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It is an amazing high school. The Academics are outstanding and are wonderful to be apart of. One thing I would want change is letting the incoming freshman know more about the different clubs, Magnet programs, and academic programs.
Overall an awesome school and experience. The fact that the school is really big is both good and bad because you're always meeting new people however, it can be hard to find your friends .
There’s a lot of fights at skyline and the teachers don’t even teach at times. The food is nasty and most of the time served cold.
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I been attending at skyline High School for almost 4 years and I can say it’s been a great experience. The activities they offer and the way they celebrate stuff it’s just amazing. They make you feel like part of the family.
I like the teachers and the environment they create for the students, the size of the school also made it feel like a college campus.
I Like that Skyline has a magnet program. I am part of the science cluster in which it has motivated me to work hard. I don't like that it is a close campus.
i like that skyline is really helpful for seniors to get into college but i would like the teachers, the food and the facilities improve.
Skyline High School Is A Very Big School And A Lot Of Kids Attend This School. We Only Have 5 Minutes Of A Passing Period And Can Barely Make It To Class On Time
I love how there's diversity. They're many teachers that love to help you be ready for college. I would like to change the way they do things. They sometimes need to get there stuff together. Other than that the school is great. Specially the clusters.
Skyline has been such a great experience, it’s a big school so you meet people everyday or might se someone you’ve never seen . The teachers are good and explain things thoroughly, I’ve had a lot of fun the games, and I’ve also learned a lot it all depends on you but it’s also a big help skyline being a magnet school ... America’s first magnet school it offers many programs to get you on a headstart for your career of choice
But over all skyline is great
The school is not as organized as I wished it was. The school was not safe because they did not have enough security for all the kids enrolled there.
Its a good school. I am currently a Jr here and Ive been going here since my Freshman year.
So far its been a good experience, Im in the fashion marketing cluster and I must say, Ive learned a lot.
I love Skyline High because its a big school so there's always someone there to talk to. Things that could change is the teaching strategies and of course, the cafeteria food. It should made into an open campus so that students wouldn't get in trouble for leaving school to go out to eat for lunch.
I have met a lot of true friends that I plan to keep in my life. I've made a lot of good memories here. The classes are amazing and they help you with your career
Attending the first magnet school in Texas has been a great experience. Having over 4,000 students Skyline offeres over 30 different school clubs and extracuricular activites.
The school itself and the education is great and challenging.

The teachers are another upside to this school.

However, the students are the downside. Rude and disrespectful kids all over the place. Interrupting classes and being loud. Very cliche and basic decisions are made by the students.

It's as if they are reading a book that tells them how to do high school.
This school has great teachers but is really hard for them to teach because of the disruptive students
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The staff is okay, I practically like the teachers. They're quite helpful when in need of assistance. The students can be quite aggressive especially when getting to class, but what high school doesn't have that? You can smell the angsty aura around the school campus, most students are friendly unless provoked.
I felt more connected with my peers and teachers during my senior year. There was a lot of involvement with administrators making sure that students graduated on time and a lot of fun activities. The school has multiple programs that help with career preparation. Overall I would recommend anyone to go to this high school.
In all honesty, I chose Skyline because I believed it would prepare me for the college lifestyle, and overall I was not disappointed. Despite the bad reputation it occasionally gets, Skyline gave me exactly what I was looking for in terms of education and preparation. Sure, some things could have been better, like the food for thing, but the teachers are generally prepared to give it their all for their students. Of course, there are the occasional fights that break out, as well as the rather unhelpful student helpers, but I honestly think that Skyline, for all its faults, earns its reputation as one of the top high schools in the state.
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