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As an alumni of this school who is now on their first year at college i would like to say that Shawsheen Valley Technical High School is a pretty good school looking back on it. The opportunity that the school provided through the technical program has been one of the main reasons why I'm even in college. The teachers helped push me to do things to progress myself that I did not think were possible for me to achieve. Along with the shop teachers being very helpful at providing new opportunities to help students grow, the academic teachers weren't half bad either. However, it still was a high school at the end of the day so there is always going to be drama present, but that is mainly because of the students not the faculty.
Shawsheen has a wide range of vocational programs so you can be ready for your preferred work field as soon or before you graduate
Shawsheen has a wide range of vocational programs providing experience for students that want to ingress in the job field as soon or before they graduate
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They focused too much on sports and not enough on arts or creativity. The only elective that was offered was Spanish classes and they were only after school. I would have like to have more electives such as other language courses during the day, some arts classes, and maybe some free periods or study halls.
I had a great time at this school. There is a lot of opportunities for sports and clubs. I do wish there were more language options, the only time we could take a second language was after school and I couldn't attend because of sports and work. I also wish that the school officials would have taken care of the student driving around with confederate flags. Besides the fact, we are in the north and these people were born in the north in the 90's and early 2000's. There is no reason for them to fly such a treasonous flag. But other than a few bad apples many of my friends enjoyed their time there. I did like most teachers and learning a trade every other week was really great. It helped high school be less monotonous.
The school was very forward-moving. It stayed relevant with its teaching and technology for all of the vocational programs, and I learned much about my trade and academia. Its a very good school for a hands on learner.
It wasn't a bad four years in terms of high school experiences and the school did help me decide on a career path.
As a 2020 graduate of Shawsheen Tech, I'm going to miss this school very much. I loved meeting new people from different towns and I have met every single one of my best friends here. I also love the vocational aspect, I have a stable healthcare job at the age of 17, and it has introduced me to the field I will be working in the future. Overall, Shawsheen Tech is an amazing school and I am so glad that I went here.
I came into Shawsheen Tech without an affirmation as to who I wanted to be. Trying out the different shops freshmen year gave me a chance to lear what I did- and certainly did not- want to do in life. I spend my next three years learning from some of the best teachers I have ever had the pleasure of crossing while also learning to cope with the stresses of academia. From the relationships I made to the experiences I was given, I really am thankful for my time at the school. It's with sullen steps I walk away from the school in the wake of COVID-19, but I know that even though all the difficulty, I'm moving forward.
Shawsheen Tech was a trade High School which and being able to learn a trade was my favorite part of my high school and honestly nothing their needs to change.
Very little diversity. I attend the school and experienced alot of racial discrimination. I fell as though the school doesn't listen to the students, very strict. I would not recommend.
Shawsheen has mostly great teachers and excellent security, but the guidance department needs some serious work. These past four years, I have only been comfortable with one counselor, and the rest I've seen aren't very helpful. Also, when enacting security measures, it needs to be kept in mind that these kids are in Highschool. They shouldn't be charged after forgetting their lanyard any given 5 times, especially if they haven't lost it. Advocating for safety is absolutely necessary, but the students themselves need advocation as well.
Overall the school has great intentions, most of the teachers are very friendly and supportive over the past few years I have noticed a lack in the math department, however, attending a tech school one does not expect perfect academic skills. I wish that more people would give tech schools a chance however I now understand some of the stigma behind it
The students are great; I've made a lot of lifelong friends there. Shopweeks were the best weeks of the year, and I've learned things I'll use for the rest of my life there. Academics were average, with the best teachers being the heads of their departments. The others were alright, but not as great or as engaged. The food sucked.
Overall, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School is great. Both the guidance office and administrations have helped me a lot and I am very appreciative of this. My years at Shawsheen Tech have been fun for me, as well as informative. The school has taught many countless lessons and given me amazing opportunities. One of which is the co-operative education program offered here. This is a wonderful way to make money and get real-world experience while adding to your resume and work experiences. It also looks great on college applications. As I said, Shawsheen Valley Technical High School is a great school and I highly recommend trying to get in.
As a current senior in the masonry program I like that you can go to school and get the same knowledge at someone that goes to a normal high school with regard to academics. What I really love that yes you get the academic side of the school you also are able to graduate with a full understanding of a trade and will be able to jump right into work as soon as you graduate. I also like the fact that you can co-op and get the learning experience that you get from a real job all while getting paid.
Shawsheen Tech offers a great balance between specialized shops and college prep. preparing students for life outside of high school and giving them advanced hands on experience, co-op opportunities and a healthy high school experience. Coupled with excellent academic teachers and shop professionals, and resources, this school far exceeds the traditional high school experience where academics alone is the offering. As a parent I am continually impressed with this school in every aspect and have two children who attend.
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It's a great school, very good at preparing you for your future career, the athletics are amazing. However, many students feel that there is a greater need for financial literacy available for all grades.
Shawsheen Tech is a wonderful high school that is full of opportunities. This high school offers the unique experience due to their wide selection of technical fields you can explore. At the end of freshmen year you get to choose what trade
Shawsheen has given my daughter the confidence to work harder. In the public school setting teachers had given up. They are more supportive at Shawsheen Tech and she is currently a Jr on the honor roll.
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