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great environment, although female sports were not very important to anyone unless they won. staff was very helpful throughout my time, and many classes were very entertaining to be in.
Overall a good school, and I enjoyed it. There was always support for subjects outside of classes if you just asked where to find it. If you try hard, you can succeed.
The teachers really cared about the students and would actively reach out to everyone to make sure they had the resources/opportunities to succeed and participate in class.
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Shorecrest has a great campus, great people, and great spirit. Pep assemblies and the homecoming assembly are legitimatelly very fun. The school has some weird policies around movement especially regarding pointless locked doors and having some rooms in which you must stay for the remainder of a period if you enter them, even if you have a free period.
I have found Shorecrest to be overall a very enthusiastic and welcoming environment. There is a high level of school spirit (sometimes even a little too much), a great campus, and I have yet to find a teacher I dislike. I have gone through some struggles while there, and have always been able to get the support I needed.
Great Prep School, love the class size, athletics and the theater program. I am very involved and I always feel included.
It was an amazing school with great staff and community engagement. The staff is encouraging and helpful. There are a huge number of clubs and activities for all students to be engaged with.
I am very grateful to have gone to Shorecrest High School. At Shorecrest, I felt very included and welcomed throughout my entire high school experience. I always felt like I had a teacher or adult that I could trust that I could talk to about any problem, and I could get academic help whenever I needed it.
Very good school. Lots of options regarding honors or Ap classes depending on what grade you are. Running start available but counselors are not the best. College Counselor was very nice and helpful with most things.
Shorecrest was overall a great High school with many different opportunities for almost everyone. For example the Marching Band goes to Ireland every 4 years and Hip Hop goes to nationals every 3 or so years. The faculty is one of the nicest I've ever experienced and they all care about you and your future.
My favorite thing about Shorecrest is the ability to be your own person and explore your own interests. However, some of the neighboring areas are quite wealthy and so Shorecrest has a noticeable privilege gap.
Very openminded. Teachers are very intelligent and all have different but excellent teaching methods. Principal is also very well respected.
I transferred into Shorecrest in my sophomore year, in order to take advantage of my public education. I had been attending a different school with weak academics and a toxic culture, when a friend referred me to Shorecrest Highschool. I was told that the academics were held to a national standard and the culture propagated a friendly, diverse, and motivating environment. After a few weeks at Shorecrest, I was relieved to find I had made the right decision. After 3 years of schooling at Shorecrest I have come to make strong relationships with my peers and teachers, have made it to state for athletics, and joined various clubs and programs. Shorcrest is a great school.
Shorecrest overall is a fairly good school. In terms of academics there is a rather large spread in the quality of teachers, with some being absolutely wonderful and some being very poor. There are some extracurricular activities offered, but very little substantial outside the realm of sports and drama is offered.
I am a senior at Shorecrest, I've been here for 4 years! It is a welcoming school with engaging teachers and a great music/theater program. They really try to build a community with homerooms, assemblies and a focus on school spirit. Academics are good, though it can depend on what teacher you get some are better than others.
It is a nice place but the administration is very lacking. You have to know the information and ask about it because they don't really tell you anything.
Shorecrest is a public high school in Shoreline Washington. Although both the math and science departments are severely lacking the History and English departments make up for it. In almost every grade there will be two different sets of teachers for each subject, everyone says that one teacher is the best if you actually want to learn or do well on a test and that the other teacher (although nice) is a bit lacking in the actual teaching portion of a class. But as long as you are committed to the class and to learning it really doesn't matter much what teacher you get. Shorecrest is a very leadership focused school, meaning that if you're in leadership you are also a part of everything else. The arts also play a large part in the school environment with an entire building dedicated to award winning visual artists, both in theater and in drawing and painting . Shorecrest is a good school with good people and the only truly bad thing about is the stairs.
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Shorecrest is a very welcoming place with a pretty new building and lots of great music and drama, especially. Some grade inflation occurs, but that is about the only negative I see.
The math department could use some improvement. Lots of students voice concerns about the helpfulness and abilities of some math teachers -- however, there are a couple of gems.
Overall Shorecrest is a pretty decent high school. I graduated in the spring 2018 and I'd say Shorecrest had many opportunities for scholarships and jobs posted. The teaching staff was amazing despite a few bad teachers. I'd say around 80% of teachers were extremely eager to teach and grow young minds. I often found them creating extra time during their breaks and after school hours for me and my questions. The overall atmosphere is also very nice I never once was bullied or had felt like the "typical high school experience" everyone was well respected and friendly.
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