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It’s a great school for kids who need a more personal learning experience. The teachers are always Willing to listen to their student’s needs.
i think that sizer school is a good fit for any student that doesn't like the traditional big classrooms and prefers to be in a class with less people the school also has great counselors and staff to help you get ready for college
The small class sizes allowed for unique one on one learning experiences and the building was brand new which provided a very sophisticated learning environment, overall I had a very good experience I met plenty of kind, loving people, and I learned the skills necessary to succeed in life.
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Sizer School has taught me how to be my best self. While being at Sizer I have learned that being myself is the best thing I can do. It has taught me an unknown love for theater arts and taught me to feel comfortable in my own skin.
the class sizes are smaler than most schools. theres only 400 kinds in all the grades (7-12). everyone here is alowed to be them no matter what religion, who they like, who they want to be, or skin color
I am currently enrolled in Sizer School, and it has come a long, long way since being in the old Notre Dame school building. The food is still mediocre, but edible, the teachers are some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to be taught by, and the people (any grade above 8th) are kind and understanding. The only problem is when 7th and 8th join sizer, they don't get what this school is about, so they think they can act like Fitchburg Public School kids and get away with it. This school has changed me from the weird, reclusive kid who reads books into an outgoing person who is on the rise to be a professional yoyoer. I love this school and the community it has. Also the academics are different from regular schools. 8/10 would recommend.
I have been at Sizer for 3 1/2 years. Sizer teachers are immensly patient, kind, and authentically caring. Academics are ok. But the social life there is bright and vibrant.
My time at Sizer was very enjoyable. Over my time at the school I met some very interesting people, most being very friendly. The teachers I had were always very kind and I would even consider a few of them friends now. There was alway help available to those who needed it
Sizer School had helped me to be comfortable in my own skin, and to help me grow into the person who I always wanted to be.
Overall I would say that I had a good experience there. I would not say that it was great but it was better than my home town school. I would say that my expectations were not always met. But I did build a strong sense of community and the teachers were amazing. The leadership could use some work and maybe more organization.
This school allows you to grow in a judgement free environment where nobody will feel alone or and outsider. Think Care Act is there goal. They want everyone at Sizer to be their best selves and to Think for yourself Care about others and to Act on making the world a better place.
I have been at Sizer for two years now. I love most of the staff. I always walk in being greeted by a staff member. The kids, parents, coaches, teachers, and other faculty members work endlessly to make it good for everyone.
I loved going here! The students really have a voice in their education, and their learning can be fit costumed to their needs! There's a lot of school spirit, from monthly community meetings, to our various varsity sport team.
A decent charter school. The opportunities for dual enrollment are wonderful. Many good teachers that care about the students. Community was very accepting when I started but seems to be in decline.
The school is small, and the teachers really get to know the students. I've been here since seventh grade, and I have watched the school change so much to become the school it is now. There are so many opportunities available, and so much support for students that things that seem insurmountable at a public school become so much easier to get through. Sure, there are some things that are a little annoying: it pulls students from all over, and sometimes that means that your friends live an hour away, and there are only buses in Fitchburg that pick you up from home. The school becomes a second home, though. At most, their are seventy five people in your grade. The smallest grade, at the moment, is 27, where all of the students know each other. It's great. I don't think I would have made it to where I am without this school.
Sizer School has been life changing for me. Having small classes has meant a personalized learning experience. The school is much more "hands on" than most public schools.
The school is very welcoming and friendly!
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The teachers here really try to teach students how to think critically. Learning at this school was never, i mean never boring.
The office staff was always super helpful and friendly. The principal was very active and involved. Guidance counselers were always available and were really helpful in the college application process and were great listeners in terms of personal problems. The dress code was not strict at all, the encouraged self expression. Attendance was serious, they called the house personally everyday you were late or missed school. Playing hooky here is practically impossible.
The school has a zero tolerance of any kind of bullying. Nothing is acceptable. To an extent it is exessive. For example, once a teacher was spoken to because he made a student cry. All he said to the student was that he was not going to give her the assignment to do in class when it should have been done for homework, and that if she wanted the assignment she was going to have to do it for homework, and do extra work outside the class becaus the class was going to go over the assignement that day. The girl wasnt being bullied. Often times, many of the student here are waaayyyy too sensative, and they get babied.
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