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Sharyland Pioneer High School Reviews

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Overall, an above average school. Still needs some improvement, especially with the administration. Been hearing a lot of problems with them after I graduated.
My experience at Sharyland Pioneer High School was an average one. Most of the teachers were great, sports teams and UIL teams both always did very well in competition, there was always a lot of school spirit, and counselors were very helpful during every year of high school and preparing for college. The administration could have been more productive and fair though, and there should have been a better relationship between the staff and the students.
I enjoyed the sense of community the students had which was created by our teachers. The principal at the time was great with creating a safe environment for each and every student. With the teachers they did their best to educate and inform the students about how life works and what to expect from our lessons.
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Sharyland Pioneer High school is a great school because they have many opportunities for their students. In addition, their teaching staff is very professional and understanding. In my experience, the teachers have pushed me to be the best student I could possibly be. The environment that the students are subjected to is very positive and very accepting.
I have had a tremendous experience at Pioneer High school. All the teachers and organizations are amazing and I will dearly miss being part of such a wholesome community.
The students, staff, and community observe a common pride for their school, observed in their achievements.
Observes a very familial culture that connects the students and community. Students share pride in their school, witnessed in their achievements
Our school is very friendly. Our administrators are working all day to ensure that we are safe and everything is running smoothly. We have police officers on campus for our protection as well. Our teachers have students as their priority and are always there to sup[port students. Our teacher will also help you if you feel you need it. If I could change one thing I would change the fact that our cafeteria has no secure place to put students in the case of a lockdown.
It wasn't the best, but I was only there my last two years. Unfortunately, it seems that due to recent events, I've been met with the harsh truth that its administrators only seem to care about their reputation rather than the safety and well-being of their students.
Sharyland Pioneer High School is a very well rounded school. It has multiple programs for students from performing arts to sports to agriculture as well as many academic programs! I left the school district for one year, and thankfully I returned. This school is an amazing environment that my children will grow up in. We strive for greatness at Pioneer High School. We do not stop no matter how many achievements we have obtained.
Fantastic staff, learned numerous things about life and myself, would definitely recommend over Sharyland.
Students and staff are more than willing to push for success. The staff cares strongly about the well being of their students and the campus itself. Extracurricular groups are beyond dedicated to their work and are excellent sources of life experience.
The past four years at Pioneer High School have been both so rewarding and full of growth on a personal level. My school is new and opened about 5 years ago, but it sure has made a name for itself ever since then. We excel in every aspect, academics , sports and fine arts . The teachers and other staff have always been so welcoming and created a comfortable atmosphere for all students.
I was a student at Sharyland Pioneer high school and I really enjoyed spending all 4 years of high school there. There were so many activities to do from football games, swimming, and band. I was band all 4 years, I joined FFA my sophomore year and that inspired me to become a veterinarian in the future. The staff and students there were phenomenal because they really cared about each and every one of us. They have a great academic success, and great athletic success, and many other things.
Pioneer students have a very good sense of community, school spirit, and friendly competition. When I came to Pioneer,
Sharyland Pioneer high school has a very safe environment that would have anyone feel welcomed and loved immediately. By going to this school, I can honestly say, it has shaped me to the person I am today and I have no one to thank but myself and the students/ teachers and Pioneer.
Sharyland Pioneer has the best teachers in the district. Every teacher cares about their students and help them get the education they need. Pioneer has been very strong academically and in extra curricular. Everyone is united and supporting each other inside and outside of the classrooms. They help you get prepared for college and will go the extra mile to make sure you are accepted into a college. This school is the best that there is, you’ll want to go back once you’re gone.
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This is an amazing school. The staff are so kind and respectful to all students. Quality of education is best in all of the Rio Grand Valley. Its been awarded the best school in the RGV for multiple years in a row.
Sharyland Pioneer is a prestigious and well mannered high school that holds its students to a higher academic and athletic standard than most. The environment demands good behavior and properly handles unsatisfactory situations at hand. The academic aspect of the campus is rigorous in all categories and educators work with students to ensure their success. Many teachers on campus are committed to helping their students grow and prepare them for further education: some spend hours after each day for tutoring or adequate preparation for the following lessons. In a similar way, coaches are dedicated to raising their athletes through discipline and encouragement, aiding in the school's athletic triumph in just a short five years. Sharyland Pioneer is motivated to continue their streak of prosperity and strives to make an even bigger statement each year.
Pioneer is a great high school it is a friendly and light environment which allows for growth. The only thing that could be altered is the strictness on dress code.
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