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I first enrolled to Sherman Oaks CES when I was in fourth grade and stayed there all the way until twelfth grade. I liked the nature of growing up with your friends. I made friendships that span across 9 years all for just being in the same school. Because of this, I would want Sherman Oaks CES to continue the implementation of this because the benefits of the friendship is uncanny. However, the school's new development separating the elementary students with the rest of the school is what I would want them to change. I believe that when everyone is all in the same vicinity, there can be connecting across all age groups.
I've attended since freshman year (now a junior), but many of my friends have been here since 4th grade. Most teachers are very passionate about their work and their students. There are some strong connections between students and staff here.
Ive been enrolled at Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies for almost 6 years now. Soces has helped me grow and blossom into the person I am today. Ive matured from a small child to a young adult. Even though Ive had my ups and down while being at Soces. I struggled with bullying during my younger years at Soces which led me to have depression at such a young age. Soces taught me that I can overcome these struggles no matter how hard it gets. What I would personally like to see change is a stronger work ethic with most of the teachers and a better counseling system. I know as a school counselor there is only so much you can do but most of them fail to help students in a productive way. But with there strong attitude for always doing whats right I hope that will never change.
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I went to Sherman Oaks CES from 4th grade all the way up to 12th grade. throughout this experience I have made many life long friends and it has prepared me for college in a great manner. While at Sherman Oaks CES I was a part of the AVID class and club which taught me skills in which to excellence in college and it did not disappoint. I am currently now a sophomore in college and I have a 3.5 GPA and am currently a student athlete at my University as well.
I would give it a five for the school trying to make the school great with all the constructions but there are a lot of minor problems. First of all, I cannot describe how bad the bathrooms are like I always see poop in the bathroom and I once slipped on the floor because there was urine. The trash in the high school area is crazy since they don't pick up it. Some of the kids need to have a better attitude because a big amount of kids are very mean. But I still have to give this school a four for trying.
I enjoyed seeing the diversity the school has. All the club and sport opportunities were incredible.
It's a mess but it's a mess that everyone works on together and have a fun time while doing it. It's easy to connect with most of the teachers and you can stay connected with others for a very long time.
Sherman Oaks Center for Enriched Studies is a magnet school located in Tarzana, California. This school has a long history and consequently, has old one-story buildings. This school has amazing teachers who genuinely care about students, but the administration hardly reflects student voices. For example, homecoming was shut down and the administration has a subjective view of how they handle school incidents (for example, bad students are prone to do bad things). Academics are diverse and recently large funds have been allocated to the engineering/stem department (this school has numerous 3D printers). SOCES does offer some college readiness workshops but is not too effective for universities other than community, cal state, or UC's. The culture this school focuses more on sending students to a California university/college rather than a top Ivys or prestigious private university. Nearly all students graduate and a large portion of these students choose to attend community college.
Overall, I have much respect for the school's staff. These teachers are committed to helping all students succeed. Many of my teachers are excellent examples of determination in the face of adversity. However, my only complaint is with my classmates/peers. So much class time is taken up by unruly behavior of those around me. Teachers have to stop what they're doing to attend to rowdy students. Since I'm a senior now, I've noticed many of my classmates have matured, and this is probably not as big of an issue as it used to be in 10th and 11th grades.
Very good public school. Decent administration and teachers. No school is perfect, but SOCES is about as good as a public school can be.
The campus is pretty nice and most of the teachers do care about their students, but some are fairly apathetic. The administration is slightly above average, although occasionally you'll run into somebody who doesn't seem to have the time or patience for your problems. The arts are fairly well funded because it is a performing arts magnet school, although I believe they could use even more funding. I spent nine years there which ended up feeling slightly claustrophobic because of the relatively small grade sizes (about 200 students per grade), but overall it was a good educational experience and I would probably recommend it as a public school. However, the spanish classes were all taught by one teacher who had a universally bad reputation, so if learning Spanish is a priority in any way, I wouldn't recommend this school.
I genuinely liked going here, and besides a semester I took off during eighth grade, I have been there since fourth,and wouldn't go anywhere else. There are smart kids and smart teachers, so if you're academically competitive, this is for you.
Been here since 4th grade and it has been a journey. Through hardships and friendships I am ready to get out of here.
I've been attending Sherman Oaks CES since the 4th grade. This school has allowed me to encounter many different opportunities that greatly impact my future. I have found so much support that help me push further in school. I have also created great relationships with my peers and teachers.
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I enjoyed the fact that it resembles a small close community. However, it was not challenging & I would have preferred going to a school offering more of the high school experience.
I like the environment that is created when you stay with the people you've been going to school with for nine years. However, this can sometimes be suffocating as nothing really changes about the school in all the years that you attend.
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SOCES is a fantastic school to attend if you are focused on academics and excelling with peers in a program that is set up to support college readiness. However, the school as a whole isn't as rounded as most other local area high schools. If you're looking for the "complete experience", this isn't the place to be. Yes, there are a lot of things to get involved in and student life is well supported and has improved over the years since I've graduated, but it's (unfortunately) not at the level of much larger high schools with better resources.
A small school with students from 4-12th grade. Not heavy on sports, however very competitive academically.
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