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Skyline is not the best school around because of where it is located, in the hood. But some of the teachers and clusters there were very fun and helpful in furthering my education.
I liked that my cluster teacher cared about us and our success. The sports and school culture was something I loved about school and the experiences I had there were the best. All schools have their pros and cons but overall I had a great time here from 2012-2016.
I enjoy going to Skyline and it's a very good school. The only real complaints I have are about individual students but that's not something Skyline can fix easily.
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As a student at skyline, I like how diverse the school is and how accepting most kids are. Skyline strives to be its best even though there are some students who aren’t willing to do that. If I could change something about Skyline, it would definitely be teaching the staff members to respect the students and to not have a mindset of a dictator. Those days when the administration believes that they can speak to us however they want just because they’re “above” the students makes us want to disrespect them and fight back. I would also want to make it a more lgbt friendly school, me being bisexual I don’t feel like the staff care about our pride much.
My experience here was amazing, met new people every year, teachers are strict but it helps a lot. They have activities too for certain grades like pep-rallys.
The school is a highly populated school so it’s not very difficult to encounter new people, being social is not even a choice with all the friendly faces here. There are many places you can go in the proces of looking for help with school work and or personal situation and problems.
I had a great experience in comparison to others. One thing that should change is the student teacher connection among students not in the magnet program.
I loved how Skyline provided students with many opportunities to explore what we wanted to do with our future. However, I wish Skyline was more organized.
Being a student at Skyline High School is very interesting because of the different people you meet. I dont think I would change anything about it.
I like the fact that they do try to make activities for us but they can sometimes exaggerate like the principal just talks in the announcements thing so much it is quite annoying. Some of the administrators are just very unfair sometimes. There isn't fair treatment for everyone and there are teachers there that don't act very professional towards students. I know two teachers that I have. Both he, one acts very petty towards certain opinions we provide to him like correcting him for example. The other one is my chef. He has personal preference for the people that are his race and he always critizes everyone else's work but not of a certain person. Which in my opinion is not right for a teacher to be doing such things.
My overall experience in Skyline High School is excellent. It is a very diverse school in culture and people. What i like about my school is that it offers alot of languages that one can choose from. I personally take 4 languages at my school. What I don’t like about my school is that it is a huge campus and the time between classes is not always enough.
I really love Skyline. I've learned so much since I started school there. I would say they should be careful who they hire.
Skyline was not as big and bad as most high schools have been depicted to be. Even though sports was a major thing there, academic opportunity was plentiful. There were teachers that enjoyed their jobs and some that would like to try to be above and beyond for their students.
I liked that everyone was treated the same and that the people there made high school fun for me. I didn't like how sometimes events that went on were unorganized. I just graduated from there and I'm actually glad that I did because I probably wouldn't have had the same experience somewhere else.
I loved my experience at skyline high school! It's a fantastic school, I attended for 3 years! High recommended joining a cluster, very informative and is sure to get you started on your career
Great students but sometimes the rules can be overwhelming or tiring. The monitors are great at handling difficult situationsand keeping things in order. As for improvinng the school, their isnt much to improve. The school is great as it is
What I liked about skyline that there is many opportunities in involvement with clubs, sports, and activities I just graduated and I really liked the environment and teachers that i got to work with.
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Over all the school isnt 't bad but there can be some small changes that can improve the over all education and experience of students
The advanced math cluster at skyline helps you prepare to college and encourages its students to apply. They have the highest percentage going to college, we visited a college every year
The Magnet program I participated in at the school was very good and set me up to succeed in my college math classes, but the atmosphere of the school was okay. With many students not really caring to come to school and often times would disrupt the learning experience.
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