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Shrine Catholic High School Reviews

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The Shrine community is unlike any other. Since the school is PreK through 12th grade, many of the older students are able to create bonds with the younger children. The facilities are not the greatest, but it is because the school has been around for many years, so the facilities are historical to the school's culture. I believe that what makes Shrine so special is truly the community that supports not only the parish but the schools. Whenever an event takes place, whether good or bad, there is always a community of people supporting those involved.
The family atmosphere made going through difficult classes easier as I was able to talk to my teachers on a more personal level.
Great academics. All the students are kind and it creates a really nice, tight-knit community. The teachers are very involved with their students.
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I love the family aspect of Shrine. Wherever you come from, the people at shrine welcome you with open arms. Shrine is very supportive of kids who are involved in both sports and the arts.
I love Shrine High School because the community is so welcoming and the relationships I've made there with teachers and other students are ones that I know will last. If I had to change something, I wish more people would realize what a great school Shrine is.
My kids are third generation Shriners and we love it. My son will be a sophomore next year and is already signed up to take an AP class. The Robotics team got third place in their first tournament, and it was the first year of the team. Lots of faculty and parent support for students.
Shrine gives a good education. They are a big family and is a very tight community. They make a very good effort to include everyone.
It has wonderful faculty who are dedicated to helping their students succeed. The curriculum is challenging and does an impeccable job of preparing students for college. The Performing Arts department is truly one of a kind; it is supportive and was my home for all four years.
I like the small class sizes and helpful teachers. I do not like the poor heating and there is not any air conditioning.
Shrine High School is like a community and family that shaped the person I am today. The school teaches the importance of acceptance and care for others, and it is displayed through the students and staff. This may only be my experience since I've been here since preschool, but students who came only last year can agree with me.
well, first of all my family and I appreciate the Catholic aspect. I like the environment and the teachers are amazing.
These last four years have been the best of my life, the community at this school is like no other. I would not want to be anywhere else. The school is rich in history and faith. It may seem old and even a little stuck in the past but there is no greater place to grow and learn.
My 4 years at Shrine have been awesome. I played 4 varsity sports and received great education. I know I am ready for college!!!!
I feel that the High School gives a chance for each student to develop into their own person. Help is available when needed, the teachers are very nice, and the other students make you feel welcome.
My experience at shrine has been excellent, the teacher, atheletics, and extra curricular activists are beyond amazing No school has or will ever come close to having the family values that shrine does
We've had a very good experience at Shrine High School with our two students. The college counseling, college prep curriculum, opportunities to participate in sports, & opportunities for leadership are worth the tuition price. The Math & English departments are strong. History is too. Science and the languages have room for improvement partially because of teacher-turnover. My kids were well-prepared for college. The small size has been good for my kids overall; sure I wish it was a bit bigger but I sense it is growing. Socially it is hard to initially fit in when some families have been together since pre-school but I have found the community welcoming overall. My kids had no problem finding friends. The Mothers Club and Dads Club were great ways to get involved & meet other parents. Its worth mentioning that you don't have to belong to the Shrine parish to receive the tuition discount as long as you are active at your own Catholic parish. It's not just a parish school.
Shrine well definitely prepare you for college. Must of us received partial id not full scholarships. I am a minority so I often felt like I wasn't a part of the "in-group" and I sometimes felt like certain students were shown favoritism. I just wish their was more diversity and inclusion for minorities and students who haven't attended Shrine their whole life.
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The teachers are great and they care for student's success. The facility needs a huge improvement. The student body can be arrogant sometimes but overall decent.
The best way to experience Shrine is to become fully immersed in the community. As such, you'll notice a community that will do what it takes for you to feel supported and successful.
As with any smaller community, there is the good with the bad. Everyone will know you; that might mean they know your business. I have experienced Shrine rallying around a family whose parent might be ill or around a student who is struggling. Intrusive a small community may seem at times, the intention and support offered can be life changing.
Shrine is the best small school with enormous opportunities based on their size. Simply look at the scholarships offered to the graduating seniors as proof that with the work put in, the opportunity to volunteer, and the valuable mentoring from staff as proof.
I graduated from Shrine High school a little while ago, but although faculty changes the culture of the school remains strong. Students are very involved with one another in a strongly community atmosphere. Because of the small size, students have opportunities to participate in many different extracurriculars with the support of staff to diversify their own interests.
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