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Two of my children graduated from Silver Lake and have gone on for higher education. Both of them shifted between Kingston & Pembroke Campus. Great school, great teachers, and a quality education for both of them. One child was more artistic and the other more academic in their endeavors.
Such a bad school, no wonder kids drop out every other week. Most of these ratings are most likely done by the teachers who work here.
I like the fact that Silver Lake Regional High School has options for every student, especially since it is one of the only vocational high schools in the area. I have been able to participate in many opportunities as well as receive an advanced education from the teachers. If I would change something, I would change some of the disciplinary choices and rules.
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Silver Lake Regional High School is overall a very good school. We have very talented athletics and spectacular teachers. However, many students lack respect for the school. People vape in the bathrooms and many get suspended for this action weekly.
I loved most of my teachers because they were dedicated to their students and had a passion for teaching. I would like to change disciplinary rules due to them being a bit too loose.
The teachers are truly amazing, and the school has such a positive learning environment. Teachers give their all into teaching students, and there is also a super clean environment too.
I absolutely loved my high school experience at Silver Lake. While this school is not perfect, the amount of good things far outweighed the bad things. Silver Lake is not just a school, it's a community. The bonds you build with your teachers and friendships you create among classmates are unreal and extremely special. There is always school spirit and positive energy in the air. One thing I disliked about it was that there wasn't much flexibility with our schedule. In terms of classes offered, there was a lot but there wasn't much wiggle room to explore new things if you don't really have a set plan on exactly what classes you hope to take.
Overall, Silver Lake is a good school and is very academic focused. Although it’s not a private school, curriculum in classes are organized and well taught for the most part. There are also a variety of different clubs students can join and has a big music and drama program filled with talent. It is not a bad school at all and after graduation, students continue on a successful path
I felt the elementary school was weak... weak IEP support, very standard traditional schooling but the middle school and the high school I would rate as excellent... IEP support, non traditional ways of educating and their CTE program is phenomenal
I liked the difficulty of the courses offered at Silver Lake Regional High School and the amount of clubs/extra curricular opportunities offered at Silver Lake. One thing that I would like to see change at Silver Lake is an increase in the diversity of the school.
It was alright, good teachers and faculty, but so many students you can blend in far too easily and never get spoken to or get any special treatment.
Everything, the teachers are so helpful and amazing and they provide a great environment to learn in.
Silver Lake is a great school with a safe, friendly learning environment where teachers truly care about the success of their students. Our teachers and staff push us to be our best selves in every aspect, and they consistently help us prepare for life outside of high school.
I really enjoyed my high school years. The school offers lots of different level classes to meet the needs of all students. I will complete 6 AP courses by the time I graduate high school. I feel that these classes have helped me prepare for college classes. The fast pace and good amount of work that needs to be completed for the course. The teachers also are their for support before and after school if the student needs extra help or ways to study for a test. The school also has clubs, drama, and sports to get involved in. I played sports for 12 seasons and on the board of National Honors and Stem Club. There is so much at the school that every student should be able to find something that they like and be able to get involved with to make their high school experience a good one.
I have had an amazing experience at Silver Lake. Academically, Silver Lake offers everything, from Computer Science to Astronomy to Economics. The AP level courses are extremely educational and I have gotten a lot out of taking a total of 9, which many schools don't even offer. The teachers are great at teaching in several different ways to ensure total understanding by all students. They truly care about students' education as well as health. The overall academic and social environment at Silver Lake is exceptional.
I really love Silver Lake Regional High School! It has a great staff who take pride in making sure their students achieve only the best. They have great sports teams and a very talented drama program. Silver Lake loves their students and will ensure students have a safe and comfortable learning environment.
This school is special. In the educational hub of the country in Massachusetts, Silver Lake is a somewhat large school, but has the individuality and care for each student of a very small environment. The staff are flexible, caring, and make you feel at home. The building and teaching is top-notch. It is the place I spend more time than anywhere else.
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Silver Lake has, overall, an excellent staff. The teachers are qualified and helpful. The only issue I have encountered is the bathroom policy. Only five out of nine bathrooms are open at any given time, resulting in longer than necessary walks to and from the bathroom, as well as longer lines.
The amount of school spirit here was my favorite thing about the school. We had two spirit weeks a year with a pep rally at the end of both of the two weeks. They had an entire breast cancer awareness week in which we wore pink, decorated our class doors with ribbons with names and the school sold ribbons and did a penny drive to raise money. My school did a can drive , a coat drive, Toys for Tots. And my guidance counselor was a hero to me. In middle school and freshman year I was bullied for my crooked teeth. Not only did he put an end to all that but he also reached out to an organization that was looking for someone to give a pair of braces to because he knew how badly I wanted them and he sent in an application for me to possibly get braces and I was chosen! My school was so positive and they did so much there in terms of awareness. I would never have chosen another high school. I loved absolutely every second of being there.
Silver Lake has great teachers and a good variety of electives for students to choose from. The guidance staff is awesome. They really do a lot to make sure parents are aware of the expectations for your student and know about all the college deadlines! There are a lot of extra curricula activities outside of sports so every student has the opportunity to to be involved in something. You really can tell the administration, teachers and staff put tremendous into making the school great.
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