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I loved how the teachers are always so sweet and welcoming every single day! I don’t really remember a time where there was any bullying or huge fights that would happen. All of the students seemed pretty mature and respectful.
Ever since the new principal came things have been turning around. Much more professional environment and more opportunities to get involved in school activities. Although I feel there could be more clubs and activities or a more streamlined way to be able for the students to start them. I love the way the school is now but there are still many things I wish to see the administration do in the future.
My daughter has attended Shelbyville Community Unit 4 schools since kindergarten and she is currently a senior. The staff are extremely caring and I have never had a problem. I’m so happy with her education thus far.
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I have one son that finished high school and a daughter that is in fifth grade at the middle school. The school system in our small town is awesome. We have great teachers that care about our students.
I liked having a small community and getting to know everyone I graduated with. I think it could've prepared me more for college with working on time management and basic skills rather than the content.
Shelbyville High School was the typical high school experience. I never had to worry about my safety on the school's campus. However, there were days when the roads were very slick for many people and we still had school, which is was caused me to chose 4 stars instead of 5 on the Safety rating. Athletics are very well supported. The fine arts also receive decent support, but do inevitably fall to the side of the sports.
I have been going to Shelbyville since the second grade. Im glad I came to this school just because it's a smallet school and theres less people to worry about. I would just like the school to advance in technology and have better classes like art, choir, ECT.
I grew up in Shelbyville my whole life and I wouldn't want to have been anywhere else, because of the people I've met some of my teachers. However, they really need to take more interest in the drug issues and bullying at the school. We are a small town so people get away with murder because we can't afford to lose them on the football field. I think it should be fair and anyone caught with drugs should have to deal with the consequences.
Small school with little diversity but good because you get lot's of one on one experience. I wouldn't change this for any other high school and I will always be proud to be a ram.
In regards to bullying, it is very rare to see it going on in person. If a teacher hears about it, they will go tell the office and they will try to deal with it the best they can. There has been a recent gun threat from a new student and the staff didn't do much to prevent it. The kid brought a knife and threaten to shoot people and when the teachers found out about this the next day, they contacted the police, but the student didn't get in trouble. This is extremely rare to happen at this school though. All together, the school is a very safe school. All the doors are locked and you must press a button on the outside of the school, and that will notify the staff in the office to unlock the doors. I feel safe going to this school and the recent threat that I mentioned earlier is the only time I felt threatened in the 4 years I have been enrolled here.
There is a pretty wide variety of extracurricular activities to choose from at this school. The most common are Student Council, Key Club (a club to earn service hours), and Spanish Club. A very large amount of students participate in Student Council. I had the honor of being Vice President one year in Student Council and it was a very fun position. Student Council workers work home basketball games to earn points in order to decorate for Homecoming. There is some sort of activity almost weekly from one of these clubs.
I definitely wouldn't say the teachers at Shelbyvile Highschool are lazy, but only a few feel like they could be preparing us for what college classes are going to be like. The teachers here are good at what they do, and most will let you have one-on-one time with them. Most of them also make you feel like you can talk to them if you need to.
Like most small towns in Illinois, the school budget is definitely lacking. We did however get air conditioning at this school over the summer. There are only a few teachers who I feel like teach at top level. I don't think any of the teachers are particularly bad, but some definetly care more than others. One of the greatest things about this school is its support for sports. Football is the main sport for this school and the entire town supports it. I would prefer to go to a bigger school, but this one did a pretty decent job at educating me and preparing me for the future.
A kid threatened to shoot the school. Still goes there..
The only after school clubs involve sports.
It just really depends on all of the people.
Only half of the teachers actually care about us..
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They are all very supportive!
All of the teachers are ready to help!
There were only a few teachers that I actually enjoyed learning from and talking to. Most of the teachers taught the in the same style. Most of them were very educated, but there has been a few that I think I knew more about the subject than they did. Some were consistent in their grading, but some worried more about what your last name was and how much you sucked up to them.
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