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Sidwell friends has a great community, one that creates a space where everyone feels free to be themselves. However, "Sidwell culture" can have negative affect on the people in the community. There are a lot of "secret bigots" - the type who might make prejudiced comments in private. but present as the average white liberal.
I was able to receive a great education and had lots of networking opportunities that I have been able to take advantage of, but I also feel that Sidwell was often too stressful an environment. They also did many things that went against the Quaker notions they claimed to embody. But overall, I did feel prepared for college, so academically they were a good fit for me.
I had a great experience with Sidwell! I attended for 13 years (K-12) and have very few complaints. The teachers were all deeply invested in students' success, each campus was beautiful and well stocked, and the student body was more kind and welcoming than I've ever seen anywhere else. The small class sizes were one of the best parts for me, in high school I never had a class of more than 20 students and sometimes had classes as small as 11 students! There's a lot of academic rigor but also a really caring community. Also, very good food!
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This rigorous school is a great place to find many unique opportunities and find a somewhat liberal arts based education. Sidwell Friends is very community based and values honestly and integrity. This school will push you to your academic limits and strive for your goals. Some things that should change are the over competitive climate and there have been issues relating to EJC work. The school has been proactive over the years trying to educate their students on these topics
I have had an incredible experience at Sidwell. I will say that it is not a school for everyone. I found it to be incredibly competitive, often at the expense of students' mental health. The administration can be very conservative and uptight, and some teachers and coaches are well-past their time to stop working there. However, I feel more than fully prepared for college. I have made some absolutely incredible friends that I know I'll have forever. My grade (the class of 2020) was exceptionally tight-knit. I am really close with most of my teachers who have taught me how to think outside the box and have helped me become a better person. If you're thinking about coming to Sidwell, know what you're signing up for. Make sure you get involved in clubs early on, and get the right teachers. It makes all the difference.
Sidwell Friends is a good school known for its rigorous academics and high-profile alumni. This school is known for being very tough and high stress academically and in a lot of ways that is the case. It is a pretty competitive environment but not cutthroat until senior year when college applications cause the parents and students to get a little crazy. We've lost 3 college counselors in the course of a year because the parents were impossible-- calling them constantly, threatening them, sending them pictures of other students drinking and partying so they would be kicked out of college so their own kids could get in. The social dynamic is pretty cliquey but it really depends on your grade. 2020 was great but 2021 as a whole is pretty toxic. But the academics are great and so are the teachers, so the tradeoff is worth it.
I have been at Sidwell Friends since 7th grade and I couldn't imagine a better environment for academic and social growth. The students and faculty create a tight-knit community that fosters intellectual curiosity and promotes friendship.
I have met many kids who went to schools in the DC area and the one thing that always stuck out to me was when they said they loved their school. When you have teenagers saying that they love their HIGHSCHOOL, It's a truly unique place. Not only is Sidwell loved by its students, but it is also full of the kind of students who love to learn. Students, teachers, and faculty go way above and beyond what is required of them to create the best possible experience for the entire community.
Don't get me wrong, Sidwell is an academically rigorous place that isn't suited to everyone, but if you are the kind of person who genuinely loves learning and being part of a community -- no, a team that shares that passion, Sidwell is the right place for you.
I will start by saying that Sidwell is not for everyone. However, anyone will be awed at the passionate student body and faculty you find at Sidwell. During this virus outbreak, I find myself regretting any moment I doubted how much I love Sidwell.
I am currently a senior at Sidwell. It is a great school with welcoming students and faculty! I have enjoyed studying here and being a member of the community.
An amazing educational institution with brilliant teachers and immense opportunities. It's definitely high pressure, but it is overall a fantastic place.
Sidwell is a lovely community that embraces people of all backgrounds. I have found a home here and it has been a very enjoyable experience. I would 100 percent recommend.
I have had an absolutely wonderful experience at Sidwell. I came to Sidwell in Kindergarten and I'm currently a junior. There is really no other community like Sidwell. Everyone is so intellectually curious, welcoming, and engaged. You can find so many different types of people here. The teachers are one of my favorite parts of Sidwell. They help me to be excited to learn and be curious. Although the rigor can be stressful, it is also rewarding and interesting. I genuinely look forward to coming to school everyday because I love my classes, the people in them, and the teachers. I've also had a really great social experience at Sidwell. The culture of Sidwell is so fun. The sports games and dances are also fun. The Athletics have also been greatly improving.
Mostly cool people, not big partiers, but you get a bit of everything. Very driven people, work/sports/arts usually come before social life, but there are certainly groups with very active social lives. School is very liberal and tends to be close-minded on certain subjects, so it can be hard to express non-conforming views. Overall good experience, but can get old listening to the same opinions all the time
I've had an overwhelmingly positive experience at Sidwell. From the passionate and very approachable teachers, to the bright and engaged students, it really is a place where you can enjoy each subject and bond over the large amounts of work. It really is a lot of it, but I've never found that any homework or classwork is tedious or irrelevant, and I've always felt more satisfied and grateful after finishing than bored while at work. With Quaker values always just beneath the surface, Sidwell is really a great place to learn, grow, and make some truly hard-hitting connections.
I came to Sidwell freshman year, and I’m going to be a sophomore in the fall. Although I have only been here for a short amount of time, I already love the school, and I am proud to be a part of the Sidwell community. I love how the faculty are not only incredibly supportive but honestly do everything they can to help all students, succeed. I love my friends and the competitive academic environment, and although the program is rigorous, that’s what I’m here for, I already love the school.
Sidwell Friends School is an amazing community of individuals who value the ideas of learning in a rounded environment and from all of your peers. The Quaker school uses the core values in every classroom and leads to a better experience. All of the students are interested in learning and competitive.
The greatest gift I ever received was my SFS education. I taught me to think critically and creatively, to be open-minded to new ideas and not only accepting of others but to relish in a diversity of options and experiences, and to possess a strong sense of responsibility for the betterment of our society.
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Sidwell is one of the most academically challenging and yet rewarding high schools in the nation with faculty and staff who truly care about every student.
Sidwell likes to pride itself on how competitive the students are, but the truth is the competitiveness is used to make up for their lack of intelligence. The campus is nice but that is basically all the school has going for it.
This school is SO OVERRATED. Do not send your children here. The kids are snobby, the sports are terrible, and the workload is insane. Sending your kids here is NOT a good idea. All i wanted was a normal public school education, but instead I get this. This school is not any better than public schools. In the end, you all learn the same things.
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