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Esta escuela fue lo mejor que le paso a mi hijo. Desde el primer dia hizo amigos, el staff es increible, la seguridad de la escuela, esta alerta todo el tiempo.
This school is very limited. This school, lack of academics and staff that doesn't make very good decisions. This school barely have programs and clubs this limits the opportunity that your child will learn. There is not much to learn compared to public schools. There is one student that got automatically suspended but with no proof. This school doesn't have a stable structure on how they decide and handle problems. Tuition is very high for some reason and the money is not worth it. The food is also as well overpriced and the food is not nutritious balanced. Sports team, is not that good and there is lack of sports in the school. You will have to pay $100 to get in the sport that you want to play. The uniforms are very uncomfortable and the uniform is rough. Overall, don't send your child to this school or else your child will come out of that school not knowing much.
I love everything about SHCS. They challenge my child's strong areas and help to develop his weaknesses. I am amazed at my child's capabilities to grow academically. SHCS curriculum prepares your child to be college ready. The faculties starting from the front office, principal, assistant principal and teachers are professionals and promote a Christ like environment. The teachers always respond to my email in a timely manner and tries their best to accommodate according to the rules and guidelines. I feel safe knowing that my child is at SHCS with the security system that they have in place. I thank God for SHCS
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Do not waste your money; and do not put your children at risk. The school's faculty attempts to uphold some imaginary elite reputation and fall miserably short. They should be aware of the various levels of psychological development and the average attention spans for each age group. They do not demonstrate a proper understanding of said knowledge. As a parent and professional, this worries me. Instead of educating your child, they cultivate anxious habits, poor self-esteem and confidence issues. It is a toxic environment posing as an institution of higher education. Again, do your children a favor- do not send them to this school.

Overpriced tuition
Lunches without proper nutritional balance
Lousy extracurricular options
**A curriculum that is above the age and grade level**

** Simply to uphold a pretend world-class education vs. helping to produce persons able to thrive and function in our society.
As a parent don’t like this school. Teachers are rude and they only see the bad in the kids. Only one teacher will be remembered by me and my family. Really bad school.
To be honest, I never really liked this school very much to begin with. I am only here due to my parents sending me here. However, I do enjoy the friendships I formed and the memories with them.
Sheridan Hills changed my life for the better in many ways, the teachers are the most supportive people I've ever met and I would not want to graduate from anywhere else.
The only good thing I can say is that it's Christian friendly and versatile. I have had an absolute horrible time at this cursed little school. You can obviously tell who the teachers favor, the students are rude and focus on every mistake you make. Their are only 1 or 2 maybe good teachers and the rest are trash and treat the students who aren't favorites like absolute garbage. DON'T SEND YOUR CHILD HERE UNLESS YOU WANT HE/SHE TO BE EMOTIONALLY SCARRED
It's a good option if you're looking for a small, conservative Christian school. The administrative team puts a lot of effort into making their students feel welcome, valued, and safe.
there are so many things wrong with this school. the lunch is overpriced especially for the amount of food you get there are also only 3 lunch options (hot lunch, chicken fingers, or salad) , the classrooms are limited with supplies (like if the teachers let us use laptops there is not enough to go around), some teachers are very rude conceited and judgmental, this school has favorites, there are barely any sports, the students are not very friendly, there is no security, there is only like one club, there is also a very limited amount of class options, the hallways are also very narrow and you literally have to go straight from class to class (because we only get 5 mins in between), there is also a lot of possums, there has been cockroaches inside the school, this school is not worth the price at all especially with the unwelcoming environment.
I did not enjoy my time at Sheridan hills from the favoritism the teachers had to the personality of lots of students I did not feel welcome at this school. There are barely and extra curricular activities.
This is a very limited school. There are barley any clubs or sports. Also the teacher and faculty at this school pick favorites. If the school dislikes one person they will also dislike the persons friend group. Also viscera if the school like one person they also will like that persons friend group. This school also is very bland and most teachers do not even attempt to make learning fun.
I joined the school last year and really loved my teachers. A lot has changed this year, but I can tell that the teachers, even the new ones, care deeply about each of their students.
As an alumni, I am more than happy to recommend the school. I was prepared to go to college and to be successful in life. I learned my educational and spiritual foundations from this school. From what I have seen even after graduating, the school continues to improve.
I loved the the school. Since it is such a small school everyone is very close and feels like family. I wish there were more clubs and sports but overall I loved it. I can't wait to see how SHCS flourishes in the future.
Sheridan hills is a great school to be apart of, not only is it a family environment but it's also a highly educated and professional staff that's put together. The only negative is the sports curriculum presently.
Sheridan Hills Christian School helped me open myself to other students. I'm an introverted student, and the other students here encouraged me to come out of my shell.
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I went to Sheridan Hills since I was 3 years old, sadly I moved after 3rd grade. During those years I made many friendships with students, teachers, and staff. Everyone was very nice, the academics had me studying one year ahead in my classes. The teachers very much cared about their students success. I don't know how much has changed since I've been there, it's been 6 years. But I know for certain that a student's experience and journey at Sheridan Hills Christian School will be a great one.
Sheridan Hills was a school that I really just passed through. So many things were happening between the faculty to form long relationships.
I have been a student at Sheridan since I was 3 years old. I have overall had a good experience at the school socially, spiritually, and academically. Teachers and administrators are always more than willing to be there for students and help them excel to their highest potential. I feel that I have been academically well prepared but feel that there is a lack of certain classes especially relating to the STEM field. Also, men's sports are lacking and are rarely competitive in their respective sports. Therefore, I would advise any serious student athletes to not attend Sheridan. The school also provides a great social experience for students since it is a relatively small school. Overall, Sheridan offers a great education with a strong Christian foundation as well as great memories that will last a lifetime.
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