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This school is SO OVERRATED. Do not send your children here. The kids are snobby, the sports are terrible, and the workload is insane. Sending your kids here is NOT a good idea. All i wanted was a normal public school education, but instead I get this. This school is not any better than public schools. In the end, you all learn the same things.
Sidwell Friends provided a platform for many students to express their thoughts and feelings. The curriculum is challenging and enriching. Socially at times, the students can be insensitive, but the school tries its hardest to mediate those situations.
My four years at Sidwell Friends School have been truly life-changing. In addition to challenging academics and incredible facilities/resources, the faculty and staff truly care about their students' success. I have had many opportunities to pursue research across all disciplines and to explore new subjects in depth. A Sidwell student learns to naturally take initiative, solve problems critically, and collaborate with peers and teachers periodically. I do not think I would have felt as prepared for college coming from another school in the area. In addition, the people at this school are some of the most compassionate and insightful people I have met. Thank you for everything, Sidwell!
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Academics are extremely competitive and social scene is cliquish, although students pretend that they are bound together by a strong sense of community. The English and History departments are phenomenal, while the Language, Math, and Science departments are average.
Sidwell has a very close-knit community, but at the same time a variety of people and opinions. The small class sizes really help enforce the strong sense of community we have. One issue Sidwell still struggles with though, is the ratio of minority students versus their white counterparts. However, this reality has began to change over the years I've attended Sidwell.
I remember loving my middle school experience at Sidwell. Though the homework became much more challenging, I adored my teachers and had a great group of friends. In the 6th grade I was struggling with math and my teacher noticed and encouraged my parents to seek extra tutoring to me. I appreciated her paying the extra attention to me and making suggestions to help me be more successful.
The most overrated school on this list. I swear they are not that much different than Maret or St Albans. The only reason that they are ranked so high is that the presidents kids go here.
Incredible school both academically and socially. It is such an accepting community and an easy place to flourish.
A caring, nurturing and humble lower school. Parent involvement happens organically and the school has a strong sense of community. Children gain a strong academic foundation while instilling a sense of social responsibility. The student body is made up of very bright minds who are there to be challenged and the school meets them at their level.
Sidwell Friends School has been an amazing place to foster my intellectual growth. Sidwell is a Quaker school and Quaker values (especially community and integrity) are very present within the school environment. Students are very involved in the school community and participate in various activities including club, plays, athletics, orchestra, chorus, and jazz. Teachers are always available to help and foster students that are sensible, compassionate and bright. At Sidwell I have been surrounded by students that genuinely care about whats going on the world around them, want to change the world, and are using their education to do so.
Sidwell has terrible sports, and the teachers don’t understand boys. They say they have diversity, but politically it is not. The teachers do care and the food is excellent, but the place definitely doesn’t suit a boy.
Very warm and welcoming community. Very liberal, it could be pretty hard being a conservative at this school. Facilities are better than some college facilities (state of the art athletic center and arts building). Could use more socioeconomic diversity. Classes are definitely hard, and teachers expect a lot out of you. There are however plenty of resources available to students, and many opportunities that students at other schools may not have (i.e., a middle school spring break trip to the grand tetons or to China).
Although Sidwell is extremely academically challenging, Sidwell has truly made me interested numerous subjects. Sidwell's teachers not only provide constant support, but they also stay in touch with students after graduation. Sidwell's numerous clubs are spread subjects, such as newspaper, satirical newspaper, Latin American Society, Best Buddies, Eco club, Women in Engineering, Female Empowerment club, Black Student Union, GLBTQ+, outing club, investment club, brain club, astronomy club, robotics, debate, Model UN, and so many more clubs.
Sidwell Friends School challenged me both academically and socially. The teachers and staff was very supportive and provided all the tools to ensure that I became college ready.
I had a wonderful experience at Sidwell. I was surrounded by peers of all sorts of backgrounds- economical, racial, sexual orientation, and religion! There I was able to understand who I wanted to be and what I wanted to represent. The school was also extremely supportive of everything and anything students did with criticisms on the school and society as a whole. I really do appreciate everything the school has done and given me.
Sidwell is only for kids in a select gene pool. The students are snobbish and disrespectful. However, the teachers are generally nice and understanding.
I loved Sidwell. It prepared me well for college and provided me with lifelong friends. The teachers were understanding and supportive.
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Sidwell Friends School is an excellent place to go no matter what kind of student you are. Whether your interested in STEM, Theater, Sports, Humanities, or Computer Science, there is a niche of people ready to help you on your way. They provide a space for you to foster your passion and you can always find faculty or administration willing to delve into your passion. Sidwell especially in middle school has a lot of resources that are available to use. In Upper School they are still there but you have to be willing to dig deeper to find these amazing opportunities.
I went in with extremely high expectations but was misled by the thrill of going to "the school to be at". For some of my friends Sidwell was a great choice because it is a good school, just make sure you know if it's right for you or not because if its not the right environment you have a tough year ahead.
I arrived at Sidwell Friends in third grade. It was terrifying, obviously, since I was changing schools and all. But I'm glad I did. My parents had decided that Sidwell had much better education available, and they were right. At first I struggled; I wasn't used to competitiveness. Eventually, I caught on, and as a sophomore today I can definitively say I'm doing far better. My grades aren't spectacular, but I feel like I've learned a lot. I've experienced so much joy and wonder at Sidwell, and while I may not have seen it all at this school, I certainly feel as though I've seen quite a bit.
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