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Sherando High School overall is a very decent school. The food and cafeteria setting improved a lot last year, which was 2019. The football team is the pride of the school. There’s a resource officer at all times.
Sherando is a place that has a good atmosphere and good administrators the teachers are amazing and friendly always willing to help.
I would like our teachers to better prepare us for college. While was have AP and dual enrollment classes, I do not feel that they prepare us very well for a 4 year college.
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I loved how involved the Sherando community was as a whole. The entire school comes together for things such as football games, pep rallies, and dances. Academically it is competitive, however, it is not as intense as it could be. The staff within our school is full of passion, and it is obvious they care very much for the students, and this is part of the reason as to why so many of the students are successful. All in all, the environment is diverse, and very culturally aware of others, which is not something most schools can say. In every class you walk into, there is always a diverse range of students of different ages, races, and sexualities. Of course there is room for improvement when it comes to preparing students for after high school, but as of what they have available for students to get involved in, and to use, other schools can not compare.
I have been at Sherando all four years of my high school experience. The school is very friendly along with the administration. It has been a great experience being a student here and I am happy that I could say Sherando was my high school.
Great teachers and students, not so good facilities and infrastructure. Poor bathrooms and water fountains. Moderately competitive, most students stay in state for college. Poor school spirit and community, but most students are positive. Not a bad school by any means, but has room for improvement.
This is a school in a small town. The funding is not outlandish and the test scores are not incredible, but the teachers are great people that do care. Administration can be very unpleasant and unhelpful and there are some very strict rules in place that almost seem like they were created to belittle students. The building also does not have the capacity for a student body of its size.
Sherando is a pretty average school. I would like to see a little more color in the halls. I feel like if the walls had a little more color it wouldn't feel as boring. The school does have a lot of good school spirit and the athletics are very highly known for in the county.
There are alot of electives. Most of the teachers care about the students. Plenty of clubs, my guidance coulslor was awesome! They we're pretty LGBT friendly.
Sherando can be a great school , I believe with more talented teaching and higher authority positions with people who actually like and have a passion to see the students excel in all that they do would make this school great but it has fallen short of those expectations thus far but I am hopeful that it will change in the near future.
Sherando High School overall isn't a terrible school. The faculty is outstanding and the teachers actually engage with their students. The building itself is in good shape because it's fairly new. Some of the new rules are a bit far fetched but they have good intentions in fixing the vandalism. It's an average based school with an amazing athletic department.
There are many courses, sports, and clubs for students to join at Sherando. They also work with the local Community College, LFCC, to provide students with Dual Enrollment opportunities to receive college credit for AP courses. Despite these benefits, Sherando could use many improvements to ensure a more suitable environment for students. In my opinion, the biggest problem at Sherando is the bathrooms. In both the Men's and Women's restrooms, there are only two or three functioning sinks. Most of the working sinks provide very little water. This makes it difficult for students to properly wash their hands. Also, many of the Men's bathrooms did not have stall doors until very recently. Privacy issues caused male students to use bathrooms on the opposite side of the school just because they had doors. Overall, I think Sherando is strong when it comes to academics, but in order to have a well-rounded school, student safety, privacy, and cleanliness should be just as important,
I've been attending Sherando for the past four years. It's a very nice school with helpful teachers, and is well rounded and organized. The only complaint I have with the school is the strict bathroom rules we have now.
Sherando is actually a great school. I don’t think most people can say that they went to a high school where everyone was friendly and there was little to no bullying, but I can.
Sherando teachers have been extraordinary supportive in all aspects of student life, especially in preparing me for college. The CTE program offers a variety of options to explore careers and sets you up with a company if interested. Students can gain real life work experience. Guidance/counselors are also very supportive and knowledgeable to help for future plans and help you schedule accordingly. There's a variety of extracurricular activities and clubs available - something for everyone. Overall the school is a positive and safe place to be. There is lots of support available as needed for additional help. Provided food is not great - just pack your own food if possible.
Sherando High School allowed me to grow and help me build confidence. It allowed me to create relationships with teachers that helped me further my experience of High School. While fun and endless laughter was present at my school, diversity was not. I would love to see that change for Sherando so that kids after my class of 2019 graduate can experience Sherando at its full potential.
My experience at Sherando High school was overall great. Students were friendly, teachers were caring, and there was so much school spirit. Classes were challenging but in a good way. It was just enough to get me to really work to learn the information but not too hard where I didn't like being in the class. The pep rallies really get everyone involved. The last four years for me at Sherando shaped me into the person I am today. I went through people and found my forever friends, I learned so much that will apply to what I want to major in college, and in general, made me a better person.
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It is a safe learning environment and teachers and staff are very encouraging and helpful. There are also many school activities, clubs, and sports to participate in.
Good culture and high school experience. Most teachers care about students and are very helpful. Very strong history department
My overall experience at Sherando was really good. I had a couple of fantastic teachers. Mr. Nelson the school principal is probably one of the best in the field. He attends just about every Sherando event and can almost always be seen interacting with students and parents. The academics allowed me to take several AP courses to gain college credits early. I enjoyed playing a variety of sports all four years including basketball, football, indoor & outdoor track. Sherando is very student-focused.
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