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Shawnee Mission South High School Reviews

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First hour begins at the crack of dawn, which is a bit of an issue. We spend too much time here and don't do anything of value but that's just part of the experience. However the cafeteria pizza is incredible. I'm the only person I know who's willing to eat it but I swear it's the best pizza ever made.
The teachers really care about helping you keep your grades up. They care about your grades unless you don't care. In that case, if you don't help yourself, they won't help you.
It's in one of the best districts in the country. The teachers really care about students' success. They encourage success inside the classroom and outside.
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It's a very diverse school, our peers are very great. You make a lot of friends and its definitely fun to get involved.
Overall a great school with really nice staff and classes. I just wish counselors would have informed us more or tests such as ACT and SAT before half way through junior year. Also it would be great if it was more known to students struggling that there is a person in the school who is trained to talk about mental health and help students when needed with that subject. I know there are many kids who would want to or need to talk to someone on matters like that but feel there is no one to talk to.
Unique high school with excellent faculty across the board. The administration is mostly fair and consistent and school is safe and clean. Excellent class options with unique opportunities such as Arabic and the SMESL. I would recommend to any prospective kid.
I am so glad I went to SMS. It is an amazing school with awesome teachers and administration. I love the diversity and school spirit, and I am so grateful that I went to school here.
I thought that it provided a lot of opportunities I just wish that they provided more college readiness.
The school was able to provide several electives that were interesting that are usually not given in other high schools. Journalism, AP Portfolio, Ceramics, Photo 101, and more are given here, which is quite fun. The majority of the teachers here are kind enough and make some projects and so on to be joyful. The issue is the way how some rooms are not taken cared of. Several students run amock and into the bathrooms vaping. The stalls are 'okay,' but they need to be repaired. There is usually a stench left behind and it causes me to retch. I hope the administration can work harder to prevent students to get 'second-hand vaping' and to be able to use certain facilities with ease.
Overall, south earns 5 stars because of the staff and the readiness! South puts you in a situation to succeed and helps you get there! Lots of AP Classes and college support!
My school is mostly clean overall with nice teachers, good academics, and great opportunities for engineering, theatre, and business.
Out of all the Shawnee Mission schools, I am so grateful that I go to south. A good mix of social diversity in addition to academic opportunities and competitive options.
It's what you would expect a high school would be. Administration is very happy go lucky and ignores all of the bad things happening. The students are all very stereotypical. Most to least common: people who don't know how to properly walk in the halls, PDA, no toilet paper, vodka in a water bottle, drug deals in hallways and classes, an animal getting loose, cars getting keyed, condom on the floor. The "TEM" in STEM is amazing with great teachers and amazing resources. However the science department at SMS is very poor because of the two physics teachers who are horrible at teaching.
South is the best school in the entirety of the SMSD. The school, as a collective, manages to strike a solid balance between stellar academics, competitive and wide-ranging extracurriculars, and a diverse and engaged student body. My time here has been fantastic thus far and I look forward to my future at this school.
I like the culture and the environment that is associated with SMS. I enjoy the teachers, students, and everything that comes along with South.
Shawnee Mission South is known for being a very diverse school and as I student, I can see why. It's one thing to have good test scores, sports, etc within schools but diversity is the most important in my opinion. Not only are the students and teachers diverse, so are the clubs and classes. You can take many different languages like Arabic, Spanish, Latin, and more. In those classes you learn about their cultures. There are also clubs like Black Student Union, Jewish Student Union, Gender-Sexuality Alliance, Hola Club, and many more. Each of these clubs are after/before school and they even set up activities outside of the classroom. Shawnee Mission South High School was already diverse but the students take it upon themselves to do even more.
My overall experience with Shawnee Mission South is what a typical high school student would experience. All my teachers pushed me to do my best and made me enjoy going to school.
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Getting involved in Shawnee Mission South has by far been my favorite thing about high school. Not only have I met my best friends but I can consistently learning skills I can use later in life. I can currently the Company Manager of Reparatory Theatre, a cadet teacher for our special education program (PLS), I was the captain of the JV soccer team in spring 2019, and I am also involved in other smaller clubs. Each of these has given me leadership skills that I couldn't have gotten any other way. And not only that, being so involved has created me to be more out going with my school work. I am more confident when talking to teachers and asking for help!
I enjoy being a student at Shawnee Mission South High School because for the most part, students are enthusiastic and welcoming. We are blessed with many great resources, such as a Macbook for each student. Most teachers are enthusiastic willing to help whenever needed. Shawnee Mission South students and faculty have lots of school spirit which makes it a great environment to be in every day.
I have really enjoyed my time at Shawnee Mission South. It has allowed me the independence and support of becoming the person I am today. The teachers seem to really care about you and want to help you. Being an overachieving student, I have had days where there is a lot of stress and pressure on me, but with the support at south it seemed to lessen the burden. In my opinion, south has the best staff there is. Even though school is about academics, the most important and impactful thing about my high school experience at south was the culture. We had an insane amount of school spirit and culture that taught me what was most important in life.
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