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Sheridan Technical Center - High School Reviews

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Sheridan is great it just depends on what you want. It's not your typical high school where you'll have pep rallies, big sports games, or just really the stereotypical high school. The teachers are excellent, they encourage you and actually help motivate you to do your work, and they're always so fun to be with. This school is so huge about college readiness and just trying to help you figure what you want to do with your future. The only thing that is a downfall for most people is the amount of work they give, which isn't an issue unless you procrastinate too much; the sports, there are a few but this school isn't really big on it; and your definition of "entertainment", like there aren't fights or drama because no one cares. So, it genuinely just depends on your needs and wants for now and the future.
My experience with Sheridan Technical has been very good. The atmosphere has been very good. One Thing I like here is the helpful teachers here. They always help the student. One thing that need's to improve is the management. The management has been very slow to respond to student's demands and the student's complaints itself. Overall this is a very great school to go to.
I really enjoy going to this school. It is a very accepting school and anyone is welcomed. The teachers are great and do well in teaching the material. The guidance counselors are ready to help and every student is encouraged to do their best.
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Sheridan offers very good opportunities, however the school spirit isnt as high, so we don't get much participation. The administration, besides counselors, are very hard to talk to
I love this school. The people are great, the teachers care about and push the students, and the children are hard working and kind
I like that Sheridan Technical High School has many options to choose from for lunch and it also has many clubs that can be joined. The environment is friendly and safe.
I like how Sheridan Technical High School gives students an opportunity to enter a program that deals with their career. I don’t have any dislikes about Sheridan Technical High School.
Not a regular high school but could add a better high school experience. More so of adding pep rally's to hype the students up like regular high schools do. As well as fun activities for all grade levels.
The school is a great school just a lot of work load. I would just change the minimum work teachers are allowed to give you per day, so I wouldn't be over crowded with work
Sheridan Technical High School had several pros. There was support from administration and the teachers for the most part all the teachers wanted to see the students cross the stage and continue their education thanks to the guidance counselor who didn't give up on any student. The administration was strict but were flexible depending on situation they understood issues that the students were going through they were very sympathetic to not only the students and parents but the faculty and staff everyone cared for each other.
I like the fact that the school is small and has limited amount of students, the school is able to focus on each student individually because of its small number. I would like to have more AP classes in the school.
I like that all classes are honors courses unless you want to take a higher course level. It is rigorous and keeps you on your toes. You are groups of peers of your intellectual level and are focuses on academics, while still having extracurricular activities. You are provided with your own computer for the 4 years you attend the school. I do not like the fact that sometimes AP classes are pushed so hard to the point that you are forced to take them. I also do not like that the 11th grade guidance counselor doesn't take your feelings or opinions into account sometimes. However, in general, Sheridan Tech is a good school
The only thing good they like is the way they set the schedules for students. There's no need to carry 7 books everyday and stress out about many test because our classes are split into two semesters.
I would like many things to change, for example: the sanitation, the teachers attitude, the way things are dealt with, the lunch times, the safety and the medicines.
My experience at Sheridan Technical Center- High School was a very interesting one. What I love about the school are the opportunities I get to achieve higher course levels like AP and Honors. There are also so many new clubs added each year, so a person can definitely find their place here. What I'd like the school to change is their communication with students. Some information doesn't get received as soon as they should, which does cause some problems.
Sheridan Tech is a rigorous, innovative high school. The technology is up to date, and every student receives a laptop for home and school use. This school is a perfect environment for growth and maturation as the teachers and administration guide the students into adulthood and into their next pathway in life.
Sheridan Technical High School is truly a hidden gem! The administration at the school is wonderful and completely committed to ensure that every student is equipped to be successful in college. The teachers are very caring and helpful.
This school is overall has been an amazing experience not only for me but also for my friends as well. Over the past two years, I have gotten to meet a variety of teachers with their own methods of teaching that have brought me to where I currently am today. The office staff are very responsive to the needs of the students and are willing to aid you in any school related issues. In my opinion, the guidance counselors truly make the school what it is. The guidance counselors are always there to help students, parents, and staff when needed. The guidance counselors help students find sources for scholarships, volunteer hours, and college applications. Without the current guidance counselors, the student body definitely wouldn't be who they are and wouldn't be going in the direction they are head in their futures. The lunch options are always fresh and range in variety. All around, this school is an amazing choice for students, parents, and staff.
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The academics are amazing. All AP and Honors courses, as well as teachers who clearly know what they're talking about. Everything about the school is great, aside from some of the administration. There are also barely any sports, which is one of the main things I would love to see change.
Attending Sheridan Technical High School is an experience in itself as it will give you an opportunity to practice in any technical program that interest you. The school only offers honors and AP/ College classes in order to challenge us students.
I like Sheridan Technical High School since the school ground is a great learning environment. The classrooms are state of the art and the teachers are great. One of my other reasons is the schedule, I prefer the 7-1:45pm school schedule since it allows me to be home early enough to start homework and fulfill my hobbies as well. Sheridan Technical High School is a well rounded school and offers any student a chance for a great academic career.
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