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Shirley High School Reviews

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I am currently a senior at shirley high school and have been attending school there ever since 1st grade.
The academics are very good.
There is a good amount of extra curricular activities.
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With our principle that just retired it was the best experiences ever.
Many teachers try to see where the students are at in learning. Also they try to incorporate all teaching styles.
I like my school. Its pretty small, but I like my teachers and band class. I like corn dog day the best though.
Since the school is small, everyone knows everyone. You would think that's bad but not really. Also the teachers are so friendly, they kind of become your friends too. They care about you and will do what ever they can to help you. The only bad thing is is the lack of school spirit and the limited classes.
We have great staff for the most part, they all work well with students to get what they need, lack of communication between staff members, but it is improving with our new counselor.
We have little to no spirit, our teams are not very good, we have to fundraise for any equipment needed.
The food is less than mediocre. You have a choice between what is offered that day and a salad.
I really like going to Shirley, even though it has major flaws. The people here are great, and I really love my friends and boyfriend. The teachers are great; they're really easy to talk to and they are really funny. Everybody here pretty much knows each other since the town is so small and nobody ever really leaves. So many of my peers personally know their teachers either because their parents knew them, they taught their parents, or they babysat them. :) It's pretty cool. Also there aren't really any cliques; everybody is pretty much friends with everybody else. The atmosphere is pretty relaxed, even though there are a lot of rules and there are security cameras everywhere.
It's pretty good with health and stuff like that.
The principal is really cool, and the staff is pretty helpful. The guidance counselor doesn't help that much though; she can be a little confusing at times.
There is FCCLA, FBLA, FFA, Band, Choir, Quiz Bowl, Crosseyed Bible Club, Drama, THUGS, and PALS. We also have dance and cheer.
Sports teams include basketball (which is the main one), track and field, tennis, baseball/softball, and golf. The teams are pretty good. But there is absolutely no school spirit. None. We don't have a football field. There is a baseball/softball diamond in downtown Shirley, but it's not used often because of its poor quality. We don't have tennis courts either, but there are public courts in a neighboring town (Fairfield Bay) that we use.
The classes are pretty easy. The only class people really have trouble with is math.
classes are tough and you have to work hard to get an A. Teachers are very helpful. I only wish they could offer more dual credit classes for college than what we do now
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My son was at a different high school prior to his current high school and our experience has been so much better than the previous. We have not had any issues. The current school is smaller and staff is a lot more involved with the students, cares if they come to class etc
We have not had any bullying, bomb threats etc. We do have an officer at the campus at all times.
The resources and facilities could be better.
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