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Shrewsbury Senior High School Reviews

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I love Shrewsbury High. There’s so many opportunities and everyone is so nice. All of the teachers are super helpful.
Shrewsbury High School is a great public high school. The teachers and staff work extremely hard to provide a good education and resources for the future. There are a wide variety of classes to take and plenty of clubs to participate in.
The faculty and staff are great. Shrewsbury High School wants students to learn and to succeed. The only thing I would change is the diversity. Very few black people.
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Very good school. I have grown and learned a lot. I participate in a great number of events and have met a great number of people. Great school. 10/10
Shrewsbury High School is a welcoming and diverse school. The teachers care greatly for the students wellbeing. I wish that there was less emphasis on outstanding grades and GPAs, because it causes a lot of stress on the students.
It's a pretty good school with varying levels of challenge in coursework. The administration listens to their students and the teachers care about the students. I enjoy my time in this school and don't have very many complaints. One thing I would like to see improved would be the amount of importance given to clubs. I would like if the school cared more about clubs and not just athletics.
One of the best schools in Massachusetts, very high standards, students are driven and focused on their future.
I really like Shrewsbury High School, it is so diverse and has so many different kinds of people and varieties of people who speak different languages. The clubs at Shrewsbury are amazing there are so many different options.
The school itself is really good. It has a good selection of classes, electives, clubs, and sports. The teachers a good for the most part but they help you when you ask for help. If you struggle reaching out it’s a problem here. The school is definitely overcrowded in the sense that there is actually no space in the halls to walk comfortably. I personally had a hard time at this school and my experience wasn’t good but for others it was.
shrewsbury high school was an amazing place to go to high school. teachers were helpful and although some councelors werent the best, most of them tried hard to help you be successful. Classes and teachers were special because not only they were friendly and professional, they also spend time to help you be better in their class. The administration was also very thoughtful because although my senior year was interrupted by corona, they still made the best out of it.
The academics are great and there is a good range of easy to very challenging classes for students to choose from; however, the school does have a problem with letting overt racist remarks slide while simultaneously punishing students for harmless actions such as listening to music in the halls.
I liked the people I had in my life. The school lacked in people that were trustworthy and people who I genuinely believed wanted to help me improve.
I transferred in my sophomore year and didn't feel very welcomed. It took me a while to make friends. The school is very cliquey. But once you find your group, school is very fun and good. The education is alright, some teachers are really bad but some are amazing. The science department has the best teacher ever!
Shrewsbury High School was a great place to set a foundation for my future of learning. Their programs ensure that students are ready for college and have access to a number of resources that allow them to challenge themselves and have fun inside and outside the classroom.
My experience at Shrewsbury High School. For the most, my teacher have been great and they are very well qualified. There are a ton on options for clubs and sports.
I love Shrewsbury High School. I had a hard time transitioning into this school my freshman year but that was because of past experiences at my old school. This school was a great atmosphere for m to feel welcomed especially in terms of diversity and inclusion. Once I made an effort I made great friends that I hope to keep in contact with my whole life. This school also taught me the importance of hitting rock bottom, picking yourself up, and striving to do better.
In generally, nearly every teacher is flawless. They are the backbone of the school and keep it working well. I will say that the administration is my only gripe with the school. They are not fun, sad, and just make school seem like a bad place rather than a good one.
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If you are coming from another country, good luck. It is really hard to catch up with the others in class, especially if you would like to be in a honors or AP class. Thankfully the staff really helps you to achieve your goals. There are plenty of opportunities to join clubs, sports and so on. They prepare us well for the future, whether that is college, entering the work field or the military.
I loved SHS it was an amazing experience full of wonderful teachers and classmates. I wish we were required to do community service hours because it was something that really impacted my time here.
I loved how students from communities, and how we grow to adapt to one another. Teachers are super supportive and understanding of challenges. There does tend to be a competition factor- which is the unhealthiest part of the school culture. It takes someone mentally strong to get through, and it's not something that you can just pass, especially if you're ambitious. Otherwise, there are abundant opportunities, and the building and facilities are wonderful.
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