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Teachers and Staff very involved and went out of their hands to ensure all the students' success and achievement.
My experience in school was mostly favorable. The teachers are all very welcoming and push the students with the intent of making us better people. As a school that offers a lot of dual enrollment courses, the students seem enthusiastic to learn. As our school offers associates degree for free, we are taunted by other schools. We are sometimes looked down upon for being the school for the low-income families which is something we can let pass by. For this reason, most of the students work hard to show pride in our school and this offers a remarkable environment to be around.
Being at this school has been an experience I’ll never forget. The teachers and faculty are always willing to help and the student body is very welcoming. When it comes to presentation the students are very welcoming and everything is well organized. The administration is always involved in student activities and will always try to put a smile on students faces. Deciding to come to Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life.
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Great administration, the teachers are great as well. Only had trouble with one teacher. The administration have always pushed the students to work hard and achieve better grades. Additionally, the school provides college trips for the students which is a lot of fun.
I disliked that by trying to make us feel included, we felt excluded. I always felt like an outcast in the regular highschool and was called names for being in this academy.They always set us apart from the highschool and there was no need.
Since my freshman year I have been a student at this school. The teachers are very nice and they try to help you in as much as you can to get you ready for when you graduate and go off to college. This school is an Early College Campus, where you take college classes while still being in high school. If you have lived in the Sharyland district since elementary I really recommend applying for this program.
Sharyland is an early college high school. Through them, i learned what to expect in colleges and they helped me choose a career path. Their inviting community and staff unite the students as a family.
What I loved about Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy is the community that is built throughout the years. Since I was with the first generation group, we were the guinea pigs of the experiments. as a result, this led the students and faculty to grow to a personal level where a student could seek counseling from a teacher and simultaneously learn from them. The faculty, for the most part, felt like an older sibling. Always guiding us every step of the way. Since we were such a small class, everyone knew each other and we all got along pretty well with the teachers and staff. At times we would call them by their first name outside of class.
I like how the teachers cared about their students. The environment is so nice and safe. The counselors are great, and are always ready to help their students when it comes to their school life, or even with their outside life.
I loved my experience are SA3. Everybody is so helpful, they were always there for throughout my high school journey to assist me with the college process as well as with helping me complete my associates on time.
My experience at Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy has been especially enjoyable. The teachers and staff have always been friendly and accomodating, and have been integral in the process of preparing myself for my college career.
I think Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy is a great school if you want to be college ready, and have an associates degree. I highly recommend it for everyone to at least look at it.
Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy is honestly the best Early College High School in Texas. The teachers make sure you are college ready and do their best to help you succeed. They offer all types of help to all students in order for everyone to graduate with their associates degree.
This school gives a lot of hard work, especially in junior year, but the extra work helps prepare you for college life. Even if they don't look like it,
the teachers are very caring and try their best to keep you from falling behind.
What I liked about my school was the fact that everyone is kind and always willing to lend a hand whether it be a teacher or a student. The school is relatively small, and the first graduating class I was lucky enough to be apart of is practically family - teachers and staff included. So many oportunities opened up for the students and myself, and I have no regrets for attending even after the rigorous hours of school work, and studying, and more work. The work was difficult, to the point where people wanted to, and some did, quit, but those that stayed, without a doubt, know that these four years of highschool/college was, and is, worth the time and effort.
The teachers at Sharyland Advanced Academic Academy challenge you to be your best, while giving you great knowledge on how to do so.
The faculty is very involved and academically invested in their students. They give their students all the resources they need or they help find inexpensive resources that the students can obtain. The administration is very understanding and helps everyone not fall behind on their career path. We are a small school with a small population, but that's an advantage because the teachers get to know us and we aren't just another face. We are a small family and everyone kind of gets along together. We always have each others back.
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The teachers here have an attitude problem. Many of them seem miserable with their job, and take it out on the students. They also like to blame it on the students if they're not understanding the material even though it's them. They hate staying after school to help. My parents have to pay $285 for mathnaseum. Don't expect a nice atmosphere either because the school is on the verge of falling apart constantly cause of money problems.
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