedness, the people you are surrounded with are very intriguing and interesting people to meet. Everyday you see new faces and that's what made my experience last. However, I do wish the teachers were more focused and gave more rigorous work to better prepare us for college.
The thing I love about Skyline is the people. I am a whites female. The Skyline population is a make up of primarily African American and Hispanic. Being a white person, I do not experience discrimination due to my color. I do not experience oppression or injustices because I am white (I have experienced oppression and injustice because I am a female, but that is a different story). Skyline has been a place that has exposed me to racial injustice, and what that looks like in our world. Many friends have shared stories with me about the injustices they have faced. Through many conversations with people at Skyline, I have been made more aware of how privileged I am. I am so thankful to have attended Skyline High School and I believe I would have not gotten this type of exposure to the racial injustices in our world, if I weren’t at Skyline.
I like the variety of students and different magnet programs. Skyline has a variety of over 20 different programs from transportation to studies like advanced science and math clusters, or what Im in, like the culinary cluster where spend two periods to learn what I enjoy.
There is a lot of opportunities for you in academics and sports. We have very good programs that help you start your path towards your career.
I like that there many academic opportunities at Skyline.We have many career ready programs for example the NAF Academies.We have five NAF academies, Engineering ,Finance, Health Science ,Hospitality & Tourism and, Information Technology. In our Career Development Center their is nineteen clusters.In each cluster and academy students prepare for their life after high school.Our school has twenty-seven extracurricular activities . Principal Lombardi allows our school to create our own clubs. The school environment is always vibrant and peaceful.There is never a time our school is not decorated. We love to display our excellence. Overall Skyline High School is a lovely school.
Great Teachers and Amazing Staff, Amazing learning experience, I've learned so much over these past 4 years, Especially in Graphic Design. This school is programmed to help you get ready for the future and helps you grow both academically and mentally, The Principle has done so much to change this school for the better, and i believe in this short time that shes been here, she has done so much good.
I love skyline high school. Most of the teacher are amazing and love their job. Sometimes the hallways can be a little crowded which can cause fights and arguments between the students. Having close to 5,000 kids in one school can be a big problem at times,but with the help of my beautiful principle and the administration everything works out in the end.
I liked the unique magnet program part of Skyline High School. Enrolling in the school's magnet program allows the students to proceed further in their future career by having experience in that area compared to other schools.
Skyline high school is an educational institution with various options for students of all backgrounds, interests and social groups. I love this factor the most about the school because it makes you feel like you can fit in no matter where you go in the school. "No student left behind"; that is the slogan here at Skyline, and I feel it is no where better exemplified than at Skyline. The school itself has a very warm vibe about it. The teachers care about their students, the students are engaged with teachers as well as the activities around the school and it helps students mature into very successful adults.
I liked that it's a big school and they prepare you for your future whether you're going to college, military, or work force.
Some teachers at Skyline High School really care about their students and their academics as well. In fact, I'm in college now and one of my high school teachers still keeps in contact with me and is helping me do well in college. I think the main thing I would change about Skyline would be their ability to prepare you for college. For instance, I would loved to have known about dual credit classes sooner and that I could have been obtaining college credit while still in high school by attending a community college.
I like there's diversity at Skyline, I wish some things would go back to the way they were when Mr. Wright was principal. There's no school spirit anymore.
What I like about Skyline High School is the academies they have. For example the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism were they can give you internships were they actually pay you! I would like it to have more safety
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My experience in this high school has been good. most teachers are very good at what they do. If you are a student that knows what you are here for and do what you have to do, this school is good for you. we have allot of programs in which you will get to expand and become you. I was in JROTC for my 4 years of high school and i highly recommend others to join. They teach you about leadership, have you fit, there is allot of challenge etc. we also have internships in nursing, mechanics, teaching. If you want a school that will challenge you this is the one.
The campus pushes to create an environment where students can specialize in their occupation of choice, but lacks the structure to do so.
I like how teachers communicate with students its easy to understand them but a change i would like to see is more video/technology teaching i feel like students will learn better that way
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