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Silver Oak High Public Montessori Charter School Reviews

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Silver Oak Montessori is inclusive and a safe environment. The teacher and faculty here genuinely care for the student and want to see everyone succeed. Montessori education provides unique perspectives on life, social responsibilities, and self. Silver Oak gives a supportive environment to cultivate self-advocacy, leadership, and life skills. Since the school is so new, there are some issues, such as lack of resources, especially in the sports department, but it's improving with every year. Overall, Silver Oak is a unique and positive environment to grow and learn a student and human.
Its an easy school where the teachers actually care about you, and for the most part don't over crowd you with work. But the student body lacks spirit for the most part (unless you are actually part of the sports team.) Every year it seems as if at least 3 teachers leave, meaning every year the chances are you will have to readjust to a new teacher.
Everything is good except for the campus and the cleanliness of the campus and the science teacher. The principal is very nice and willing to hear your concerns and help you with our grades. The special ed teachers are both very helpful and nice. The teacher try there best to have everyone go there best and be willing to learn.
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My experience in Silver Oak Montessori High School is better then my public school experience. Silver Oak is a school that focuses on small students education then a standard classroom in a public school. The students can get the help they need instantly because of the small classroom sizes.
My experience in Silver Oak High School was a pleasant one compared to going in a public school. The school splits the students into a 25 or smaller student classroom which helps us to learn and get as much help we need with the given subject.
Silver oak has made me into a complete different person. It has made me open myself to different environments and people. It has motivated me to step out of my concert zone and have confidence like no other.
It's a really good school especially for kids that like to learn in a small community. Everyone knows each other and many people get along. What I don't like about this school is that there is no programs, and there is very few clubs, sports and books.
This school is a pretty small school. That allows you to make closer bonds with people and not be complete strangers with someone else at the school. It ecourages talking to people that you normally won't through group work and other assignments.
My experience at Silver Oak High School has been very good. We are all like a small community and are always supporting others and helping people. The teachers get to all of their students very well and help us even if we are struggling with our personal lives. You soon realize their not just teachers but mentors and become our close friends that always have good advice. They offer fun and different electives every year and go on many different field trips. I like going to all the different colleges and learning about them and their different expenses. Overall this is a wonderful school that provides for your needs and cares about each one of their students individually.
This is a very small school. I really like the Montessori method and I feel like the founder had a good vision, but in practice it fails in many areas. It seems there is a severe shortage of qualified teachers. There are many windows that are broken, and a lack of space for the increasing student body. This school is better than the other schools in the area, but not by a lot. The teaching and academics can often feel very unprofessional. The teachers often fail to provide structured curriculums, and if they do, they do not meet national standards for education.
Even though I had a very time throughout my last 2 semester this school's dean, student dean and all the experienced teacher do try to help you and want to make sure you have a good time. This school would've had an excellent if they had more student, a better campus or more teachers like that.
I enjoy going to SOHS. The classes are pretty good, and having sections and a student based system really works for me. The school is also very small, allowing easy communication between students and faculty. This makes it easier to get closer with your teachers and friends. There are different sports and clubs offered for everyone at the school, as well as PE classes and after school classes.
This school definitely tries to be different from other high schools. Instead of just giving students lessons and homework assignments directly and objectively, it adds a kind of subjective tone to it as well. Assignments are more writing and group based. Seniors can explore potential careers through internships. The liberal value the school promotes allows for a diverse student body.
Despite these positive attributes, the school does have negative ones. While some teachers do a good job teaching, others are unprofessional. The school's Montessori methods may also hinder other, such as the fact that AP classes are not offered. This also eliminates the competition for academic excellence, which in my opinion prevents students from reaching their full potential. School clubs and activities are not as varied and diverse as I want it to be.
Overall, I think this school is a decent is school.
Silver Oak High School has been a good experience through out my four years in high school. Teachers give you one on one attention which is really helpful. The school needs to improve a lot such as, teacher support, the campus and the curriculum. It feels like summer school sometimes.
Silver Oak has been an interesting adventure. Since the beginning I was not to excited to be in this school but throughout the years I have been here a lot of positive things have happened to me and have really shaped me up to be the person I am today. I feel like this school has a lot of things that need to be fixed for example the campus needs a lot of improvements like the buildings need new paint and the school needs new material to work with. Also I feel like the school can get a better campus or should try their best to fix the one they currently have.
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