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Overall, I have had a pretty good experience with my high school education at Shepherd Hill Regional High School. Shepherd Hill's art department has helped me to develop my artistic skills. The National Arts Honor Society has been a great opportunity to use my creativity to volunteer in the school and community. I have had teachers that have guided my educational development and encouraged critical thinking skills. The athletics department offers many opportunities to participate in a variety of sports.
For a public school, the educational system is actually pretty good and the staff is excellent. All of the teachers are very well educated and do their jobs well, I have never had a class I was really struggling in that my teacher did not try to help me as much as possible. They care about your success at Shepherd Hill.
It wasn't anything special, but academically, it is one of the best schools around academically. Many students partake in school choice in order to go there. They are quite strong in STEM areas, but not so much in others.
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Very good teachers. Everyone is very friendly. Teachers are really helpful and experienced for the most part.
After leaving my old high school to attend Shepherd Hill, I felt like I finally belonged in a school and I was treated with respect. The teachers were incredibly nice and always cared about their students.
For all of its flaws with lack of financial resources, Shepherd Hill had an outstanding number of teachers who were dedicated to students well being, academic success, and college opportunities. They frequently supported students with clubs, college resources, and providing safe spaces and shoulders to lean on for students going through difficult times.

However, it is still a school that lacks diversity. Most of the kids were white and bullying for non-white kids, LGBT+ kids, and so on was rampant in a lot of the school culture. Some things were done to address it, but most of the time kids either didn't feel safe enough to report, or teachers fed into it or ignored it.

It has definitely come a long way, and it has a long way to go. But, I feel confident that the great teachers will be able to continue to impact students meaningfully.
I would like to see some modern improvements made around the school physically. In addition we need more opportunities for students who want to pursue a career in business.
Was a challenging and rewarding. Stated as a freshman and made many friends. Teachers were approachable. I enjoyed the different electives and going into my senior year with a clear path to collage. School has a lot to offer, different clubs, driving classes, SAT courses. I also like the convenience location. And the multiple writing courses. I believe this will help prepare me for a career in writing.
My experience in shepherd had been my best experience since I was born. At the same time, I been learning so many important things since I entered this building because of it helped me to get better in my social and academic life. While at the same time, I will really miss all of my teachers and my friends when I will leave this building by next year. I want to tell everyone that my experience in shepherd hill had been perfect.
The courses are set up for exactly where you are at academically as a student. The school has an expansive range of AP courses that are very challenging for highly motivated students. As of junior year, I feel ready and prepared for college.
Shepherd Hill has been so good to me the past four years. The friends i’ve made there and teachers i’ve been inspired by from there have impacted my greatly. Shepherd Hill is a great school.
I loved the different class options I had because I could take ones that actually interested me. The teachers all cared about how we were doing academically and personally. They try to let students have some part in decisions they make but I would like them to listen even more to what students have to say so everyone is happy.
Shepherd Hill can definitely bring you success in all areas. The music programs are renowned for their work, the sports programs are everywhere and excellent, art and photography thrive, technological sciences are welcomed and nourished. The teachers (at least of the higher-level classes) are passionate and truly care about their students. If anything could be improved, it would be the schools adaptability to the students requests. I have seen many harmless proposals rejected for seemingly no reason, so it would be wonderful to see the administration be more open to new ideas.
The teachers here are super supportive and willing to help you succeed. The athletic program is very strong here and produces many college bound athletes every year. the school also has an incredible music department
There are a fair number of AP courses, and the course variety is okay. While there are some staff members who care about students, I would like to see more of this.
The school compromises of great teachers, but the administration is very dreadful in their quest of providing justice to students who are innocent. The code of conduct is not properly issued to students of color but favors other students. In other words, the school's code of conduct is strongly enforced on people of color but is less enforced on students who are non-black or without color. In simple terms, THE SCHOOL IS VERY RACIST!!
I’ve had an overall pretty good experience at Shepherd Hill. There are a lot of very good teachers that are eager to help you learn. It is an old building with no air conditioning and can get very hot. They offer many AP courses and have a variety of pathways to get you started on a path to your future.
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Shepherd Hill is not a school for people who want to be different and express themselves. People are judge mental and so are the teachers.. The academics are poor, nothing is taught through thoroughly it's always rushed. The athletics are average it's nothing special. The coaches are kinda mean and it ruins the fun of the sport.
Very Friendly Teachers, Great Academic Support, Fantastic Sports Teams. Music Department is one of the best despite the constant budget cuts that hold it back from being more.
I think Shepherd Hill Regional H.S is a great school. They offer a wealth of classes, with varying levels, from level 2, to level 1, college prep, honors and AP! You have many choices to diversify and concentrate on areas that interest you. They accomplish this by having different "pathways", so you can concentrate on Math, Sciences, or Business, Languages, or International! The teachers are very caring, and really go above and beyond.
They have a great athletic department and also outstanding Music and Band program, that is second to known. It's not super diverse, because of its location, but there is definitely something for everyone!
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