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The sports teams and coaches are pretty good, as well as the many clubs offered. There are some very passionate and great teachers especially in the science department. Math/language department is very bad. Staff doesn't handle issues very well either.
Shorewood has been a wonderful school to me, I've had many great experiences there. The majority of the staff there are great people and they genuinely want to help the students. I didn't get involved in clubs, but I did join a sport, softball, which allowed me to get to meet new people at Shorewood, and the experience was great. During the coronavirus pandemic, the school has done a great job of keeping every student safe, and they have made sure that the students can get their resources in a safe manner. Since I spent two years doing running start, I didn't get to spend much time at the school, so I wouldn't know what to change. Shorewood was a good school, and I enjoyed the majority of my time there.
It is pretty good. It has tons of AP and honors classes, and in general has great teachers. The admin is not great for those looking outside the box in terms of academics, clubs and coursework, but the counselors will go to bat for you every time if they have to. The culture is healthy, with assemblies being lively and student involvement in almost every facet of the school. The football team sucks, but all the other sports are top notch. The music program is alright, but getting better by the year. Overall, I'd say 8/10.
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There are some really amazing teachers at this school that will make you feel really welcome, but there are definitely some bad eggs that could ruin a class for you if you get them. The majority of them are super nice and helpful though, and the counselors I've experienced were very accomodating and kind! There are a lot of interesting students at this school, and it's very diverse.
I frankly do not understand why Shorewood High School has such a high ranking. I am unaware of the educational and social systems of other high schools in Washington state, but all I know is that Shoreline School District as a whole is a terrible school to go to if you are black. The staff there gives no support in regards to colleges, and multiple teachers in the district have harassed me and racially profiled me, and the staff always excuses absurd behavior. If you are a person of color or have any disability, do not attend this school. They have always discouraged minorities from taking more difficult courses and blamed them before anybody else.
I loved Shorewood because it is very diverse, and there are so many clubs and extracurriculars available. The teachers are also so caring and really put their all into their job.
I would rate Shorewood as a very good learning environment for students. They have great and helpful teachers who are always ready to teach/talk to students whenever they have confusion about a topic. One thing I really liked about my teachers was how willing they were to help me understand. They won't stop or never get tired of teaching me the same thing until I comprehend. I did not really have any problem with the school except for the lack of diversity among the teachers. Most of the teachers are white, and I have always felt like the school needs more diversity.
it is a nice school with lots of opportunities they really care about the students. The food isn't that great but it's better than most schools. The kids are generally nice.
The teachers are great and the school atmosphere is really positive. The sports are all very welcoming no matter your skill level. However there are a few teachers that if you get them it will ruin your whole year and effect you in the long run.
Shorewood has a lot of good extracurriculars and in general, pretty great teachers. However, if you want to do anything besides go straight to a 4 year university after graduation you get treated as a lesser person and there is no support of students who struggle with conventional education.
Really enjoyed my 4 years here! Caring, involved teachers who really want students to succeed. Good community of students and staff, as well as great school spirit. Thanks to Shorewood, I will always remember my high school years and I feel really prepared and excited for college!
This is a great school in a safe city with 2 fire stations and a police department less than a mile away. There is always a security guard or police officer at school. The school offers opportunities to students to take honors, AP, and community college courses. The school is very white (poor ethnic diversity) but offers countless clubs for people of color to join if they don't feel like they have a voice or community. Our college and career center is fantastic for helping students prepare for their future, no matter what their path will be. Our teams and athletes constantly win and score high. Students here have the opportunity to join several different sports, dozens of different clubs, different music programs and performance teams, DECA, school drama, and a variety of classes. We have clean bathrooms and filtered water fountains. The school is very spirited when it comes to student government, school dances, Homecoming Week, and sports.
Shorewood High School is a large high school campus that allowed me to mature and experience high school as if it was a college. Lunch hours from Freshmen year are open meaning that we could leave for lunch and responsible for coming back on time for the following class. The teachers and counselors were so supportive. The community is fantastic and I love the kids I grew up with.
The opportunities and resources that the Shorelines School District offers are excellent! The students and faculty are generally caring and good people. Like any other school, there can be more growth. Especially in the environmental impacts of the school can be majorly improved.
Great community & absolutely fantastic people. Love to see how families are involved in the school district and the community thrives off of connections.
The teachers are generally very kind and open. There is a lot of competitive school spirit at assemblies and overall support for athletics, music, theatre, and others.
(Graduated in 2018) Most of my teachers were very nice, and I felt like I was getting a good education from Shorewood. They had a range of classes so you could either be vigorous or relaxed. However, the club money is not distributed fairly. The drama department and other arts hardly got any funds, while thousands of dollars were spent on an inflatable T-Bird.
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My children all attended this school and each had great experiences and were well prepared for college. We found caring administrators and teachers who loved their jobs, were good at their jobs, and knew how to reach each child and help them reach their potential. I had my kids in private school prior to high school, and I spent much of my childhood in private schools, but I have been more impressed with Shorewood High than I have been with any of the private schools we have experienced. At Shorewood my kids are getting a great education, and being exposed to a variety of people from differing backgrounds. They are better prepared for adulthood, college, and life as a result of the four years they have spent (or are spending) at Shorewood. I would recommend this school to any parent of any child. Over any private school in the area.
Shorewood is a great place to really dive deep and learn. The teachers provide help to anyone who needs it whether its issues at school, home, or with your own personal social issues. Shorewood is an easy place to get involved in and you feel like you are actually a part of a larger whole.
Shorewood HS is a school with amazing students who come together and create a diverse and fun community.
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